Step back from the Brink:The Student Loan Debate

Step back from the Brink:The Student Loan Debate

Student loans exist and have become a burden to kids,  seeking jobs in a jobless society,  and to their parents who co-signed those loans.

  • I believe these were well intentioned folks wanting an  education as a path to achieve the American Dream.  That Dream collapsed along with the job market.


I’d like to present an option to this prolonged debt burden.  Especially now, with the country reeling from loss of jobs,  the Student Loan problem is in-supportable.  Why not establish a program of Community Service for all kids and especially those graduating High School?  In exchange for internships, service to the country for 2 years; whatever program makes sense, offer renumeration for Service and a deduction in real dollars on existing student loans.


This may be a way to prevent another fiscal bubble.  Plus the benefits to Society should be impressive as our young mature, work together and establish habits of Community Service?  Work for America?  Why not?

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