PUBLIC ADVOCACY: Transparency/ Activism

IMG_1300I don’t support boycotts of Israeli products. This bothers me personally, since I am convinced that you are boycotting jobs for Arabs, Palestinians  and other minorities in Israel. I don’t support Academic boycotts either because that restrains the dissemination of thoughts and ideas and , in my view, counter productive and anti-science and discovery!

I do support Public Activism and lot’s of it, if it is targeted against our “Corporations” and demands to know and curtail Big Businesses contribution to Political Campaigns. So many purport to be against Citizens United, yet we fail to have an effective tool to overturn this Amendment, till now!     Vote with your wallet and demand a vote on transparency in the Corporation. Demand to know how much money is spent on Political Campaigns, Politicians and Lobbying Groups. Does the amount spent, impact the Corporate bottom line? It should, if  it is the cost of doing business? Is it a fixed or variable Cost? Investors should know how the Corporation they’ve invested with  spends their money, what donations are made and to whom? If not how would you know if the Corporation has maximized it’s profits?

Warren Buffett used to donate to 51 Charities of shareholder choices, until activists threatened his life over Betkshire Hathaway’s contribution to Planned Parenthood. It took two years of rally’s and proposals at the shareholder meeting to convince Warren to divest this Corporate program  in favor of giving his personal fortune to  Bill Gates to manage Philanthropically.   Berkshire Hathaway is no longer involved in Charity, only businesses and making money.

Activism works. It seems if we are interested in curtailing Citizens United, shine a light on Corporate Spending. Don’t be intimidated by The Chamber of Commerce, who derives funding from Big Business. It’s your stock, your income, demand accountability .   If it was your budget, you’d want to know how your money was spent?   Aren’t your investments equally as important?!!!

We have a choice and a voice!


I saw these 2  articles when using the Financial Times app. Reprinted for
your comments!

Financial Times, 
Corporate governance: the resurgent activist
By Stephen Foley and Jennifer Bissell
A rising level of reformers?  Tough uphill battle for transparency!

Read the full article at:

Financial Times, 
US companies pushed on political funds
By Stephen Foley and Jennifer Bissell in New York
Investors urging transparency in Campaign Contributions.

Read the full article at:


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