PUBLIC ADVOCACY: What’s new? The Middle East & Congress

I’m sitting in Battery Park enjoying the view… as the World and Congress spin out of control? Not so fast.

Perhaps we can get beyond the litany and see what’s been accomplished:

1. Syria, after admitting to many new “gas” attacks, is letting the UN inspectors in next week.  Thanks to Russian support.


Who knows the eventual outcome of this devastating civil war?  There appears to be a power vacuum, except for Assad?  And he intends to remain through 2014 and negotiations.  He got the better deal.

2. The Iranians have a sudden urge to join the International community.  All of a sudden, time is of the essence: 3- 6 months to negotiate terms, preferably in their favor, reducing sanctions foremost, while stopping the enrichment process.  Not so fast. This is a high stakes game for the region.  If Iran fails to deliver a valid wind down of their Nuclear Potential, this pause may not be a pause that refreshes.  Wait and see?  Meanwhile, never lose sight of Khameneinie!  He’s the one pulling the strings along with the hard liners who have been brought up on hatred of the West and Israel.


3. Congress can’t pass a budget and wants to hold either the debt ceiling  or Obamacare hostage. I call them “domestic terrorists”. Actually they are WMD’s: people suffer and die while the country pours resources into their maintenance. (Note: I advocate for effective government, not dysfunction!) Too bad they are paid to do harm at our expense. Worse, if and when , they do the right thing they’ll want applause and adulation.  Their dance is still continuing!

4. LOL. It’s so beautiful and peaceful, more folks should be out inhaling the best air quality in NYC in 50 yrs.

New York Skyline

PUBLIC ADVOCACY: What’s to think about? Congress? Society? Plenty!

1. Business as usual in Congress. The old shuffle , the old threat of shutting down government . They can’t mean it this time, can they? Tune out and close your eyes and maybe Congressional egregious behavior will disappear like a bad dream? One can hope? a Congress of Adults ?

2. $4 Billion for missile contracts, just in case. $243 Million for more research on tobacco. $5 Billion on farm subsidies used as insurance for those who produce nothing? The coal industry and oil and gas industry continues to be subsidized? Add up the waste and we could fund social programs?

The biggest scam of all, $80 Billion in Bonds , left over from the crash is keeping the market afloat ? The gambling continues and the regulations remain in a holding pattern, because the Bankers can’t stop trading long enough to write rules? No matter , that was Congress’  function and it’s been abrogated?  (9/24/13 FINANCIAL TIMES

. While Congress plays their games and the President wrings his hands; The sequester continues. A million more jobs will be lost? Does anyone care enough to say enough!?

4. LOL as we turn our backs on guns and murder in America. Too much access to automatic weapons for people who are stressed by this recession or Schizophrenia ? Don’t worry , we shoot our citizens because we can , it’s guaranteed by the 2 nd Amendment .

I could retire, sit in the sun, develop a melanoma and stop caring , but I am compelled to speak out: I’m not fearless like Martin Luther King, may he rest in Peace, I can’t afford to venture forth and be non violent, but you dear reader can strike for sanity and values and food and jobs. Take a vacation? Call your creditors and tell them you need a vacation from bills but you will get back to them , give them a date? Then give yourself a rest and spend time with your family and your Community.

After your R&R , Will you still be cowed by the absurdity playing out in Congress or will you develop and support local talent found in every community? Lot’s to think about? We always have a choice.

PUBLIC ADVOCACY: The UN convenes, thoughts on our World

The UN GATHERS IN NYC to   discuss Syria  and Iran primarily, but what about becoming apart of the solutions?

Al Queda is running amok in Pakistan, Kenya, Somalia! Where Al Queda isn’t dominant other groups are killing citizens in Iraq, AFGHANISTAN, and Yemen?When do we rid the World of the terrorists in our midst? No population, anywhere on the Globe deserves death? Let’s see what it takes for the UN or the Arab Union to become engaged?

The answer is not arm more folks ?  Violence is out of control and  people are dying? Who speaks out for the innocent?

Meanwhile, the NY TIMES fuels hatred between the Muslims and Israeli’s by pointing out, the Jews are entering the square of Al Aqsa Mosque? In groups of 60, 90? Why bring attention to this debate when the entire World is being slaughtered? If you are making the news , give us something to think about

and don’t be part of the conversation of Hate?

4. NY TIMES 9/22/13. Thomas FriedmanMother Nature and the Middle Class”. Mr. Friedman has stated that the old hatreds in Iran and Egypt will be minor in comparison to the effect of Mother Nature on the growing populace? Ground water has decreased and a negative water balance is widespread, and nobody is thinking about this? It is no longer, ” après moi le deluge, it is after me the DROUGHT! “. Syria’s revolution came on the heels of the worst drought in it’s modern history, to which the government failed to respond.

However; this is a cautionary tale for the World, too many people and too few resources to sustain us. We can’t be too smug, think Sandy, think Colorado floods, tornadoes, drought. The Natural Disaster list continues to grow as we sit back and do nothing? We do have a choice. Man does have free will?

LOL? In no way am I diminishing the need for dialog or debate on any and all subjects. I just believe there should be proportionality. Murder and Mother Nature trump all discussions, in my humble point of view. The Middle Class in all our Nations need leaders who care about them, now and in the future.


Public Advocacy: Middle Eastern Holiday

Thinking of destination points. Where would you rather go in the Middle East?

Image Image

Egypt. Not now. Too much conflict. I want to see the Pyramids but it’s not the last thing I want to see?

Image Image

Saudi Arabia. What can they offer? Oil and terrorism, can’t go to their beaches, their Malls?
Not even respected and respectable women can roam the streets and Malls of Saudi Arabia freely?
I don’t remember seeing their beaches.

Image Image

Yemen. Exports terrorism, beautiful country, good beaches but a place to die.
Not for me. Might be good for euthanasia?

Image Image

Iran. They have great monuments, good cinemas, not sure of their tourists attractions–I couldn’t tell
from Argo. Besides with their nuclear reactors hidden among their population,
the people may be radioactive? Better if they discussed why they should be considered a
destination point.

Image Image

Israel. I hope I’m not suggesting taking tourism away from Israel, since it is a fledgling concept.
But the ENTIRE Middle East could use a little lightening up. Apocalypse When? Armageddon When?
They can keep their Biblical Prophecies. The World craves R&R.
We’ve had enough misery to last us a millennium. Fun in the sun: the new anti war.

Image Image

What about the Syrians?

Image Image

Don’t think refugees from War, think vacation to Lebanon with a TO GO BAG
from Israel.

Image Image

A little water, some pita, hummus maybe Turkish Candy and you’re off to Lebanon or Turkey
for a few weeks until your country cools down and it’s safe to return. The possibilities are endless. Change your mind set and you are not fleeing your Country, you are on a vacation from Terror,
anyone can join.

PUBLIC ADVOCACY: Innovate to work

1. 9/11/13 NY TIMES A Lottery in hard times puts Spaniards to work. Alameda, Spain has 50% unemployment. The elected Mayor was concerned and conceived the Lottery Plan, to put people to work on various municipal projects. After 6 years of recession, there are 500 names in the Raffle and an equal number of jobs to be filled. A clever start. They made a choice.

2.NY TIMES. 9/17/13 Donors Funds Sidestep Law, aiding Christie. Why should we care about laws when our elected officials flaunt the law knowingly? In New Jersey, Governor Christie hosted Large New Jersey Contractors , who contributed indirectly to his campaign , by making out large checks to the Republican Governors Association which he leads. !

Governor Christie can claim ignorance ? He was merely rewarding ” good loyal businessman”, by hosting this Party celebrating his” plan” to create jobs? He never touched the money, it went directly to a ” group” that he leads? The problem, this cozy relationship insures that no one else can play this game. It’s a closed circle and no other Contractors need apply.

Winner take all politics, is not without cost. Every time some one pays to play, it costs the taxpayer more, you don’t think that money is free do you? Why do you think there are cost over runs in construction? THINK, Why does the project cost 25% more then estimated? It may be because “the kick back”, cloaked as a campaign contribution, wrapped in Citizens United, protecting Corporations and calling them people , is a cost of doing business .

One man, one vote was a good idea! By closing our eyes to indirect payoffs, whether thru PACS or other entities, one man, one vote , in the world of Money Speak. has become an old fashioned notion without Merit? We do have choices.

3.NY TIMES. 9/17/13. Reaping Profit after assisting on Health Care. On July 25th , 2013 Kathleen Sibelius was a keynote speaker at the Blogher13 conference. She talked about her resume, freely admitting she worked for Insurance Companies for 8 yrs prior to becoming Governor and then the Head of Health and Human Services. Immediately after her talk, she was escorted from the stage, she took no questions?

Is it possible that her strong insurance background, influenced her decision to set up Insurance Exchanges, rather then support the ” single payer” system which was the preferred method for Universal Health Care? “The NY Times states: Boom times for those in this administration who have extensive knowledge of the laws they created with a little help from their” friends” in private industry. “.

(Note to my readers; Though the healthcare system has glitches, The system can be tweaked, not dismantled. Universal healthcare is good for the Country.”, my 2 cents.)

The Pharmaceutical Lobby contributes $243million to Washington, via gifts, lunches, charities… It is 12% of all Lobbying Money distributed in Washington. Multiply this sum by a factor of 10 and you decide where the money is going ? Does anyone seriously question why there is no money for jobs? Lobbying costs money and very few can play and benefit.

Prior to Bill Clinton approving the revolving door between government and business, no one from Congress could enter the private sector for 5 years. That certainly curtailed self interest ? When Instant gratification is not possible, the people’s welfare is a ” concern”. We have a choice!

4. NY TIMES 9/18/13. LOL. My entire Blog has detailed innovative ways to find work and stay employed. The small Spanish town has the right idea, a lottery for jobs. It can be done on a large scale, if we really cared about employing people. As a few create more wealth for themselves, HOUSEHOLD INCOMES REMAIN FLAT IN IMPROVING ECONOMY? Soaring Corporate Growth as American incomes remain flat and more Americans fall into poverty. The Times states that ” the partisan divide” prevents sweeping policy changes. I would differ, it’s personal gain for the few. Profit for some trumps concern for our fellow Country men and women. Self interest trumps thinking about the needs of the many. It has nothing to do with Party Divisions, like Lawyers they are on the same side, their own? Where is our choice? Back to one man, one vote would be a beginning?

PUBLIC ADVOCACY: The Fed, Larry Summers & Tax Reform

Wall Street I hardly knew Ya?

Rejected on all fronts
Rejected on all fronts

The stock market’s cheering at the withdrawal of Larry Summers as Fed Chairman.

Huh? I thought Larry was good for Wall Street. That he loved their style and the big bucks. I’m confused. Why did he insist on the demise of Glass Steagall? What does he stand for?

Never did I think he was anti Wall Street. If that’s true, then I’m sorry his name is no longer in contention. Well, almost sorry. The Glass Steagall thing’s still bothering me.

I’ m also sorry that the Senate Banking Committee has at least 1 Senator from NY accepting campaign contributions from Wall Street. But that wouldn’t impact his decision, would it?
Let’s see who makes the markets Swoon. That’s our man or woman for The Fed?

Meanwhile, somberly, the Bloomberg announcer counts down 6 minutes to the Markets opening bell. 150 points up. Why? Because Larry Summers is out of the running for Fed Chair? In the entire Country, there is no one else qualified to go against Wall Street? Hard to believe?

Well, let me explain. “Markets and Summers’ Departure” may as well be called “The Emperor and his New Clothes”. The plot and moral of the stories are frighteningly alike: Once upon a time (earlier today) the DOW cheered and celebrated because…what? There are no new clothes—no actual added value. There’s just a confused naked man wandering around. Not Larry Summers—unfortunately, our “emperor” is our economy. The DOW is cheering for a fool.

The market is frothing over on nothing, no good news, no new jobs, Nothing! Not to worry , the same voice pontificates, a 10% correction in the Market is already anticipated. LOL The Market is predicted to go down 10%, when we’ve been told the market is overvalued 50%.? Wonder who’ll have the last laugh. Are they on Coke or what’s the new Drug Du Jour?

Next Bloomberg interviews Max Baucus Chair of the Tax Reform Committee!
He has convened a caucus of the major CEO’s and Titans of Industry and Technology, to discuss a most scintillating topic: TAX REFORM. Oh, and he looked so Tan and Business like in the Montana Woods, just like Davos:

PUBLIC ADVOCACY: My insight into War vs Tourism?

Enclosed is a link to a Bill Maher video !
Funny, you be the judge ?

He is a little disingenuous, when he asks who made us the God of War. It wasn’t Zeus or God, it was the American industrial military complex as prophesied by Eisenhower. Who made us into the World’s Policeman? it sounds so Noble; a bunch of guys, meeting for Brunch, over coffee and bacon and eggs, debating how much money they can make when they send someone else’s kid to war and which weapon system to use? Nothing Noble going on, it ‘s Profit.

They don’t have to think about it , War beats peace. It’s clothed in Patriotism and the FLAG and it’s an especially a good choice for men in suits. No other industry is as profitable. Maybe Bankers, but they’re impartial, they make money whether it’s war or peace; A Neutral State.

What’s the antithesis to War ? Peace, Commerce and Tourism:

When we think Israel, we think Palestinians, Iranians, Conflict, did it ever occur to the World that Israeli’s would like to become a destination point, no fooling. Sure a lot of countries would like to push them into the Sea, but they’re pushing back. Not to minimize conflict but Israel really does want to share their creativity and innovation and Beaches. They are the Destination point for the UK LGBTQ Community already. Certainly, they are not welcome in Russia or Laramie , Wyoming.

A reason for the Arab World to be miffed? In subsequent News Posts, I’ll give equal time to the other Middle Eastern States as Destination Points, what are your thoughts when you hear, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Iran for example?

We all read the papers and you are listening to my Voice. If what I write resonates with you and what you read, I would welcome your voices in response to mine. The ROAD TO UNDERSTANDING IS A DIALOGUE. Let’s work together to research the facts we read and as a chorus of voices let’s take the next step toward change and ” the good life”. We have a choice. The New Voice of Joyce.