Tax the wealthy : France , part one to return revenues

It’s a little disingenuous to propose to jump ship once you are taxed for egregious corruption. See article 7/5 Financial Times. Taxation, In France, is not about class war fare, all taxes and laws implemented now are not targeted at a blameless few. Rather, steps are necessary to bring revenue back to society.. The method may generate debate in all countries. However, most people are not angry with those who accumulated wealth honestly. They are angry with those who stole their Nation’s wealth thru corrupt means.

This is the new age of fiscal terrorists. Those responsible for bringing billions of people misery should be punished and should lose their entitled play grounds. They have left nothing for the rest of us.

Worse as they cry foul and state that no progress will be made, these are false claims.. Businesses have had plenty of time to innovate growth. What plans have they devised to put people back to work? To preserve the middle class? To create an industrial environment that values the collaboration of new ideas? Where are the brilliant CEO’s being held back by new taxes and new laws?

Why are they so recently concerned with the fate of small business.? Get our societies growing again and there will be a return of small and medium sized businesses. Small business depends upon economic growth as do the rest of us.

Certainly there is room for debate. our goal, according to Andrea Leadsom a conservative MP & part of the treasury select committee, is to get back to the ethos ” my word is my bond” .

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