PUBLIC ADVOCAY: Serious about deficits?

SERIOUS ABOUT THE DEFICIT? This is the least harmful way to stop the WALL STREET casino and bring down the deficit at the same time. Consider this paltry fee, $0.03 / $100.00 , on derivative millisecond trades and you do several ” good ” things for the Country. By paying this fee, the ” fast” traders have skin in the game. They may curtail their trading which would take some of the risk out of the system and protect the Country from their potential to implode. Second, the People collect Revenue sufficient to eliminate a yearly budget deficit. I call that a win win.

Someone corroborate the Maths. Best case you collect $1 Trillion in revenue yearly, which is enough to stop one years deficit. Here’s how it works, Millisecond trading is an advantage used by a few on Wall Street. If you’re not convinced of it’s power to make markets, I direct you to a book on the Wall Street Journal’s recommended list February 2012, THE FEAR INDEX , by Robert Harris , you be the judge. You’ll want to curtail derivative trading, after reading this book, a fun read, I assure you, but ” scary”, in it’s premise. Derivative trades, fast trades, are capable of making markets, there is no growth investment, there is no value investment, only the casino exists. For the love of the Country, curtail it’s use and bring sanity back to the Marketplace.

Please, corroborate the Maths. This would be the first fee charged that brings money back to our Nation and starts to stabilize our Monetary system.

  • $300 fee based on $1 million
  • $3000 per $ 10 million
  • $ 30, 000 per  $100 mil
  • $ 300,000 per $ billion
  • $3 million  per  $10 billion
  • $ 30 million per  $100,000 bill
  • $300 mil per $ trillion

Conservatively speaking,  $ 300 trillion a day flows thru derivative trading vehicles everyday. Therefore, the total fee to be gained by the Public is $3 billion a day. Multiply this  by :  356 days a year.  “3 x 356 = $ 1068 billion a yr.” , enough to eliminate the budget deficit.
This is the beginning. There’s more money available to the Public you just have to look. Sweat the small stuff but go after the big bucks. Then think how do you want to use the money. We know where to get it? It’s easy to fill the Federal and State coffers, It’s all about the money, accountability and utilization . Put this system in place, then think next step. Why take away small privileges when you can use one tool and do ” good” by the Country. It’s a win win. The first slice of a very large pie, producing enough revenue to cut the yearly deficit, every year! Are we serious about the deficit? Here’s your answer!

Review:  Bill co-sponsored by Tom Harkin and Peter DeFazio

PUBLIC ADVOCACY: I’m mad as hell and ‘m not going to take it anymore!

For those of you who have not seen Network, I urge you to rent it, a clip from “the Famous Boardroom speech is linked above.  Paddy Chayefsky was prescient in 1976 and would have been appalled 38 yrs later.   The only question remaining is where do we see ourselves in 20 yrs?

Commercial media no longer serves our needs as we are bombarded with entertainment to keep us subdued instead of being “Mad as Hell” ready to shout out the windows “I’m Mad as hell and I’m not going to take it any more”? Based on our current economy and the plight of our people , we should be screaming our rage on a regular basis instead of remaining the Silent Majority

As we remain silent, let me quote a famous scene from Network, as the gospel, according to it’s UBS  Board Chairman  Arthur Jensen, is proclaimed: ( I loosely paraphrase)  “people no longer matter, only the Corporations matter, remember this was 1976, IBM, AT&T, EXXON , and they matter because they control the flow of money in this world, thru $’s, petro dollars, rubles &  pounds, etc.   It is the international system of currency which determines the totality of life on this planet.  This is the natural order of things today.” It’s the rhythm of money flow that is important. Nothing else. ” The World is a Business. ” People are just humanoids to be cared for and sedated so that cannot impede the flow of money “as they serve  the common profit for a share of stock.””.  The only thing that Paddy Chayefsky forgot, because how could he know, in the  future Plutocratic quest to control all the money in the world, they grievously neglected to take care of the needs of the people. Therein, ” lies the rub” and perhaps  the eventual undoing of this Society of Greed.

As further evidence of Corporate  disdain for the People, please read the following critique by David Clay Johnson ,  a  Pulizter Prize Winner while at The New York Times, in his Al Jazeera Comment  on The Comcast/Time Warner proposed merger.  It can “make you mad as Hell”.   Please note,” he correctly states, this is part of the larger problem, one of corrupting corporate influence and misguided government policies.

PUBLIC ADVOCACY: If you see something, say something.

me workingIf you see something, say something.  Want to be part of the Solution?  I do!   I no longer want to be passive and report the news, let’s make the news together?  From now on this Blog would like to link to other Bloggers who have something to say. They are the go to people on education and other areas of concern

We know laws to protect the Middle Class have been weakened  and/or changed over the last 40 years, the time to right these wrongs is now. The way to change law, is by presenting a compelling case for the abuse of Power; whether in Monopolies or education or finance. We’ll present the facts, like ” The Muckrakers ” of 1901 and make our case for changing our laws to support the Middle Class instead of continuing it’s downward spiral. We can use  all the tools at hand, social media, cartoons, videos to get our point across.

Would you , dear reader, become involved and engaged, develop a healthy cynicism , a healthy skepticism about what and who is influencing your choices?    Every time someone gives you or your group money, no matter how large the sum, remember they gain far more. Stop the game from being played. You have only one life to lead and, if you care, let it be free. Choose wisely. We have choices to make when Politics effects us.

Oh? One more thing, I  have read and listened to many speeches and theses on our plight, if they don’t make sense, they don’t make sense!  I’m hearing “gobbledygook”, I call it as I hear it and I read it.    If you don’t understand something,  ASK FOR CLARIFICATION!  Ask until you understand.  Don’t be intimidated or ashamed to ask.  People tend to Blind other people with BS, but most concepts, if real, are designed to be understood  simply.  Don’t be afraid to  ASK, especially when Politics affects US?

PUBLIC ADVOCACY: a letter to my Readers/A call for action

Dear followers
I am torn between what can be and what is ? For years I’ve been writing about Social advocacy, almost   30,000 visitors that I know of, have viewed my site, but I feel I should be doing more?  I will  continue to deliver all the news and issues and options that concern me and  you Dear Reader by expanding my Blog to include links and Posts from other experts in their fields.  Evolving into the Muckrakers of today, like those in Teddy Roosevelt’s time, 1901.

Can you envision doing more?  Becoming more involved and engaged.  If you see something, do something.   Take the next step,  and vote with your feet  and your heart and your “money” for change.  Like all well funded political organizations, we, the People, need our own voice, our own requests for Social Justice, our own lobbying group to ensure that the Middle Class voice is heard.  Use the tools at hand, Super PACs, Subsidiary PACs, fund raising, we’ve got models galore to follow.  Both the left and the right use these “fund raising” models.    Use them before we eliminate them , favoring, one man one vote!

Let’s start having a meaningful dialogue among ourselves. State our objectives and plan to obtain those goals. I can’t wait 25 years for an AhHa moment to occur for all of you. The time for discussion is past. People are falling into poverty daily.  We should do something now , either singly, on your own to make a difference , or contact me and let’s start mobilizing for change.

  •    We voted to abrogate our rights.
  •    We elected officials for life terms.
  •    We need to create new laws favoring the Middle Class, controlling an out of control market society.

I realize, I can’t be a  lone voice in the wilderness!  I can’t change the status quo without your help and  the necessary funds  to travel and assure people our cause is just.   Social media is the “must use tool” for our youth and should supplement any “hands on contact”.     What do you think?  Is it time for the Silent Minority to be less silent and act in their own self interest.  In this age of influence, we have to be astute enough to know when influence peddling helps or hinders our upward mobility.  I believe we will have many fed up Journalists and litigators available to herald our cause.

Thanks for reading. This has been on my mind since New Year’s when I wrote about the “Bully Pulpit”

. Also,  for those reading  and willing, I’d like to Publish my Blog as an Ebook, I could use technical and editorial  help. I also need help in producing videos, which I consider essential to our cause.  Clever,  videos, for U Tube,  they don’t have to be fancy?  Volunteers please contact me.  Volunteers now, then funding.  Thanks for reading and responding .  We always have choices, when Politics affects us.   All the best. Joyce

PUBLIC ADVOCACY: A “Snarky “. assessment of national and local choices for “those in need”?

You can’t make this stuff up: it’s good to ” have friends in high places, they are called ” friends with Benefits”.

Obama gives California drought relief after the Bipartisan Bill passed giving farmers Trillions.

He stays in Palm Springs where the grass is lush and the folks use about 735 gallons of water a day. To understand this waste , think Israel . They are both deserts and Israeli’s use about 150 liters per day.

It looks like there are 2 Americas. One with plenty of water to waste and the other with no water for food.

We know there are two NYC ‘s one where the minimum wage is contentious and other where Billionaire investors, set up family offices paying Millions in Salaries. I shouldn’t knock the concept,  we all need help with our finances and budgets.

Then look at DeBlasio’s scheme to help the poor? Wait for affordable housing ; 5-25 yrs. ? They might die of starvation before those houses come to market. Meanwhile , we could be lifting those in the projects out of poverty by training them to make repairs in their Communities, using Union Labor for the skilled training. But why bother, they’re not dead yet. Let them suffer and we can forget about them. If another storm hits, ” Out of sight , out of mind.” Just like the Mole people.

Looks like we’re still in the OMG stage , instead of LOL or YOLO!

Speaking about. LOL, Obama is allowing Comcast to buy Time Warner and control 30% of the cable and broadband industries. Guess we just like to limit media content while increasing pricing for Americans. As an added benefit, it may be easier to keep track of everyone , if they’re watching American Idol on all 600 channels. ( my apologies to American Idol, but I hope my dear Readers, get the point). Why mess around with 30%, give them the whole country and we’ll have state supervised media?

Taking a giant step backwards. Teddy Roosevelt would have thought these entities were monopolies and have fought to break them up. Not Obama , he’s into, Big Business and surveillance. Is this what you call ” friends with benefits”? It’s Entertainment.

You can’t make this stuff up!

PUBLIC ADVOCACY: living life, one step at a time

Life is all about seizing the moment. There may be single highlights during our time here on Earth. But basically it’s the everyday stuff that propels us forward.

The routines like getting up in the morning and for me, the mind dump. Writing whatever comes to mind without editing. It’s a great surprise. Sometimes my best writing merely happens.

That’s what makes life worth living. Nothing really is so dramatic as do or die. You just put one foot down and begin your journey, it’s ok to think where it will take you, but it’s not essential. One foot down, boots on the ground and start. If you never start, nothing will ever happen. The key to living is to live.

If you can make a difference all the better . I proselytize, not about religion but about what we can do as a Nation to move forward and re-instate The Middle Class.    When it comes to the sanctity of lives I am fierce and have no more tolerance for talk unless it is followed by some positive action. Anything, one small gesture to help a fellow human being. For me it’s not enough to educate, I must bring everyone to the same place at the same time. Awareness of our human condition and the knowledge that we have choices and our voice counts.

The next posts may be about compassion for ourselves, cutting ourselves some slack, so we may be better able to see the big picture and really be a help to others. We do what we can do. Feeling our way, as if we are studying a new language, because we are. We are in training to try something new. Seizing the day, one day of many on our march to regaining our inalienable rights. We may have abrogated those rights temporarily but they are not lost, they are waiting for us to write the wrongs and move on. We’re bound to make errors, but if we care, we’ll tweak the system and get it right in our own good time.

We just can’t wait too much longer. People are falling into poverty daily. It’s up to us us to prevent that fall and worst case help them when they hit the ground. This is not an OMG moment. This is a “how can I help someone from hitting bottom”, moment.   Let’s be sensible, it’s not rocket science.

PUBLIC ADVOCACY: What happened to the Middle Class?


I can’t believe they keep asking the same stupid questions on the News. Why isn’t the Middle Class purchasing? Have they all forgotten they wiped out the Middle Class. They have no money. They can’t afford to spend on restaurants no matter how low cost.

What doesn’t everyone understand. The Middle Class was the backbone of this Nation and every Nation and they lost everything, as the upper classes, living off leverage and bribes powers on. The upper classes have no Country, they have no allegiance to anyone but themselves. The have friends, ” friends with benefits”. Will they be enlightened to the plight of The Middle Classes?   Don’t hold your breath.

According to Deepak Chopra at a Morgan Stanley conference at the start of the Recession, he said change would come ” one death at a time”. I don’t believe he meant Revolution, but he meant as the “alpha males”  died off. Well, if they’ve got good genes and good medical care, they’re not going into ” that good night”, anytime soon.

So think again dear reader, there is no relief in sight, unless we have one very large Voice and mean we want a sea change in this Country. We are a third world nation, have you seen China or Saudi Arabia? Brilliant skylines. We were the innovators,  but no more. America is suffering Paralysis as our ” leaders” have no desire to lead. We have real problems and there are real solutions; give 99% of the folks a chance to work and create.

We have a choice, when Politics affects us!