PUBLIC ADVOCACY: staring Monday I will answer all the personal comments I’ve received

November 30, 2013

A short note wishing everyone a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season.
I am so very grateful, to have a voice and to be able to provide everyone with my personal comments on some of my Passions. The internet has become a powerful tool that unites us. Let’s keep the dialog going together.

Thanks for reading and commenting on ” thevoiceofjoyce”.
All the best . Joyce

PUBLIC ADVOCACY: Let’s be compassionate toward Israel, our ally!

November 26, 2013

The people of Israel are scared they will suffer the extra trauma of divorce. Divorce from America, Divorce from the American Jewish population.

After a stirring performance by David Rossa, a modern Israeli folksinger, listening to the poetry in the songs of Meir Ariel, even if you didn’t understand the Hebrew you felt their longing for each other, for love, for peace. Meir Ariel is an Israeli folk guitarist. He like Bob Dylan and reflects the impact of the Wars and events on the feelings of Israeli’s. His music reflects the soul of the Israeli people.

There was an interesting and sad commentary made about War, all wars produce music, however, when they , the Israelis , went in to Lebanon, everyone sat around the campfire and no music came,everyone sat with their musical instruments, silent, at that moment, they knew the battles were lost!

As I spoke privately to Yossi Halevi, he was saddened by the political turn of events between our two countries. His book, newly released, depicts the lives of 7 paratroopers who joined together during the 6 Day War , 1967, and how they changed the State Of Israel. ” Like Dreamers” There is hope for their Nation , but the loneliness of isolation pervades them again.

When someone says, we are like you but it takes us longer to bring in the new ways, you have to feel pathos and compassion for them. The State of Israel was formed out of extreme truma. Three generations later, whether it was the holocaust or the continued fighting for their survival, PTSD , persists. Their country is always fighting or vigilant, as they push away thoughts of War and continue with their daily lives. Now they live in real fear of isolation and destruction. They want the International Community to listen to their story. Yossi inscribed my book, ” with hope for the ” land” we both love.”

We ( America) have taken pity on the Iranian people, the sanctions didn’t destroy their way of life, building 19,000 centrifuges, building missile delivery systems and the exportation of terror to Lebanon and Syria , destroyed their economy. Yet World leaders had compassion for them. Why not have more compassion, or equal compassion, for a Nation forged out of geneocide, serving a community of refugees, living under the democratic banner and trying to live every day to the fullest, because it may be their last? Talk of Peace, this is one of our few democratic partners in the world. They are our brothers, have a heart and listen to their story as you suggest their next best path. Building trust and compassion doesn’t take a day, but it could take a year. Israel is worth the effort. They have already given the World 11 Nobel prize winners. Give them respect and a real chance for Peace and happiness, that’s what every one wants.

PUBLIC ADVOCACY: IRAN : Just the facts, based on sources: Plus lot’s of questions!

November 20, 2013

It is my intention to present the facts, as culled from a list of periodicals and magazines; listed in the text of my Post , along with the conclusions we can reasonably expect.

1. Does Iran have any Nuclear Power Plants? According to the ” World Nuclear Association” , representing the people and organizations of the Global nuclear profession. Their most recent article, Nuclear Power in Iran, updated 11/13, states, one large nuclear power plant has started up in Iran and has just been grid connected.

Other plants have been proposed, but they have not been built, since the designated sites sit on seismic faults along the Mediterranean . Fukushima on the Mediterranean is not a thought for consideration.

Russia has been a partner in the Iranian nuclear program since 1994. In 2005, Russia signed an agreement with Iran, assuring fuel for the Bushehr Plant and it’s eventual removal to Russia once the fuel was used. Based on the Russian Iranian agreement there is no justification for enrichment locally. This plant is currently not operating.

Though Iran has one power plant on line, it is not accountable to the IAEA CONVENTION OF NUCLEAR SAFETY.

2. Iran has signed but not ratified The Nuclear Non- Proliferation Treaty. The UN committee has found Iran to be in non compliance over 22 years. They have pursued the enrichment of uranium and plutonium exclusively for the production of Nuclear Weapons. On 3/24/13 The UN Security Council unanimously adopted a resolution imposing sanctions on Iran and reaffirming that Iran must take steps to suspend it’s uranium enrichment . To date No Verification of Iran’s extensive enrichment program has taken place? Nor has it’s heavy water facility been reviewed?

While flaunting the rules of the Global Community, Iran seeks a relief of sanctions imposed by the Global Community for acting in bad faith. Unlike North Korea, Iran possesses ICBM MISSILES which will be capable of delivering nuclear tipped warheads. Additionally, they are active in destabilizing the Middle East by providing Jihadists to support regimes.

All this leads me to the next question? How much money will the monetary sanctions add to their GDP? On the flip side, how much money has been spent on nuclear enrichment for weapons? For missile development ? For exporting Jihadists? HOW DOES WEAPON DEVELOPMENT AND DELIVERY , AND exporting JIHADISTS , EFFECT THE Iranian GDP?

The Iranian people are on the verge of revolt, Foreign Affaires Magazine 2013 and Financial Times, dates reflected in my prior articles ( 9/28-102/13) . They have been told to blame the West and Israel for the sanctions which deprive them of food and a middle class standard of living. A little disingenuous since , the FINANCIAL TIMES this year, doubted the effectiveness of the sanctions due to Iran’s extensive use of money laundering ? So what’s draining the Iranian coffers? Weapons and Jihadists? Do they have a right to work outside the rules of the Global Community? That’s what’s being decided. Rather then rewarding them for continued bad behavior, why not embark upon a plan to bring them into the Community by holding talks with everyone in the Middle East effected directly or indirectly by Iranian Actions. Give those talks, 6-9 months to build up trust while sanctions remain in place and Iran allows the International Community access to their facilities for 100% accountability and cessation of weapon production? ( On 10/1/13, according to the Financial Times, Iran was ready to talk sanction reduction in exchange for 100% dismantling of their weapons? Why the change of heart? Additionally, according to the Foreign Affaires Magazine and the FT on 9/28/13, the window of opportunity for President Hassan Rouhani is 2015, when new elections take place in Iran.). New news via the BBC. President Obama said that an interim agreement, with sanctions left in place , would last 6 months. Mr. Obama also expressed ” caution.”

Proceed with caution, appears appropriate since Iran has been threatening the super powers with the continuation of weapons enrichment, if they don’t take Iran’s win win deal now. This reminds me of a civil divorce, as soon as you send that ” nice lawyer’s” letter to your spouse, suggesting that you meet to reconcile, “all out war follows”. So, the World is between a rock and a hard place, either we comply with Iranian Demands or we’ll be bombed( potentially ), or we don’t comply and who knows what will happen? The Iranian People are the unknown in this equation. We don’t know what proportion of the population believes the Khamenie Hate rhetoric and wants War rather then Peace?

3. Meanwhile, as these talks progress , our Allies ( France, Israel and Saudi Arabia) are feeling “pain and uncertainty”. ( with reason, I just read BASIC, British American Security Council; which white washes Iran while targeting Israel? ) Therefore, It can’t be stressed too often, Trust but verify all Iranian nuclear plans and sites. Have a plan for dismantling their facilities and missile production sites now, before their continued polarization of the Shia Sunni axis draws the entire region into War. ( NY TIMES 11/20/13. Beirut bombs strike at Iran as Assad’s ally)

We want, I believe Peace, let’s take our time to develop a lasting Peace with our eyes open and no denial. The entire Middle East is in play, not just the Group of 5. We always have choices.

4. LOL: According to Sayed Hossein Mousavian, a Woodrow Wilson Fellow in Foreign Affairs and a contributor to Iran Pulse, has written ” 7 reasons Iran nuclear deal a win win for all parties.” Unfortunately , he’s gotten the wrong message, He believes and fears that every day without an agreement allows Iran to continue enrichment , worse it furthers Iran’s expansionist plans in Syria and Lebanon thru their own Jihadists and thru their puppet, Hizbollah. I can only reiterate, if Iran wants to join the International Community, these actions must cease for meaningful talks on Sanctions to occur. Sounds reasonable to me, what do you think?

PUBLIC ADVOCACY: Time out for Living/ an interlude between courses

November 18, 2013

When my son first moved to Carroll Gardens in the early 1990’s , he felt he had been banished from the Garden of Eden (NYC) to Brooklyn. A scant 20 years later, Carroll Gardens has become a gentrified place for the young professionals and they’ve brought with them an intense of love of and art and food, all this peacefully coexists with the ethnic entranced Italians who inhabit and maintain Carroll Gardens as it was a100 years ago. Two cultures, living side by side in peaceful coexistence, one accepting and integrating with the others.

1966 Mustang Carroll Gardens

1966 Mustang Carroll Gardens

The Mustang with Carroll Gardens Resident

The Mustang with Carroll Gardens Resident

1. As you walk from Henry Street toward Court Street and the number Streets you encounter many fine old purveyors like Esposito’s Pork along with the beautiful Town Houses that make up the old neighborhoods.

2. We had our choice of many Lunch and Brunch places, but chose Frankie’s @457 Court Street, because of it’s ambience and the food. As soon as you enter this establishment, you feel at home. The open kitchen in the center of the restaurant makes you feel at home, as the warmth and the smells over whelm your senses and you sit relaxed, waiting to be treated well. It has never disappointed us.

Frankies Restaurant Carroll Gardens

Frankies Restaurant Carroll Gardens

The Manager @ Frankies

The Manager @ Frankies

3. Though we had no room left for dessert we walked two blocks to Momofuko’s Milk Bar an Ingenious oasis next to the Carroll Gardens Train station. From the street, you can see the trains coming into this station as they pass over the elevated bridges . Before heading underground or around the corner, Milk offers exotic treats for the taste buds and the soul.. We sampled and bought a sublime mixture of pretzel milk, though my son would have been equally happy with cereal milk, made just as it sounds, with cereal and milk +, a reminder of teenage years, making huge bowls of cereal as a snack.. We also purchased pumpkin truffles, an elegant bite sized explosion of pumpkin pie in you mouth, replete with texture . Quite an experience.

Momofuko's Milk Bar/Awesome

Momofuko’s Milk Bar/Awesome

Milk Bar/Great cereal milk/pumpkin truffles!

Milk Bar/Great cereal milk/pumpkin truffles!

4. LOL as I took leave of my son, at 4 PM for an appointment in NYC , I thought it would take over an hour to arrive at my destination. My battery was low complicating the drive back. I was so sure, I would be late that I never noticed that I literally sped, up the west side highway in 20 minutes arriving early for my appointment. Afterward, I was content to have my leftovers of lentil soup and cavatelli with sausage. ready for a quick meal before departing for Jazz at Juilliard , a free concert that lasted 2 hours but could have had many encores as far as the audience was concerned. The end of a perfect day. YOLO! The young know what they feel. A toast to living and feeling; a pleasant interlude for the spirit.
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PUBLIC ADVOCACY: additional thoughts on the ” two ” State Solution/Room for debate

November 15, 2013

As I lay quietly, watching the first snow fall of winter in NYC my mind drifts back to Jerusalem, that magical city, home to all the three great religions and civilizations. As I previously thought not as Peaceful as the upper west side , fraught with angst of possession , as all the World watches the drama between East and West. Yet these monuments are nothing compared to the people living there, praying there and trying to earn a living and give meaning to their lives. These people , who live amongst the monuments are to be sanctified, because they too seek solace in and around the Temples. They are human and being so, accords them monumental status.

What’s to be done to alleviate the human condition on the ground for both the Israeli’s and the Palestinians. To my knowledge, the Arabs settled on the Eastern part of Jerusalem are considered Israeli’s. They attend Israeli schools and Universities. The West Bank; ” the occupied territories” , are the one’s in dispute.

Israel has been talking about land swaps and demilitarized zones, while the PLO can’t decide how much land they want, how they will provide work and sustenance for their people or how many people will return to this section of land? There should be a better solution. 65% of the people , Israeli’s and Palestinians want Peace. The Jews, Druze and Arabs lived and worked and some married together before Israel became a State and options for marriage partners was limited. So there is a precedent for harmony prior to WWl. Fast forward to the 21 st century and it’s continued tensions.

It seems, with a small Country, the size of Israel, the proposed borders beyond the green line are not enough. It makes for a ” messy” solution. What about giving the Palestinians the option to stay and work in Israel become a part of the Larger State that would stretch to the Jordan River and the Dead Sea . The remainder of the population, not willing to live in Peace, pay them to resettle in the countries of their ancestors. Let them go in Peace.

Effectively, you have one state with Arabs who are content to work in a more secular way. Co existing with Israeli’s , both people more interested in self improvement then a separate identity. Could this work? There is room for debate and the time is now. Please, take part in this conversation and let me know what you think? Our lives depend upon your honest engagement.

Otherwise, we are back to messy land swaps and arguing over which settlements are to stay within the greater State of Israel. Honestly, I personally prefer this solution, think, the ” United States of Israel ” and the right of return to Syria, Jordan, Lebanon or Turkey? Trying to create boundaries within a territory that is too small has myriad problems. The one state solution solves those problems.

Then the GAZANS can determine their destiny . Do they want separate statehood or do they want to renounce violence and live in Peace in the area as before? I know many Israeli’s within the Southern Territories would be happy to live with the GAZANS in Peace.. Trauma has overtaken all the people in Israel.

Generations of trauma exists. There has never been a time for understanding and healing. How many more generations have to grow up with PTSD or living with hatred of the other for reasons which have long been forgotten. Both sides have suffered intense trauma, Israel was developed out of War and trauma; 65 yrs later, 3 generations down the road, isn’t it time to let healing begin and let Peace , love and human dignity inhabit an area that has known too much hatred and destruction?

Give the kids a chance to grow up in ” normalized ” conditions? Get on with your lives and enter the 21 st century? We have choices.

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PUBLIC ADVOCACY: The Haredim are ostracized ?

November 15, 2013

The Haredim are ostracized because they build their settlements. What violence are they collectively committing? The NEW YORK TIMES, reported last month that they have cut down 211 olive trees, you would gasp, unless you read on and learned there are 8 million trees under Arab/ Palestinian family control. What’s the damage? Why the outrage?

Or we read that Palestinians are part of the food insecure. That is a tragedy that should most certainly be addressed. Food is cheaper on the West Bank then in Israel, why should this be a part of the Palestinian condition? Where are their leaders?

Instead of fighting, determine how many of both groups would live in Peace. Ariel, for all the talk of it’s being up for land swap negotiation, is the largest West Bank Jewish settlement and they intend to build Israel’s 7 th University. Wouldn’t it be better to open it’s doors for the education of all in the region?

In America , with the founding of our great Nation, we were always searching for our true boundaries. We purchased or fought for our land, until we had workable borders, from sea to shiny sea. Makes sense to me. We weren’t always honorable in our dealings for land and expansion. When Andrew Jackson claimed Texas , he sent Sam Houston to purchase Texas from Mexico for $4 Million . If the venture was not successful , Jackson told Houston to fight for the territory, without Jackson’s acknowledged support. That’s how we acquired property.

Now 200 years later, Americans are acting as intermediaries in the Israel/ Palestinian Peace Talks. Perhaps it is time for another outlook? Another reasonable choice for self determination ?

As always, this is my 2 cents, and all comments are welcome . Wishing everyone only the best!

PUBLIC ADVOCACY: The New Road Map to Peace

November 14, 2013

What was I thinking? After writing several essay’s on why I favor a ” United States of Israel” , I thought a synopsis was required.

The “New State” to be Bordered by the Mediterranean on one side and The Jordan River and the Dead Sea on the other. The right of return for all persons not willing to live in Peace within the boundaries of the new State. Those individuals seeking asylum elsewhere to be compensated for returning to Countries of their families origin.

All those desiring to live in Peace, within the confines of the new State, to be given the right to citizenship and self government, similar to THE US system of Mayors, Governors and Houses of Congress.

Since Democracy is new to this region, perhaps they will succeed !
Go in Peace! Stay in Peace! We all have choices.

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