PUBLIC ADVOCACY: Have you read the News today?

August 28, 2014

I read the News today, oh no, reminds me of the ” old” Beatles Song, but let me continue!

From my desk to you:  Dear readers 5/21/14

From my desk to you: Dear readers 5/21/14

What’s happening:  A Synopsis!  8/26/14 NY Times
The NYC Police sergeants don’t want the Democratic convention to take place in NY’ s Brooklyn, because crime is up in the city along with murder. Their answer , more Police on the ground? Have we forgotten that there is income inequality in our city. That people in the Lower and Middle Classes are unemployed? That’s why crime may be up?  We also have greater accessibility to guns?  Folk are also living in inadequate housing conditions?  There are many factors to be considered, when thinking about “crime” in the City?


Next we read, the Lower and Middle Classes are under represented in our better Universities. At $48,000+ for tuition and very few scholarships! these kids are not even considering the Ivies. It’s out of their price range. Has anyone thought about a real solution to this crisis?   A lack of diversity leads to limited societal growth. Look at us, what kind of Society do we want, plain Vanilla for a few or a variety of options that incorporates the many? Time to reform the student loan program, increase merit scholarships and encourage education.  The physical plant is not as important as the teachers and the students, but that’s my 2 cents.


Next, we hear that Burger King is escaping US taxes to join with Tim Horton’s in Canada. Our American Corporations don’t pay their fair share of taxes as it is, so why are they going out of the Country? The real reason, is they lack initiative to grow their business, so rather then think creatively, they combine with other businesses and create Monopolies. Makes no sense to me. As these corporations squeeze the last dollars out of their companies they will implode, once their novelty wears off or consumers reject their products in favor of local businesses. I opt for the latter.


Now that Summer is coming to a close and everyone is feeling rested and refreshed we should look around us and see what has really happened in our Society to make us proud to be Americans. Speak up. Did we see Financial Reform? Tax Reform? Student loan reform? Increased interest rates for Savers? Increased Jobs through infrastructure? Local business development? None of the above?


It seems before we vote away our rights once again, ” we the people should ask questions about the State of our Union” and demand answers. We have a voice and a choice? Remaining silent will get us nothing. We’ve seen the status quo for 7 years, how many more years do we want to lose? It’s our choice. We have 300,000,000 people who should want answers and a better way of life. If you don’t? Don’t stand in my way, because I do!

PUBLIC ADVOCACY: An update on “my Post on all the news”

August 28, 2014

Thanks to one of my readers comments, I re-looked at Gretchen Morgenson’s book, “Reckless Endangerment”.  She devotes at least 30 pages to the rise and influence of Angelo Mozillo, a financial entrepreneur, who became the CEO of Countrywide Financial in 2003.  Countrywide was sold to Bank of America during the Financial Meltdown.


To review the interactions between Countrywide, Washington and Wall Street , I refer the Reader to Gretchen’s book, now in paperback: see pages 11, 54-56,60,92,147, 181-200, 203, 206, 310-311 for her reference to Angelo Mozilo.


In my view, “Reckless Endangerment”, is a must read for an understanding of the Financial Meltdown.  It will be a “tough” read, but well worth the education!  We have a voice and a choice, when Politics effects US!



PUBLIC ADVOCACY: perhaps we are all Jews?

August 26, 2014

Israel’s survival as a Jewish state depends upon Israel redefining who is a Jew. I propose that a Jew can be anyone born or converted to Judaism or any person willing to live in Peace with the Israelis. Sounds simple enough. Israel’s land mass and security concerns don’t lend themselves to a divided country concept. Rather a one state solution with a path to citizenship and Jewish Peoplehood contains the solution. A United States of Israel, replete with a central government and a Democratic way of life.

If we get over the old stereo types of who is a Jew and become more inclusive we will, I believe , ensure the actual survival of the Jewish People and the World.

I believe the most humane solution is a one state solution because it ensures a durable Peace with all like minded individuals having a vested interest in their mutual survival. If the old hatreds exist, if sympathizers of ” evil” remain, there cannot be Peace. A 2 State Solution is not feasible under present conditions of War , hate and distrust. After year’s of meaningful bridge building and consistency of action,  a peaceful 2 State Solution may be possible. However, when all is quiet and hard work and jobs and education overtake the ” old ways”, a one state solution may fit all needs. It’s too early to tell the outcome of this present conflict, but serious bridge building might be a primary goal for all involved Parties? Maintaining a peaceful populace , I presume, is more difficult then giving rein to ” the Dogs of War” and concentrating on everyone’s  prosperity?

On the Planet level , rid whole regions of the Globe of terrorists in order to plan for our Future. There is much work to be done,  if we are to survive into the 22 nd Century. Realistically we can no longer afford these distractions. The world requires work every day.

It is an ” inconvenient Truth”, that our climate is changing and we can’t waste time on Wars when pestilence and famine are impeding the Progress of our Civilization. All of us will be tested. Once again, dear reader, the choice is yours. Do we continue this cycle of violence or do we crush and destroy the “Barbarians at our Gates “. once and for all? If we choose Peace and a Butter Economy, we just might live to see the blossoming of the 21 st, the 22 nd Century and beyond . A safer more productive haven for us and our progeny. The choice is yours.

Advocate for Peace and the Butter Economy, preferably Brooklyn Butter.   I will always present the issues and the facts as I see them. All the best. I remain, sincerely yours, The Voice of Joyce

Me and my grandson 2013/Jerusalem

Me and my grandson 2013/Jerusalem

PUBLIC ADVOCACY: All the news that’s fit to print and some that isn’t.

August 25, 2014
our earth

our earth

Dear readers
I am not abandoning the home front. I knew there would be nothing new to report on the Financial Front. The status Quo persists. I am not even getting the usual solicitation letters ? Not even Gretchen Morgenson is providing new news.  Instead she has been concentrating on Mozilla’s complicity in the original Countrywide fraud.  (I  previously reviewed Gretchen Morgenson’s book “Reckless Endangement”, a definitive work on the impact of “the toxic interplay of Washington, Wall Street and corrupt mortgage lenders leading to the eventual meltdown of our Financial System.”NY Times quote.  Her book cites the  impact of  Angelo Mozilo, who became the CEO of Countrywide Financial in 2003,   on the Financial Crisis of 2008..   Countrywide Financial was bought by Bank of America, thus the saga continues.)   What a  whopper, which may or may not be paid to the people in full,  the B OF A settlement for around $16 Billion for mortgage fraud ,  is mostly attributed to Countrywide Financial which was purchased by Bank of America during the Financial Crisis.  NY State may clear a Billion, but who knows how much will go to the people who lost their homes? This injustice keeps rolling along as the Middle Class struggles to survive.

The news in Israel is sad. Rather then the entire World Community pitching in to enforce a truce, Hamas keeps seeking power at their people’s expense. Israel stated quite clearly, before hostilities escalated, they would pursue ” calm for calm”. Yet Hamas, concerned only with their own power brazenly brags about the murder of the three Israeli teens. No sane person admits to murder, are there normal Arabs left who want to live in Peace? If yes, let them stand up and shout loud and clear, in front of an iPhone preferably.. I suggest, social media, so that their voices  and faces will be recorded for posterity.  We need to record Peace proponents on all sides.

As a Jew it pains me  that this  Conflict has become an excuse for anti semitism?  World wide abuse of Jews because they are Jewish and may or may not be a Zionist?   Tribal hatreds are still alive and thriving in the 21st Century.  A special “Thank You” to the 200 + Actors, Actresses and others in Americas media who support Israel’s right to defend their Country.

Then we have ISIS beheading people, because they are rabid murderers and the World did not rise up to stop them. There are too many groups like Al Queda , Hamas, ISIS . Where is a global body interested in the safety of all of the Planets citizens. Those who prefer their liberty to slavery and death? The people who want to live life, have children and go in Peace? Let’s start talking about lives lived and people’s contribution to Society and stop focusing on the Terror Groups and Terror?  Evidently, all these groups have one element in Common, they exploit Social Media to terrorize others.  Let’s curtail showing  their gruesome acts and restart focusing on the loss of victim’s lives to Society.  That’s a tragedy.

Then we have Russia and the Ukraine!  I’m not prepared to comment on this situation at this time.  Also, tragic !


Back home in Missouri, it seems we have no idea what happened, except a young Black man died? Why? We don’t know the facts, yet.  It just seems, no matter what happened, there should be a way to maim and not  kill a “potential” citizen threat?    I’m reminded unhappily of the 60’s riots and protests. To what end do we seek justice and the value of life, our own and that of our fellow man?

There is almost too much to talk about.   I’ve purposely omitted  all mention of Mother Nature’s latest slam dunk on our planet!  Though we’re temporarily spared here in Sunny /balmy NYC.   It’s enough to make everyone “numb”, while we seek more tranquil times!


Right now, I wish desperately for something good to report.  If you’re in NYC, you might try The Lincoln Center Plaza , for free screenings of last years Opera’s .   Tonight “the Nose” is being featured.  There is always  a cultural distraction!  Wishing everyone well. Joyce

PUBLIC ADVOCACY: Further thoughts and news on The Israel Gaza Conflict

August 24, 2014

I previously wrote an unpublished Post, stating ,”where are the Hamas fighters?” We’ve heard 1900 civilians were killed in Gaza, and I am truly saddened by the death of women and children? That’s a fact.   But, Where are the Hamas fighters? How many of their rank were killed while shooting or manufacturing rockets? How many were killed by ” friendly fire?” It isn’t conceivable that there are no Hamas casualties among the wounded and killed?  Hamas is hardly a fiction, or a phantom, they exist in the pocketbooks of Turkey and Qatar and now Saudi Arabia and the Arab Emirates are willing to pay them to honor cease fires .

Previously, Every officer of Hamas, seen on the BBC or PBS appeared in a foreign city; Doha, Beirut and Cairo? Nice to command your army from safety. Every other leader we’ve seen or heard about leads their officers and followers from the field of battle. I guess , not Hamas leaders, they were mostly safe from harm ?    What about their “People”?   Did the People who were dying on their behalf  have a say about their country’s path to war and if not, why not?  The answer has become clear as we look at the latest rounds of assassination and executions in Gaza.

The people of Gaza have lost their lives.   They are pawns of the military machine created by Hamas. Many are terrified by Hamas fighters, that’s why there are no uprisings. Children working in the tunnels were thought to be assassinated. Collaborators are publicly executed. Fear pervades Gaza as long as Hamas rules.

NY Times article 8/23/14 Executions in Gaza a warning…


This week, Israel found and assassinated 3 Hamas leaders, located in Gaza.   Additionally, Israel is seeking the extradition from Turkey of the Hamas terrorist responsible for the murder of the three teenagers in June?   FYI. That’s when Hamas cheered their death and escalated the level of violence with Israel. BIBI repeatedly stated, Israel would meet, “calm for calm”, but the Hamas quest for power eliminated all calm and cease fires.

Now Hamas has executed 18 Palestinians suspected of collaborating with Israel. These numbers are small compared to the 1000’s previously executed. ( NY TIMES 8/23/14 Executions in Gaza are a warning to Spies.). I can’t believe Hamas doesn’t realize that they have most likely implicated their own leaders by their brazen bragging and total disregard for ” law, order, and human life”.

There is so much  to report, I feel it’s not necessary to add to the noise. Only one thing is sure in my mind: there must be human beings on both sides, whether Arab or Israeli, who desire Peace.  An acceptable end to this conflict, is demilitarization of Gaza. Only a verifiable force, a “neutral” armed presence,  acceptable to Israel , can insure a destruction of the weapons arsenal and the eventual rebuilding of a Peaceful civilian society.

I recently read, that the UN is tired of rebuilding Gaza. That’s a great first step. Then I would propose that the UN Stop denying they are part of the problem and say no to the teaching of violence and hatred in their schools and stop allowing armaments to pass thru the blockade. After all my reading, I  would be hard pressed not to indict the UNHRA for knowingly supporting hatred of Israel and  knowingly supporting the creation of a militarized society that enslaves and terrifies many fellow Arabs. There is always time to recant, to admit mistakes and become part of the solution .

U Tube Cartoon/The cycle of Gaza!




Wake up World and Think!   As we prune our populations thru War and pestilence and famine, we may be accelerating the Planet’s demise, too!    This is one of many tragedies, a disaster on all levels, wouldn’t it be desirable, to move from violence towards a path to Peace?   We have a voice and a choice when Politics effects US.

PUBLIC ADVOCACY: International Woman of Peace and Goodwill

August 19, 2014

Dear Readers: I just Published my latest Blog Post and Video. The Text , is similar to, but not an exact representation of  my extemporaneous thoughts and video.

Please listen, read and comment.

Joyce Silver 8/19/14

Joyce Silver

Wishing everyone the best. Joyce

PUBLIC ADVOCACY: Joyce Silver: International Woman of Peace and Goodwill ( Video)

August 19, 2014

See You Tube or Blog URL for Video thoughts just Published!

What’s wrong with us? Today’s thoughts on the news ……

Atlantic City can no longer support gambling in this Economy. Do you rethink their useful ness, no, you build more gambling Casinos? Creating jobs which lead nowhere and more casinos to milk the remaining pennies from the poor and Middle Class. Really, why can’t we build infrastructure, fix the electrical grid, provide faster internet service to everyone, increase affordable housing, protect and rebuild our marshland? So many projects to pursue with lasting positive effects on our economy, instead what do we choose, gambling ? We’re living in “Ozymandian times” , building cities left decaying in the sand , a testament to man’s folly.

Our entire civilization is a testament to man’s folly. All these wars and disgruntled people, why?   The People are being starved by the local war lords and then the People blame their starvation on others. If you read today’s FT you’ll see these statistics for Gaza:   63% unemployment in Gaza prior to their latest war with Israel. Yet, trade with Israel was at 85% and the rise in building materials rose exponentially within the Gaza strip , prior to the Hamas “take over”.   The people needed 75,000 houses before this new crisis, now they need more.   What did Hamas bring them, except “devastation”?  The people don’t blame the stupidity of their leaders, instead they blame Israel. Makes no sense to me?

LOL: We’re all believing Herman Goring as he quoted economics, comparing guns to a butter economy. He preferred Guns, though you’d never know it by his girth. He wanted “guns to protect the German people, rather then butter , which only made you fat”, He would state! Made sense to Germany, guns over butter. But they got it wrong, did they really feel safer after exterminating 12 million people? Does the ability to “kill”, make anyone really feel safe?

Is it a ” male” thing? Don’t think? React. Do what you know. Never get out of your comfort zone and when you feel threatened, kill!

Rules to live by? Why stop now? Pretty soon, you will bomb everyone back Into the Stone Age.

My 2 Cents. We have a voice and a choice when Politics Effects Us!

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