Justice for whom?

Sell a fake “Babe Ruth” Mitt and you might get 20 yrs in Jail! ( Attempting to sell fake stuff is a crime.)

  • Advise the Chinese on how to make an attack helicopter (Z-10) pay a fine of  $75 million 10 yrs later and no jail time?
  • You can’t make this up (NYTimes):  Pratt and Whitney, the Canadian arm of United Technologies, was just trying to earn a “buck”.  $2 Billion was the hoped for deal, so in 2001 they advised the Chinese on how to make the attack helicopter.  After the Chinese mastered the “know how” .  They told United Technologies, they were no longer necessary.  The Chinese then went on to mass produce the Chopper themselves.

So, the next time you’re wondering how did the Chinese become so advanced in so short a period of time;  No need to wonder.  And when our tanks are shot  down with our  “own technology” , don’t be surprised.

post script: United Technologies did report their deal to the authorities in 2006.  It has taken this long to bring them to Justice?

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