PUBLIC ADVOCACY: it’s never too late for Peace and reconciliation

Kibbutz life early 1900"s
Kibbutz life early 1900″s

Why the Two State solution doesn’t  work, now? When the two state Solution is feasible, it will be irrelevant. And other musings on our Human condition. Follow my logic, dear reader, and see what conclusions you would come to?

As of 2005, under the leadership of Ariel Sharon, Israel,  removed troops and settlers from Gaza. Their only crime against Gaza was one of omission. They failed to listen to their own advisors and stop the tunnel building in Gaza? But any decision at that time was fraught with dire consequences, the possibility of a brutal war then vs a hoped for Peace within and with Gaza . However, as wishful thinking clouded reality, Gaza was lost to humanity as long as people who preach hatred and destruction were allowed to flourish in civilian populations they oppress. Now that Israel finds itself in another War with the Political forces who have conquered Gaza, they face a human dilemma not of their choosing.  War has taken an ugly toll on the Gazan population.  Israeli’s feel  guilty about ” loss of life ” in Gaza, but those people’s lives were forfeit long before Israel ceded Gaza to the local Politicians who hated Israel and Jews more then they loved their Women, their Mothers and their children. All this is hindsight ; what could have been, should have been? There is no point in going back in time, though I will present some  historical background, to clarify Israel’s predicament.

When the Jews started to renter the British colony of Palestine prior to the Balfour resolution they purchased the land from anyone who would sell to them. By 1936 , as War was breaking out in Europe, the Arab population, all several hundred thousand of them, started to massacre those Jews tilling the lands. All of a sudden it dawned on the Arab Politicians, more Jews might come back to their homeland and tilt the balance of Power in this small barren  land.

So in the 30’s , in the last Century, hatred of Jews began and continues . Why? As Jews, we merely want to survive. Our crime against humanity, is that we survive and because we survive under harsh conditions, we thrive as well. And now, in the 21 st Century, our real crime is that we won’t lay down our arms until we force the world to deal with us and leave us with an enduring Peace in this region.   We want something no one else cares about , we want Peace and prosperity for our People  and those living in close proximity to us and we want it now.   Though it causes us great pain and internal soul searching to kill other human beings , it must be done until those perpetrating and contemplating  atrocities against Israel and Jews ceases.


This recent conflict has united the Jewish population world wide.    I am proud to be a Jew. When we say sustainable Peace, we mean Peace and tolerance for the other and real Peace: at the individual and the State level. No more destruction, no more hatreds, we want to  work toward a better tomorrow together; that is the Israeli dream. That is the Technion dream. That is my dream. That we destroy the external threat to Israel and Israelis;  which is composed of diverse ethnic groups, while we move forward with a dialog of understanding each other!  . It is never too late to build bridges to Peace. Glasnost happened when Gorbachev wanted Peace with the West as much as the West wanted Peace. When Ronald Reagan, told Gorbachev to ” tear down that wall, Mr Gorbachev , he did”. Much to everyone’s amazement .

When you develop a tolerance of each other, you don’t need walls or barriers, because you have Peace in your body,  your heart and your mind. That’s why I say, with real Peace, there is no Gaza, there is no West Bank, there are people working together for the common good. Just like here , at home , we have the United States, that’s my vision for Israel. That’s when 2 states can happen and then they may be irrelevant.


Therefore, the hard work of Nation building, feeding and supporting your people, should be taking precedence over War.  When Nation’s can sit down and calmly discuss the needs of their People, when they stop the cycle of violence and embrace the theory of Peaceful coexistence, all people will “Thrive”    On a Macro level, wouldn’t it be great to take a deep breath, stop thinking about the old constructs and start thinking about yourself, your needs and the needs of your family.  Gaza was once, centuries ago, a thriving ” metropolis, wouldn’t it be better to choose life and commerce and start becoming a recognized City  and Citizen of the world?  The choice is yours, if you demand the dignity of your life over the principles of  your dedicated warriors:  those terrorists who care only about how many people die and suffer for good PR on the BBC or other media outlets.  It’s too bad that most of these leaders of Gaza  are sheltered in foreign countries by foreign Powers, while they have left their people  in place to be martyred .   Gazan’s ” Stand up ” to the “terrorists” and say no to oppression.  It takes guts  to recognize the limits of your society.  Without taking the time to Thrive yourselves, your lives and the lives of your children are lost.  Thank you Arianna Huffington, for codifying the concept of “thrive”. When you start respecting yourself and treating each other with respect and brotherhood ,  you won’t need War as an excuse to stifle the people’s right to life.   When that happens, a one state or two state debate will be irrelevant.

My 2 cents. Thanks for listening, dear reader. Wishing everyone the best.

PUBLIC ADVOCACY: My personal thoughts about, Israel, being Jewish and Peace

Me encircled by John Kiley Glass sculpture

Something has transformed me, I who value Peace and culture and civilization want the total and absolute destruction of all weapons aimed at and those threatening Israel. As a bastion of Jewish Hope and the hope of all civilization on this Planet, I want Israel to survive and survive well. Through years of proving the Malthusian Theory correct, to the detriment of many of our People. I stand proud to be part of the last vestiges of the Jewish People. For millennia we have left our Jewish blood on the chopping blocks of others. Natural selection has whittled us down in numbers but not down in size, or stature. We can stand proud when we stand with Israel.. Though it breaks my heart to see anyone die, this War is just. After 65,  yrs it’s time to change the dance with the Arabs and the rest of the World.

Israel has produced many Nobel prize winners. The number of Jews winning the Nobel prize is not proportionate to our strength in numbers. We use our brains and our might derives from using our brains and thinking outside the box. Why is this War just? It will not only save Jewish lives, but if the World starts to care about People , more then it values grievances and hatreds and self delusions, maybe they, the other countries , will stand up for Israel and demand Peace in the region.

Why do we have to be dragged down with the Barbarians? With so many of our People dying and being slaughtered why not choose Peace over a fight to the death. Rather then lose any soldiers, boys, husbands, fathers , Israel would much rather spare Gaza and let the outside community of Nations clean up the mess that will be Gaza. In my opinion, The tunnels have to be closed and swept of weapons once and for all. 100,000 people have fled Gaza , seeking refuge in other Nation’s including Israel, in spite of their Leadership’s direction “to stay in place”. Thank God these brave souls are seeking safety , asylum, and life over the possibility of becoming another human shield. Too bad, the innocent People suffer when Warlords control their life rather then providing sustenance to them? I wish to amend this statement, 50% of the Gaza population may have participated in the tunnel building and benefited by their efforts, while the other half of Gaza suffered by remaining silent and not having a voice or a choice.

We have a voice and a choice when Politics effects US. Choose butter over guns, not for me but for all of US. WE THE PEOPLE FOR THE PEOPLE. Your choice. and God Bless you. No matter who you are and where you come from. Say no to guns and yes , preferably, to Brooklyn Butter.

PUBLIC ADVOCACY: An analysis of Hamas and their allies and supporters

Wake up World, Israel is fighting your battle. Isn’t it time we had a real Peacemaker and Peacekeeping force in our World. This Israeli Gaza conflict is not about occupation, Israel has been out of Gaza since 2005. It is not about lifting a Blockade, since enough materials and food and building supplies has passed through the borders of Gaza to create an entire fortified city underground: Food, shelter, water, electric and weapons of mass destruction, all for the Hamas military and their allies. Those supplies should have gone to the local populace living above the fortified city, protecting the weapons and murderers. The people of Gaza are dispensable , ” human shields”, willingly or not. So much for the Human condition living in Gaza. You may wonder who are they dying for? Let me explain the Geopolitics of this area dear reader and you decide, whether Israel’s War is just and whether the World should take part in establishing a genuine Peace for Israel and her neighbors ? And perhaps, the World should be outraged over Civilian Human Shields , rather then condemn Israel? I urge you to put the blame where it belongs on Hamas and their powerful allies?

Consider the following analysis by Caroline Glick, a journalist for the Jerusalem Post, and 2 Web based news papers, Vocativ and Honest Reporting, confirming that Hamas does in fact use the People of Gaza as human shields. Further, they explain the funding and the alliances of Hamas and their allies. As the head of Hamas ,Khaled Mashaai , is thought to be funded by Qatar personally and maybe the beneficiary of $ 250 million . This raises the question, did he personally become wealthy, while the people of Gaza starve and enjoy 47% unemployment. Additionally, Qatar and Doha have given Hamas allegedly a $Billion and they continue to support Hamas and their allies, separately and together. Hamas may also receive $100 million a yr from Qatar ; this is ongoing. None of these amounts can be 100%’corroborated, since Hamas and their allies are not subject to an audit. I’m not sure who has checked their books lately, are you?

State sponsorship of Terror is occurring whether we choose to acknowledge the facts or not! Perhaps, a further review of these State’s involvement in Terror organizational support, will help you form your own conclusions?

Let’s review the State sponsorship and Alliances
1. Qatar and Turkey are State sponsors of: The Muslim Brotherhood and ISIS along with Al Nusra
2. Hamas is aligned with The Muslim Brotherhood , Islamic Jihad, Hizbollah , Al Queda and ISIS
3. Qatar sponsors a web of terror across the Middle East by sponsoring ISIS in Lbya, Syria and Iraq. Meanwhile , Qatar plays many roles as it tries to appear moderate by owning the media company Al Jazeera & claiming Al Jazeera is ” fair and balanced ” . Though unequal media time is given to the coverage of ” children” being injured and hospitals and mosques being destroyed. These photos are rarely presented with the back story of why they are in harms way. Nor is the terror the Israelis face everyday presented fairly. Only one position is taken consistently by the UN , war crimes against Israel for protecting their people . Though, Israel has a second job, because of the attraction of extremists groups to Gaza, Israel is also protecting US.

With the mobility of these groups in the region and their enormous monetary and State support , I don’t believe the civilized World can be impartial by standers. These guys have the ability to join other mercenaries and terrorize and murder others, that’s what they do? Don’t be surprised. Remember that funny sophisticated thriller, Pulp Fiction, the killers were perfectly normal folks, unless they were performing a “hit”. The NY Times reported yesterday that some Syrians are learning to live with the order imposed by ISIS, until a minor infraction by some person, causes that government to chop off your hand or your head! But, hey, they’ve got order. The Nazi’s imposed order, too! Do we think we’d like to return to that type of regime?

All Sunni nations ; Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are threatened by these terrorist groups. ( and now Norway fears ISIS , since some of Norway’s citizens have become radicalized: mercenaries travel, they’re mobile. They don’t need stuff, only a weapon!). As you can see from the alliances of these extremists, I prefer to call them murderers, are drawn together not by a single ideology but by their desire to destroy Jews and the State of Israel and the moderate Sunni Nations and whoever else is in their way. The goal of Hamas and their allies is clear, they want to conquer the remaining Arab world and destroy civilization as we know it. This is a power play by Hamas, one they cannot win. There is no Peace with them or their allies. They want murder, yours, mine and anyone not in their alliance. They should be stopped. I certainly hope I’ve made the case for their destruction. The World cannot tolerate the existence of these Barbarians. I hope you dear reader will agree. Wipe out the evil in this World. Stop arming the ” bad” guys and let’s switch to a Butter Economy and advocate for Peace and justice?

The choice is yours. You have a voice and my 2 cents. Thanks for listening, but more then that, please become an agent for change and support an enduring Peace. Our survival depends upon us working together when Politics effects US.

PUBLIC ADVOCACY: an analysis of Hamas alliances to follow

Dear Followers:

I’m traveling to San Jose to a Blogher 14 Conference. My next Post was written on the plane on my iPad. I’ve analyzed the facts surrounding the Israeli Gaza conflict and believe this conflict , if not contained and understood, has dire consequences for all of us. I would urge the World’s governments to take part in the Gaza Israeli cease fire and similar to Syria help in the search and removal of weapons and weapons manufacturing. Additionally, the tunnels create a credible threat to the existence of the State of Israel and should be dismantled as well. These, too, should occur under the supervision of the World’s governments, if civilian lives are truly valued. Otherwise, Israel has no choice and most continue on their own , to protect their people.

Please read and share your thoughts and comments. I realize it isn’t easy to discard old constructs, but living in this World requires flexibility of the mind and body.

Thanks for reading. All the best. Joyce

PUBLIC ADVOCACY: Latest update and appeal from Israel

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Thank you for joining us on yesterday’s call with Rabbi Zeldman and Ze’ev Ben-Shachar.

Over 100 people called in and we’ve been getting tremendous feedback.

Below is a recording of the call- please feel free to share it with anyone who was not able to attend.

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PUBLIC ADVOCACY: Where do we stand on Peace?

Butter/a product whose "time" has come
Butter/a product whose “time” has come

Lately I’ve been thinking about War and hatreds .
I’ve listened to the rhetoric on both sides of the  conflicts and present my thoughts to you dear reader and urge you to form your own conclusions.

In my country, the consequence of the Status Quo is increased human suffering leading to an untimely death. In other Countries the consequences of the status quo leads to the violent death of  innocent People.

No injustice is ” right” . I ask my self daily,   how can we progress from an economy dedicated to guns to an economy based on   butter?  Remember the old economic reality stating, you could have guns or butter, but not both.  Meaning of course, being humane and humanity take  a back seat to the military industrial complex.   Perhaps that’s  why  my son is having trouble finding investors for his business.  Butter, no matter how pro biotic, how artisanal, how flavorful, does not carry the impact, or the “punch”, or the fireworks of a “good weapon”?  My son just wants to manufacture pro biotic butter, made in Brooklyn, calling it,  Brooklyn Butter !  I've attached the NY Times article on the 
importance of Pro biotics to humans.


I see his Butter differently , for me, his Butter is  a symbol of Peace?

Instead we sell Guns.  It’s sad, that a populace would choose guns. The military industrial complex is quite fine, doing very well. “Thank you very much. “. But discuss “Butter”, and you’ve got an instant reply, ” that’s nice” or great idea!  Next topic, please! . Why? Why wouldn’t People choose the good life rather then War and hatred? We can always retool for different products , when the People understand they have a voice and a choice.

From my position as ” citizen of the World” , I see the ” old Cold War “re-emerging, did it ever stop?, with a new crop of Power hungry individuals . Those who love their Power more then they love their citizens they were elected to protect. I question everyone’s participation in these new Games:   we the people are telling our representatives we like and support our leaders in their blood thirsty pursuit of Power. It’s better then Game scenarios on the X box or our Computers?    We can watch the Wars , detached from the action and not believe that another human being, made of flesh and blood will be bleeding and dying.   So much for non involvement, so much  denial! We are involved as member of the human race, we have made a choice , if we support Wars, revenge, or hatred of the ” other”.

In the latest Gaza Israeli conflict , it no longer matters who was right or who was wrong. Innocent people on all sides will suffer. I have heard the arguments in defense of Hamas, as presented by a young sympathetic Tunisian woman.

Hamas says they are not a terrorist organization . Hamas says it is capable of being a political partner with Abbas, the PLO representative. Really, what Politician , when confronted with the death of 3 teenagers glories in their deaths? When the young Arab boy was murdered no one in Israel wanted to believe it was done by Jews. As a Jew,  we are ashamed that Jews would want revenge, too!

Let’s revisit the facts. Israel has been out of Gaza since 2005. Hydroponic farms, infrastructure and manufacturing facilities were left in place. The Jews left the region. Now they are being accused of supporting a blockade of Gaza. If the blockade was so effective, how did Hamas and the Islamic Jihad have the ability to purchase weapons of mass destruction? Why did they choose to build tunnels to protect those weapons and worse use them as an entrance into Israel, concealing combatants  as they plan to kidnap or massacre Israeli civilians? Why plan murder and mayhem, rather then build infrastructure to protect your People? The people of Gaza are complicit in this charade. They know or should know that the weapons are hidden beneath their homes, schools, commercial structures, etc.   How else would Hamas have the capability to bombard Israel with rockets, if those rockets were not hidden “in plain sight” and protected by the People?   I would urge the people of Gaza to demand Peace . Might is not on your side, nor is it on Israel’s side either. There is no glory in Israeli killing and death.

I keep repeating Golda Meir’s words, she stated, ” we can forgive the Arabs for killing our children. We cannot forgive them for forcing us to kill their children. We will only have Peace with the Arabs when they love their children more then they hate us.” Think about it. And think about, ” one cannot and must not try to erase the past merely because it does not fit with the present”, but we can forgive and move forward with our lives. We have a voice and a choice , when Politics effects us!
Finally, when BIBI Netanyahu says the Gazan population should prepare for War, they believe him and now, they are protecting themselves from missile fire, independent of their Leadership’s demands,” To Stand in Place”. They made a decision to protect themselves and seek a rebuilding of their Society over War. They are choosing their lives first, it is appropriate, when Politics effects US.


I still cling to the Technion vision of Peace I heard 2 years ago.   Israel with it’s technological advances and awareness of the needs of humanity, though it has not always followed through on addressing basic human needs, leads  their neighbors to a better place. It can happen if more Arabs exit ” the closet”, no offense to the LGBT COMMUNITY, and state they can live in Peace with Israel. I would guess, before that happens, those Countries,  like the rest of us have to acknowledge their shortcomings and resolve their human rights issues at home first. There is a road to Peace, it is one small step at a time. Willing to see your own short comings as well as the positives of yourself and the ” other”.


I heard, Tzipi Livni ( the Israeli minister charged with making Peace with the Arab population), speak the other night and was impressed that she is still requesting a cease fire.  ” Calm for calm”.  Terms can be discussed afterwards.  That suits me fine, but I am ashamed of our World leaders.  They have not yet arrived at the obvious conclusion to this cycle of violence.  PEACE and  a “road map” to demilitarization of “hostile rebel groups”.  No population should be a “human shield” for desperate Political or “murderous ” groups.  If there was a cease fire, a Peaceful coalition force could enter Gaza, search, remove and then destroy the weapons of destruction and the tunnels.  If we could dismantle Syria’s chemical weapons, why can’t a similar force be responsible for the removal of rockets that threatens Israel?  What’s to debate?  Why is it so difficult to obtain a cease fire?  I think I know the reason, in this instance, Hamas and the Islamic Jihad do not want to lose Political significance.  But is being Politically powerful more important then the lives of the People you have been empowered to protect?


We are in the 21st Century, no one should have to choose between 7th or 9th Century Politics?  The people of this World need Peace and a time to heal, to grow crops, to live life:   Smell the coffee or sip the tea, butter your Pita?  Indulge  whatever small pleasures makes us humans happy. Surely, we don’t need to count bodies?  We don’t need to mourn our loses rather then celebrating life.  After we have shed so many tears, laughter will be a relief.  They say, you can’t really laugh unless you have cried.  Our laughter once unleashed should produce a louder boom then all the weapons on earth.  How can I persuade you dear reader, to talk to your leaders and demand that they devise a method for “disengagement”?  The only way to have Peace is through People Power!  Is that too much to ask?  Can we agree to talk with one another instead of killing each other?  Can we, in this 21st Century, take the steps toward a Butter economy and insure our survival in the 22nd Century?


It is easy to deny that Politics effects US.   BUT YOU IGNORE POLITICS AT YOUR OWN PERIL.?   Look what’s happening in Gaza? Human Shields, indeed? The cycle of violence continues and accomplishes trauma, death and more hatred of the other. My 2 cents.

We always have a voice and a choice, when POLITICS EFFECTS US.

PUBLIC ADVOCACY: Hamas & the Humanitarian Cease Fire

Sound familiar. I can’t feed my people but wait , I can purchase parts for rockets, tunnels, unmanned aerial vehicles, and enemy combatants who arrived on the Gaza beaches last week. The People of Gaza or any oppressed People have been duped by their governments. By acquiescing , by submitting to the leadership ,  they will surely be killed or other’s  will die  in their  place.

Not the leaders of Hamas, they’re smart. They’re out of the country like Osama Hamdan who reports from Beirut . Or the other leaders whose houses have been destroyed while they hide underground or out of the country, too? Not to fear, Hamas leadership is not standing on rooftops or anywhere near the battlefield. They’ll live to speak for a vanquished people . While they leave others to die in their place.


Obviously, the “nefarious”  blockades didn’t work. One has to question who funded Hamas? How much money did they receive? How much money could have gone to the destitute 47% of the Gaza population?   The definition of  “chutzpah” ! First you steal from your People, then you want them to die for you? It’s obvious that given a choice, during this temporary “humanitarian” cease fire,  a lot of people in Gaza prefer to live and purchase goods for their survival .   You have a voice and a choice when Politics effects you.

I saw this article when using the Financial Times app and thought you might be interested:  The 2nd article from the BBC shows the people of Gaza during the “humanitarian” cease fire!

Financial Times,
Gaza conflict revives Hamas fortunes

John Reed in Gaza City

Militant group has focused popular anger on Israel in spite of financial crisis and a loss of regional allies

Read the full article at:

The people of Gaza leading their lives during a temporary "humanitarian" cease fire.
 Hamas continues rocket fire into Israel's Southern cities.  "Calm for calm"?