PUBLIC ADVOCACY: Thoughts on the UN

August 28, 2013

Thoughts on the UN.
Hello is there a functioning United Nations, or is it just a lot of Diplomats, hanging out in America, enjoying the high life as their fellow Countrymen, kill themselves. Those wretched and poor folks left to die in the Streets of the Middle East or Asia or Africa. Who cares?

I’m not railing against the government representatives to the UN, I am railing about their inability to rise up as a body and help the Global Community they serve: I rail about the inequality I see and hear and fear.

What do they do well in the UN? “they rail against Israel , a handful of people amidst the Arab Spring; A potential oasis away from the bloodbath that is not of their creation. “. In actuality trade has made less friendly neighbors cooperate to sell goods. It works for Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Turkey and many more. The next step taken, away from the spotlight of Global attention .

Yet , among this back drop of trade, the Arab Spring blooms blood red as blood spills in many Nations? Why? What is everyone fighting about; why do the Sunnis and the Shias continue their age old battles? There is enough wealth from fossil fuels to feed the entire planet. When do we cease this senseless violence and move on?

PUBLIC ADVOCACY: Who am I? The voice of Joyce

August 27, 2013

I am a woman, a work in progress, on a journey of self fulfillment, self actualization and because of a unique set of conditions, I am a very positive ACTIVIST FOR THE PUBLIC GOOD.

What do you know about me, or rather what do we all know about me.
1. I speak the truth and have integrity
2. I am passionate about issues and people
3. I love my children and grandchildren
4. I do not always think about myself
5. I find bodily functions an annoyance, they slow me down, but I take care of myself, so that I function at a high level.
6. I don’t prefer routines, but I do have some rituals
7. I like to indulge myself, I love art, culture, clothes, jewelry, though I don’t buy jewelry for myself and due to money constraints I am mindful of my spending and investments.
8. I am a good friend, I know who my friends are and file ” hurts” away. I don’t live in the past nor do I dwell on it.
9. I am passionate, like all people , when I feel positive, I want it all, that includes love. I have ” scruples”, I don’t view another’s husband as fair game. I want my own friend, confidante and lover. I am human.
10. I am many people: kind , outgoing, thinker, conservative, liberal, calm, thoughtful, tolerance for personal pain, no patience if others suffer, mindful, harried when tired, but I don’t make decisions unless I weigh all the options. I don’t read Long treatises unless they are EXTROADINARY and compelling. I come from Science and industry, we define the problem, there is always a sense of urgency, we outline the solutions and determine the time frame to complete and implement the solution.
11. I am a problem solver, strong willed, but I will listen to reason, ultimately I follow my own counsel.
12. I am a passionate believer in the State of Israel, which does not mean that others do not have a right to exist. But Israel is in my heart forever,
13. I do not tolerate injustice and murder. Injustice toward one is injustice toward all
14. I am happy with myself. A woman on a mission, in a hurry to leap into the unknown and the next adventure. I AM THE VOICE OF JOYCE…..

If you, dear reader, have anything to add. Please do not hesitate to comment. You now know as much about me as I do. I’m ready for the next step! THE ENVELOP PLEASE.

PUBLIC ADVOCACY: The Voice of Joyce

August 26, 2013

The world is a closed system. Yes it is flat ; everyone of us touches another. Why don’t more people get it. There are less then 6 degrees of separation between us. The have nots need to have so they don’t destroy the world for the rest of us.

It’s as simple as that. To preserve ourselves and our way of life we must help others. Otherwise we exist at our own peril. Now that we’ve achieved some technological sophistication, it behooves us to look into our crystal ball and get the endorphins moving have the ah ha moment. We can’t have a planet unless we all hold hands together and sing each others phrase. We are not all bad or all good , but with education we can become better. Better able to control ourselves and legislate ourselves so we eliminate the major obstacles to survival

We are people, we will never eliminate petty problems but we can rise above them. There is always a way. We have choices.

PUBLIC ADVOCACY: 5 issues to change our lives, A START?

August 22, 2013

STOP COMPLAINING, STOP WHINING AND DO SOMETHING after 5 yrs we have an Economy we must all agree is right for us. We’re happy with our lot in life. We no longer need anything anymore. Case closed. This is it for America, we are an Nation of inequality and God Damn it we will complain forever to keep it that way.

UNLESS, UNLESS. after all these years of complaining and maintaining the system , we really want to change course?

Think divorce: the anger feeds on itself and keeps the battle going for years, because nobody wants to let go. THINK ABOUT IT, that’s how the lawyers get rich, they will let you fight until, someone gives in, meanwhile their meter is running. Good for them, not so good for the people divorcing or their kids.

Then think about 5 things, that would help improve my life and yours. The action that can be taken now, to put a break on inequality.

1. ELIZABETH WARREN AND JOHN McCain have sponsored a bill to replace Glass Steagall, GLASS STEAGALL for the 21 st Century.
2. Shrood Brown and David Vitter have made an attempt to shine a light on Derivatives and Cap Banks’ Capital requirements
3. Bernie Sanders and Al Franken want to overturn Citizens United/ it takes an Act of Congress, 3/4 of the States must agree.
4. Don’t like Big Corporations and Big money in Government , insist on closing the door to Lobbyists for 7 years at least. The door was closed for 5 years during the Clinton Administration.
5. Limit the terms anyone spends in Congress and make all laws that govern the people, govern all the people including , Congressmen and women.

Until everyone decides they are serious about their own lives, we have chosen!

PUBLIC ADVOCACY: There’s always news to report

August 21, 2013

1. NY TIMES 8/21/13 Front page: Non profits are balking at Law on disclosing political donors. Sure they are. The law was passed in NY to shine a light on All non profit contributions, including Political Donors. Now, a growing number of non profit organizations , spanning the entire ideological spectrum are seeking exemptions. Since money corrupts, it would be appropriate to know what groups are being funded by whom, to prevent conflicts of interest . It’s time to shine a light on all ” dark” pools of money. How do we know the non profits are legitimate entities? Citizens United is winning now, but there is a movement, started by Al Franken and Bernie Sanders to repeal it. Cuomo’s law is a ” good first step”, the Public should know the origins of the increased Political Contributions. Where is our choice?

2. 8/30/13 NY TIMES Come on in Paddler’s the water’s just fine, Don’t mind the sewage! These intrepid New Yorkers like their views of the city and love the water, no matter how polluted. The Newtown Creek , is one of New York’s most polluted estuaries, but it supports a Boating Club, 190 members , paddling on the River. The fact that the water is still toxic, due to industrial oil spills, doesn’t deter them. They paddle , conduct environmental seminars and hope, that one day, this passage between Brooklyn and Queens will be environmentally safe. We have choices.

3. 8/30/13 FINANCIAL TIMES Israel’s hard news and soft power. The Start Up Nation takes a giant step as , i24 , Israel’s first 24 hour news channel is launched ? Ex-diplomat Frank Melloul, is broadcasting the news from Israel 24/7 after starting France 24 for the French. i24’s initial target audience ,” is people who don’t know Israel at all and only talk about Israel through the prism of the Arab-Israeli conflict.” This station is privately funded and will attempt to show an Israel the world has not seen: a diverse society where difficult issues are taken seriously and unpopular views are debated. More choices.

4.8/30/13. FINANCIAL TIMES. Fed Contemplates different repo tool to smooth exit.( From the Bond market). The new ” full allotment ” tool means a wider range of investors could lend as much cash as they wish at a fixed rate, determined in advance by The Fed. In return for lending cash, these investors would temporarily hold high quality collateral . Sounds like the Fed is offering stability to the market place, by controlling the overnight Fed funds rate and backing it up with quality collateral. ( One market participant, said the new tool risked further distorting the independence of markets in favor of greater Fed control. LOL). We have choices.

Public Advocacy: Have we given Lemmings a bad wrap!

August 15, 2013

1. Passion is both a positive and a negative, I know! Too much passion and you risk being tuned out. Too little and nobody listens , either? So, I might as well have an abundance of Passion and learn how to channel it .

2. When tasked with choosing between Scarcity and Abundance, I’d choose abundance most of the time, with the following exception. The Media as entertainment, 24/7, has dulled our senses. We have so much data available to us, we can no longer focus on what’s important. Even the Zombies in WWZ became aroused by something, but not Americans. We toil, we spend, we grouse, but we don’t act on our behalf or on the behalf of our Community, or our Country. We might as well be cannibalizing our young, because nothing seems to trigger a gut reaction to save them.

We have gone from a Nation of Doers to a Nation of Watchers. Watching and waiting for someone else to save us from disaster. Instead of seizing the moment and joining with our neighbors and asking how they are? What do they think? Really looking for a sincere and honest answer that we can respond to. We hide behind our technology , forgetting that people are people. We haven’t changed that much in Thousands of years, we are still Hunter Gatherers. Depending on our financial status, we shop the local super market instead of killing” wild game”. We need to feel a sense of Community and extend a helping hand? We need to belong?

If we are or we aren’t better off then 2006, let’s share our stories and see where we are going as a people and a Nation. Thank God, we haven’t killed ourselves off yet. We have a brain, there is no one in the last few years, as I travel around our Country or visit other Countries, who doesn’t have an opinion or couldn’t be the next ” Great Philosopher”. We have power when we join together and decide what makes us happy or sad.

I’m happy to provide a forum to discuss our suffering as well as our joys and our creative moments. I’m Looking forward to hearing from you! All the best. Joyce

Public Advocacy: Blogher 13 My Takeaway

August 15, 2013

1. One of our sessions was dedicated to Who Should Run for Office? Use social media to mobilize “your force for change”. Obama had the most successful campaign because he used Social Media to advantage and collected Millions by soliciting small donations from many people. “The Takeaway”, if you want to Run, decide which position is winnable. It is important to note, that as the States become more empowered, women should run for State office; since, very few women hold State Office now. Go for it and use these resources, they all want to help. You’ve got the traditional parties plus! Pick an issue that you are passionate about and relate to People. We can do it!


  • Denice Friozzi@ Emilyslist
  • Linda Paulson@sheshouldrun
  • Liz Mair @LizMair ( she ran Palin’s campaign)
  • Sabrina Schaeffer@ SL_Schaeffer (Independent women’s forum)
  • Moderator ( Jill Miller Zimon)
  • Wellstone Bootcamp/training to Run
  • Rutgers University/Bootcamp under Debbie Walsh.
  • Deb Rox Platform ( if you’re thinking of a non profit 501C3?It may be smarter to go for the money and not get entangled in a non-profit structure; Unless you decide your path Strategically years in advance.

Ok. Now that you’ve got the info, you decide. Elizabeth Warren, can’t be the only one daring enough, or smart enough to challenge The Incumbents!? She needs company! To paraphrase, Can you – yes you- be the change you want to see? We have choices.

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