Public Advocacy: news from Israel

October 30, 2013

Hi all: Dear followers; Just a quick note to pique your interest. I’ll be Home next week from Israel with Lot’s to write about. Meanwhile, thinking of you and wish you the best. Joyce

PUBLIC ADVOCACY: We can’t forget our Planet or Mother Nature!

October 22, 2013

While we continue War and petty Congressional bickering, the World is succumbing to the ravages of Climate Change. Time appears to be running out!

Floods and early snows destroyed cattle in the Dakota’s
Cyclones destroy Japanese Island life and lives in the Philippines
Fires burn out of control in Sydney, Australia.

The list gets longer daily. Air Pollution world wide is becoming as dangerous as second hand smoke. When do we put down arms for the common good? We are all in it together. Work and do locally but remember, whatever we do, anywhere in the World there are unintended consequences of continued reckless behavior that creates greater CO2 emissions and now Death.

It is no joke, that we investigate Panda poop for fuel in China. Or better still, make it synthetically available , if we can.?

We already know we can use spider silk, by implanting the spider DNA , into sheep. We can actually mass produce this silk when it’s separated from the host sheep’s milk. Unthinkable years ago? And it’s a stronger more resilient ” fabric” then silk?

IBM has lackluster profits, when it’s systems should be in demand to monitor the mundane movement of garbage trucks, signal lights, etc. If Rio has a City command center, why not New York. The power grid and other systems should be online and tracked and de coupled from the system when catastrophic events happen. We can’t forget Sandy, because Mother Nature is not benign?

PUBLIC ADVOCACY: replacing old ICONS ?

October 22, 2013

Still on the fence about Blind Faith. Take the test, read 3 entertaining ” best sellers” and become enlightened. Tough going for any Liberal with Democratic Icons to plow through, but extremely enlightening , if you are a seeker of thruth? You be the judge.

1. Learn about the origins of the Financial Crisis 2007 and the Fannie and Freddie Debacle, read Gretchen Morgenson’s book, ” Reckless Endangerment”. Good read, tough to swallow.

2. Peter Schweitzer’s book, ” Throw them all out”. Details winner takes all Politics. Who’s involved, and what was their gain? There is an interesting reference, that can be missed, directing the reader to the government website, that details all the grant money released to the states as stimulus. A must read , that makes you think about our Market Society , (Congressional Insider Trading ) , and wonder , ” where and to whom, did every $1 Million job go”? That was the average cost of every job created under the Stimulus Program?

Meanwhile, as the Right and The Left vilify each other’s icons, George Soros on the left and the Koch Brothers on the Right. Reacquaint yourself with both of them.

I just saw an interesting film, at the NYFF, “Omar”, sponsored by The George Soros Economic Development Fund and Rawabi, “the City on the Hill ” in Ramallah , that I personally visited in January . This vision of Rawabi , is highly touted as a link to peace? Yet both The Developers of Rawabi and George Soros have sponsored a film about Palestinian terrorists? I wonder, if you are espousing Peace, why continue the conversation of ” hate”?

Next, The Financial Times 10/18/13 , analyzed the formation of the Tea Party using the Koch Brothers funds. No grass roots movement, The Tea Party was founded on a reward for service basis. Take away the funding and see how long the movement lasts. Sadly, “main stream”Republicans are not as well funded. I quote, Jacob Weisberg, FT ” Republican moderates need a political machine”. What the GOP needs is a return to core values, respect for tradition, aversion to radicalism and willingness to compromise.”

3. Last, but not least, 10/22/13 The New York Times, discusses Peter Schweizer’s new book ” Extortion “. Closely detailing the legality of Leadership PAC’s which allows individual Congressman to use funds as a ” personal” life style boost, very little of the money goes into their campaigns. For more information, 60 Minutes, devoted 20 minutes to Leadership PACS on Sunday 10/20/13. As noted in both of Mr Schweizer’s books , Icons , on the Right and the Left have no trouble taking the cash and spending it lavishly on themselves and their families and friends. None of the money has to actually find it’s way into the campaign. Taxes are not paid or required on the donated funds?

Can the practice be stopped? That’s the hope. Peter Schweizer’s book ” Throw them all Out”. Resulted in the Stock Act curtailing insider trading, some what! His last book, attempts to curtail loop holes in the Campaign Finance Laws. However, since this is to be voted on by Congress, what’s the odds they’ll vote against their self interest?

LOL In The NY Times 10/22/13. Peter Schweizer’s column ” Politicians’ Extortion Racket”, he has come to the conclusion , we have been focusing our efforts on protecting Congress from special interests, it’s time to stop pitying the poor politicians and start being wary of them – they play the shakedown game as well as anyone. That’s why real bills take longer then necessary to become laws, a self interest game is in Play and Politicians win ” big time”. Us, the People, their constituents, not so much. We have choices?


October 17, 2013

No way to run a government. US vs Them

On the Local Front: News of the last week/ before 10/16/13. And now the games continue?

Bus drivers strike in Boston? They are clearly not happy that the National Labor Relations Board is not open to hear complaints or grievances, so they stranded 33,000 kids in a wildcat strike?

The Mall in front of The Capital stays open for a rally on Immigration Reform. 8 Senators and 150 others are cuffed and indicted? , as they vow to bring up and resolve Immigration Reform this year. Permanent Resident? Road to citizenship? Meanwhile, a taxpayer decides to mow the lawn in front of the Lincoln Memorial and he’s evicted by Park Supervisors?

A young Houston Billionaire, donated $10 Million to keep Head Start Funded in 6 states slated to run out of funding. If the Funding is continued, The Arnold’s donation will be treated as a loan and repaid. People Power at work, Thanks to John Arnold and wife Laura for coming forward while others ” dithered”.

Cuomo rejects Con Ed rate hike of $450Million for now. Actual voting takes place in December. This rate hike deserves to be turned down, Con Ed like most utilities in our area have “wasted money ” rather then fund back up generators or equipment required to keep the City lit and functioning when emergency strikes. Let’s support the Governor and say No to Public increases, the Utilities should ” tighten their belts”?

I heard The President state that the shut down is contributing to ” big business ” delaying job creation for 6 months. Caution prevails. No joke, if I thought there was any truth in this statement , I would have protested more vociferously.     ” Big Business  is pocketing profits”  and has been delaying new employment all along,  as Main Street crumbles?

For 20 years we have been increasing our dependence on Technology while we have been under educating our youth. Instead of burdening our young with debt. Major Corporations could have been paying them to attend schools qualifying them for future jobs. Far fetched, not really, Lucent Technologies and Bell Labs hired kids with Bachelor Degrees, and paid them to get advanced degrees at Stanford . What happened to those programs and the can do spirit? After 5 years of Recession, is it time to spend those stock piled Trillions on future returns?

And this next article, submitted by a Nobel Laureate, discusses the plight of The Nation’s scientists:

Financial Times 10/10/13 US NOBEL LAUREATE WARNS OF BRAIN DRAIN: Rothman speaks out on budget crisis; NIH scientists hit by shutdown. Amid the clamour of the shut down one top scientist has warned that ” the adventurous research” that this week won him the Nobel Prize in Medicine will no longer be possible in the future if there is no end to the ” dire” funding deficit from the US government. As government continues to defund NIH , down 32% from 2000, a real brain drain will occur in the States as scientists go elsewhere to pursue their projects and dreams. Opportunities exist Dubai, China, India. The list is endless with great benefits, I’m sure!

Further thoughts on the state of our Nation. NY TIMES 10/111/13. US jobless claims show sharp increase The number of American applying for unemployment rose by 64,000 to a seasonally adjusted 374,000 an increase attributed to California finally processing claims after a computer upgrade. Makes me wonder, is the Recession over? For whom?

PUBLIC ADVOCACY: Time for a New Party?

October 16, 2013

To thine own self be true. Who am I. I am flattered when either side accepts me but I hold no allegiance to either Political Party since they don’t represent me or you. They have spent vast sums of money to corrupt our way of life and destroy our system of government. One man one vote has ceased to exist.

In their fighting, the American People have lost big time. So much work to be done, every day that we delay forming our own Party, taking back government, we are putting ourselves in jeopardy. There are no new jobs being created. No financial reforms being advocated Nothing…..and the beguiling part about nothing new and the status quo, they are subtle forms of tyranny.

I don’t espouse violence , but I do say act  now, Stop thinking and start doing. This is the time, past time to take back our Nation. This is not something that can be done alone. We need a movement that sweeps the Nation that has parts of both Parties ideals. The concepts are not wrong, the parties representatives are wrong in their use of Power.

The original wishes of the Founding Fathers was ” no Political Parties”, They saw the corruption that would ensue. But we established the Republican and Democratic Parties and they have forgotten who they serve. In their accumulation of new wealth they have forgotten us.

If this suits you, stay with a Party , protect their right to exist with your life. Because surely you are giving up all your rights by maintaining the status quo. It is past time to halt the game playing in Washington and around our Country.

I will serve in any capacity to make our wishes known. But for God’s sake choose to act Now. Don’t wait Not for my sake, but for your own. We the People deserve Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. If you are not better off then you were 5 or 6 years ago, stop talking about our problems and be part of the solution.

We have the talent. We need the will. Who among you will join me on October 17 th, the signing of our Constitution , or on a date of your choosing , and declare that a People’s Party has been born, taking the best of the left and the right and combining them into a Platform that Draws us all into one tent. That has always been my Dream, I just can’t wait 40 years for this idea to germinate. It’s up to you, my followers, to declare a wish for change and to be ready to do the hard work required to start a new Political Organization. The choice is yours , dear reader.   We have choices. Do nothing or start taking control of our lives. Let me know what you choose?

If we are truly goal oriented, seeking to establish a new platform based on values we cherish,  will succeed .  Please let me know your thoughts on this subject?  All the best.

PUBLIC ADVOCACY: Hostage Negotiator Needed?

October 12, 2013

Last night I heard the same circular arguments. Obama is hated because he’s Black and that’s why the GOP won’t negotiate with him? ( If true, this debate should be taking place, immediately, in every Public Forum?). The GOP says it’s being hijacked by a fringe minority of it’s own creation , that’s why they can’t negotiate? The democrats are watching and waiting in the catbird seat , waiting for the shutdown to continue or not, they don’t have to negotiate? Status quo for them and disaster for the Country

No I don’t think anyone should be proud of the crisis they have created. At first I thought the lack of consensus was purposeful and now more then ever. I believe it to be true. If you want to negotiate , you negotiate. You don’t talk about it,

Ipso Loquitor , what’s happening in Washington speaks for itself. No one negotiates because they are protecting their private fifedom’s rather then considering the plight of the people. Congress doesn’t lose health care or social security or disability checks. They have no knowledge of the pain they are inflicting. Too bad you can’t sue them. For sure you should be able to prosecute anyone who has hedged their portfolio and makes a profit while participating in this debacle .

Going to Congress should be like sitting on a Board. No insider trading on knowledge you possess. If you collect a salary from the taxpayers you should not be able to profit , if they can’t.

At a minimum congressmen and women should live by the rules and laws they make. Only if they have “skin in the game”, will they be accountable. Also, Washington should be a place where you work and live. Not some beautiful palace on the hill where you invest minimum time for big rewards. People negotiate better if they get to know their co workers.

Meanwhile, the Country watches helpless as the show on the hill continues. Perhaps they should publish the proposed Budget in the New York Times and local newspapers? This way the entire Country will have some information on a Budget that will impact all our lives? Just a suggestion, but I’d like to know what the debate is about. We may need a refreshment course?

Last but not least, Good luck to us, the Public, looks like we may also need a Hostage Negotiator, since we’re the hostages. So much for free will and free choice.


PUBLIC ADVOCACY: It’s about diversity in Politics / agree to disagree but ACT

October 9, 2013

THE GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING: The Republicans seem to be the gift that keeps on giving. I thought the Country needed a two week or month’s vacation from the stresses of living? And the Republican Party answered my prayers. Oh, Joy! A time to rest and relax with your family and Community. Just what the Dr. Would have ordered, if he or she thought about it.

So enjoy this vacation. Don’t stress what you can not change. Take your well earned Holiday and break any yoke that binds. Come back to reality refreshed and ready to pursue agendas that benefit you, your family, your Community and your Country.

More thought’s on Politics: It infuriates me when someone ardently stands for his Party right or wrong, without questioning ; are they really doing the right thing for me, my community my Country. It is an honor to serve your Country and no one Party is perfect nor is it evil! Being part of the Political dialog is about issues, you may choose to belong to one Party over another. But instead of following blindly, question your Party leaders, don’t be part of the blame game or the conversation of Hate. Belong to a Political Party because you know they have your best interest at heart. Think about what’s important to your survival , how you would like our Country to look and then vote for someone who represents you. Hey you never know, using free will and choice, may bring us all to a better place.

What do you think? Politics effects all of us. Let’s choose the best representatives for our causes ?

You don’t want one point of view. Diversity is good. How can you learn if everyone thinks the same way you do? The rainbow has many colors and that’s what makes it beautiful.  Long ago, our two Party system worked.  People agreed to disagree but voted on the issues in support of The People of this diverse Nation.

The Left is just as bad as the Right. They are so sure of their amazing goodness that they forget that when they were in Power they never removed the filibuster, the need for a super majority, they contributed to The Financial Crisis of 2008, they gave the Country Dodd Frank, which hasn’t been implemented because the Regulations are too cumbersome to write. they gave us the Affordable Care Act instead of a Universal Single Payer System of Healthcare and they have not developed a meaningful Budget or Finance or Tax reform yet. They are not sponsoring a bill to Repeal Citizens United. Nor are they addressing the joblessness of the Nation. They smugly point fingers as they stand for nothing but themselves.

the Homeless Problem is left to the Communities and Religious Institutions, Congress both Democrats and Republicans turn a blind eye to the State of our Union.

And, last but not least, this Recession is making people ” crazy”, literally: we are no longer implementing sound mental health programs, so tragedies, like the young woman, with post partum depression going through a psychotic episode, are happening daily. No I yearn for the old days when there was diversity of thought in Congress. At this point I ” wish for a pox on both their houses.” Neither has cared about the people and that’s sad.

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