PUBLIC ADVOCACY: A letter to Elizabeth Warren/John McCain & Al Franken, Sherrod Brown & Bernie Sanders!

An open letter to the following Senators:

Elizabeth Warren/Glass Steagall for the 21 st C
Elizabeth Warren/Glass Steagall for the 21 st C
John McCain/Glass Steagall for the 21st C
John McCain/Glass Steagall for the 21st C

Dear sirs and Madame:

” We the people, for the people”, has meaning to US and we need your help. Through my word press Blog, I have a dedicated Community of 42,000 + People,  representing the USA predominantly and 55+ Countries.   I Blog about Public Advocacy and feel passionately about the State of our Union. I’m “Mad as hell”  that the Unemployment #’s do not reflect the” true” state of ” the people” out of work or under employed. I also realize , through my readings of The Financial Times, The Economist, The New York Times and various other periodicals and web sites, that you have presented a way forward for our Country.

In order to reverse the State of Inequality, the Banking Laws must be changed back to Glass Steagall or Glass Steagall for the 21 st Century.  ” We the People”  understand that you have co-authored this new Law.  The more money diverted to the financial sector, the less money is available for the poor and the Middle Class. We need your help and perhaps you need ours? According to The Economist, dated 4/5/14, every time a Nation bails out the Banking Sectors and Bankers, the People suffer. Where as, the opposite is true when Bankers are held accountable and responsible: a Country may prosper for 70 yrs. Who wouldn’t choose prosperity?


We need your help!  The Financial Sector of this economy, along with Shadow Bankers, the Large Hedge Funds are Partying like it’s 1929, please communicate with my Community and let us help you help US!  We need a dialogue between you both,  Sherrod Brown and David Vitter and “me” , as a representative of We the People for the People”.  We want a way back toward a strong Financial System, a “free market” and no more bets or mega wealth created at the expense of The Middle Class.    Please take the time to create a document synthesizing your ideas and proposed legislation to  educate ” People”, creating a milieu for responsible representative government.  “For the People, By the People”, a Construct to live by and for!  We need your help, to help ourselves.  We are all connected and dependent upon the actions of each other.  We should  agree that our voice counts, help me to help you, give meaning to “We the People for the People”!


Al Franken/Citizens United
Al Franken/Citizens United


Bernie Sanders/Citizen United
Bernie Sanders/Citizen United


Additionally, “We the People”  are tired of the usurpation of our rights by the influence of money. Rather then face the people’s rage, let’s help each other pass an amendment to overturn Citizens United. ” We the people “, want the restoration of one man one vote. We no longer want to feel powerless. I support your efforts, Al Franken, Sherrod Brown, and Bernie Sanders,  to create Law to create a more equal Society. Please support me and my Community by explaining how we can change these few Laws in 5 months.  We’ll help you, if you  support US.   Tell US how we can get this legislation passed?    May I suggest a return letter to my site?  Word Press http//  I am also @ grandmajsilver on Twitter .  On Linkedin I may be reached @ Joyce Silver or @meritcarpets, inc.   Let’s start a dialogue !     We require, a “how to” approach to reinstating Laws that will affect our way of life in a positive way.  We are willing to work to help restore our Middle Class and Middle Class values.

We can’t afford to be powerless when Politics affects US. The choice is yours; we all have choices. Give us, ” we the People”, more then hope , give us a few Laws that will  overturn this State of Inequality.

I am respectfully, Joyce Silver
Thank you all for reading and responding.   I look forward to hearing from you and starting a meaningful dialogue!


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