Off to the Races

Off to the Races

What a shame the Presidential races are just that:  RACES… I feel that time is standing still?   Has the crisis passed and I didn’t notice?  Have we created a Regulatory Environment that  instills a sense of confidence in the Market Place? 


  • I propose “simple” laws. 
  • According to the author Jonathan Haidt, man is hypocritical and lies to himself all the time.  If there is a way to cheat, he will.  So close the loopholes, that’s what we did at FORD.  If a manufacturing application was required, it was mandated.  Otherwise, we all knew, “the application “would never be done if left to someone’s discretion.

We’re all good people unless proven otherwise…. but,  we do need laws to live by.

Keep it simple.  Keep moving forward as we debate what works for us as a Society.  Don’t stop.

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