PUBLIC ADVOCACY: Off to Austin, Texas

January 28, 2015

Dear followers:

I’ll be in Austin, Texas for a few days, while attending a conference for Leaders of Reform Women.  Will write about my experiences and start raising awareness and funds for a newspaper.

Activism is a full time job!  You have my voice, you have a choice and Politics does effect us!

Have a good weekend.  Joyce


January 28, 2015

yammer-logo-ps3Reflections on a snow day, 1/27/15. As I read the papers yesterday, I was captivated by the story on Britain’s 30% Club, started by Helena Morrissey, an influential money manager. No way is she to be compared with Sheryl Sandberg or any other woman of influence in America,” who talk the talk, but don’t walk the walk” . Helena Morrissey has actually successfully lobbied for Qualified women to serve on Britain’s  Corporate Boards. She is breaking Britain’s Glass Ceiling and we should all be thankful.

I was reminded that in 2002, I had attended the Kellogg School of Management ‘s  certificate program , for women , titled, The Women Director Development Program,  hoping to be placed on a Fortune 1000 Board.  Naively, I thought influential Women at the Kellogg School would help us and offer a referral system for placement on Corporate Boards. Upon reflection, 13 yrs later, no interviews and few responses were generated by my queries. Only, BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY responded and advised that I had to own $4,000,000 in stock to be considered for acceptance to their Board.

At the Blogher 13 Conference, amongst 4-5000 talented women, who were leaning in, Sheryl Sandberg, admonished the group to lean in, more! Most of us were turned off and now I know why. Women already in Power, have leaned in for themselves, now it’s time to help the ” sister hood”. Advocate for other women and together we can break the glass ceiling that still exists .

When I was in a position to do so, I hired qualified executive women at Banker’s Trust. Now it’s time for for all women “role models”, those chosen as the most influential in our Nation,to  stop the lip service of support and  provide a place in Business or Government for qualified women to serve. If we’re good enough for non profit Boards , we’re good enough for Profitable Board positions , too! Many women are quite capable of assuming positions of Power. After 40 years , this is a reasonable  and just request.

This weekend, I am attending my first leadership Conference for Women of Reform Judaism. Women leaders from America’s Reform Judaism’s Sisterhoods are meeting to become better leaders, participating in Leadership programs with an emphasis on budgeting. conflict resolution and marketing to our youth via social media . The program is comprehensive, though there will be plenty of time to explore downtown Austin, Texas. All sisters welcome to join me and us in local BBQ and the awesome Music scene. Anyone arriving Thursday please contact me @ Yammer @ Joyce Silver

This is the year to consider more action, less talk. We know Politics effects us. Have a great day , dear readers. Looking forward to meeting my ” sisters” at the conference! All the best.images

PUBLIC ADVOCACY: What’s happened to the British Economy?

January 25, 2015
45 Park Lane Hotel

45 Park Lane Hotel

As you will recall, dear reader, I won a trip to London , as well as Paris.  My London excursions were fun, interesting and informative.   I’ll include several of my personal photos for you to Enjoy!  I can recommend at least 2 Restaurants: The Cote near the Theater ” The Play that Goes Wrong”, a hoot!, part Monty Python and Agatha Christie.  The restaurant,  Red Fort , was a lovely, reasonable Indian Restaurant, quite authentic.   My accommodations at 45 Park Lane were 5 star, typical of the area; a study in contrasts:  the Uber wealthy with a Winter Wonderland available to those who could not  afford the price of a Ferris Wheel.  Luckily, the Winter Wonderland, closed during the first week of January and the Middle Class could afford to look away and not spend their last Pounds!

During the Christmas season, the Brits go into debt, they can ill afford, to provide the customary presents to their families.  The Banner on the BBC read:  Britons in debt to pay for Holidays.  Against a back drop of unemployment and underemployment, 6 million more Brits went into debt to pay for Christmas necessities!  The Middle Class is being asked to seek counseling to curtail their debt, but even with increasing awareness of their debt burden, it is becoming harder for Brits and Parisians to just say NO!  The older Middle Class is becoming increasingly responsible for “helping” their children and their children’s children, as the Middle Class Globally sinks into poverty.  There is no way to stop the borrowing, since the available jobs in hospitality, retail and services are being split among the poor and homeless from other European and Baltic Nations.

To counter their existing debt, England is now allowing the Middle Class pensioners to “dip into their Pensions”, without a tax penalty.   Let’s hope we don’t follow them in this folly. Since most Middle Class folks are part of the working poor in England , a new ruling let’s  ordinary pensioners cash in their pensions and manage their retirement nest egg themselves.   Otherwise, they could seek the advice of an ” informed” money manager, with “good ” intentions, but no fiduciary responsibility.

If England continues to  sanction this scheme,  you will have an elderly population totally depleted of funds and back in debt with a loss of all assets. Hardly a brilliant idea when the working poor already need a helping hand. Britain not only supports it’s own population,  it is now supporting the young kids from Italy, Spain and Latvia. We haven’t seen a ” real working Brit” yet in retail or Hospitality?
Hyde Park, where I stayed at 45 Park Lane provides great Customer Service via it’s “imported ” staff.  It  is  situated in the most expensive area of London,  similar to 5 th Avenue in NEW YORK , but perhaps more expensive , the price of housing/ brownstones or “flats”  is $20 million Pounds on average.  That’s around $30 Million per residence. While the Middle Class can’t afford to ride the Ferris wheel in the Winter Wonderland Park across from our hotel. When I asked the tour bus operator if this was true. His statement , says it all, Power is in the hands of the elderly and the young don’t vote. A truth, a universal western truth? Why,  the youth have more to lose then the elderly?   We’ve got 20 yrs? They’ve got 50. Someone has to show the young how to raise their voices in unison,  against this State of Inequality that no one can accept, if not now, when?  The longer it takes to make progress on voting on the local and community and “state” levels, the longer it takes to create Balance in an unequal system.  Today, the Bank of England acknowledged that central Bankers can only provide Quantitative Easing, it was up to Industry and Government to provide the Stimulus for jobs.  We’ve heard that before!  The same dilemmas and the same messages are circling the Globe.

Globalization has taken over London too! The older antique shops and pubs have largely disappeared replaced by Pret a Manger and Starbucks. All the shops were familiar , too familiar,  like walking on the upper west side of NYC or Madison or 5 th.   Globalization is US. The same Corporations given tax breaks at home, have set up shop in Europe. We have  become a global mall

We have similar consumer Global products and similar financial ills:  as the fiscal crisis we created in 2008 continues unabated.  It’s easier to bemoan our fate, then to create sensible Bank and fiscal regulation.  Why create jobs when you can continue to impoverish 50% of the Globe without any consequence?  Why Indeed?  It’s Ok to be out raged, it’s  appropriate to react to inequality.  It’s not appropriate to be a “ZOMBIE”!

Outside Selfridge at night

Outside Selfridge at night

The interior of Selfridges

The interior of SelfridgesS

Winston Churchill by Joseph Karsh

Winston Churchill by
Joseph Karsh

The War Room during WWll   Churchill logged over 100,000 miles visiting the troops

The War Room during WWll Churchill logged over 100,000 miles visiting the troops

The Red Fort in the Theater district

The Red Fort in the Theater district

walking in the theater district

walking in the theater district

The London Ice/The large Ferris Wheel popular in London and Paris

The London Ice/The large Ferris Wheel popular in London and Paris

Hude Park as seen from an Original Tour Bus.  You can hop on and hop off!

Hude Park as seen from an Original Tour Bus. You can hop on and hop off!

PUBLIC ADVOCACY: An update from NESRI on Single Payer Health Care

January 25, 2015

This is a letter to me from Cathy Albisa, the Executive Director of NESRI ( National and Economic Social Rights Initiative), dated 1/8/15.  Her update of events, shows a slight set back, but not the end of the discussion on the need for a Single Payer System.

Just as Vermont stands ready to become the first Statein the country to provide health care as a public good, Governor Shumlin is attempting to stop the process in its tracks. Today, the NESRI health team is on the ground with the Healthcare Is a Human Right Campaign, led by our partner, the Vermont Workers’ Center, and the campaign is filling the halls of the Vermont Statehouse to demand that legislators stand by their commitment and move forward with universal publicly financed health care.

After many delays, Governor Shumlin recently released his health care financing plan. The Governor’s own calculations on public financing make a surprisingly good case for a publicly financed health care system that provides better care for all and increases net incomes for 93% of families. Yet, the Governor has encouraged the legislature to refrain from moving forward on publicly financed care despite that it clearly benefits the vast majority of families and individuals in the state. This is clearly a political, not an economic calculation to abandon public health care financing, after a tight election and under pressure from his business advisory council. We know that universal health care is not only economically feasible but necessary.

Vermont can no longer afford the human suffering and lives lost in a private, market-based system that puts profits before people and deepens inequity in our society.  The state’s 2011 commitment to health care as a public good, as stated in Act 48, still stands. Despite Shumlin’s opposition, the legislature must stand with the people of Vermont and blaze the path towards universal, publicly financed health care without him.

Our task is, as always, to expand what is politically possible. If Vermont can find a path to universal health care – perhaps guided by the proposal for equitable financing being prepared by the campaign – it can become a blueprint for other states, and ultimately the country as a whole. Healthcare Is a Human Right campaigns in Maine, Maryland and Pennsylvania have already taken up the torch.

In solidarity,

The NESRI Team

My 2 Cents:  As the insurance companies benefit  the most from the newly established affordable care system.  Tweaking the system would be better for patients and physicians.

Healthcare Is A Human Right

SEE: Livestream now!

SIGN  a  petition  telling Vermont Senate President John Campbell and House Speaker Shap Smith to enact the will of the people and move towards the country’s first universal, publicly financed healthcare system.

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PUBLIC ADVOCACY: ” the Voice of Joyce”, Revenue Capture for Job creation!

January 22, 2015
Selfie taken 10:05 AM 11/7/14

Selfie taken 10:05 AM 11/7/14

I listened to the President’s speech and he confirmed that “The Middle Class needs it’s own Newspaper and a Grass Roots Political Movement” that includes Republicans, Democrats and Independents.

While I agreed with some of the tax reform proposed. They are too small to effect real change in America.

  • If we want to mitigate or adapt to Climate Change, then I would propose a Carbon Tax on fossil fuels and Carbon Emissions. I would also propose the elimination of oil subsidies and royalties. The amount to be generated is $640 Billion. Enough money to fund new work in infrastructure and alternative fuels.  Starting 2016,  millions at all wage scales could return to work. If we can dream it, we can do it.
  • Tax fast trades and derivative trades and take risk and insider trading out of our monetary system. Create stability in the Market and level the playing field. The traders are now making $ 2 Trillion in profit. Too big too fail has gotten bigger. Let them keep a trillion, give the country a trillion by adding a tax on their trades. It could be similar to a sales tax , anywhere from pennies to 35 cents per $100.00 bundles.  According to the WALL Street Journal, Fidelity investments wants to join with Black Rock and Chase, to create their own ” Dark Money Pool”.  One can only ask, if they feel they can’t compete,  what happens to the rights of the small investor?
  • Money Managers Led by Fidelity Close to Launch of Dark Pool

  • Overturn Citizens United. It’s interesting, so many of us want to see a return to “one man, one vote, yet if we protest in the Supreme Court, we are disobedient!  Where are the Senators, circulating petitions for it’s overturn?  Why aren’t they actively organizing groups around the Country and insisting on an amendment.  McCain – Feingold prepared a campaign Finance Bill.  Perhaps it’s time to review it!  It is impossible for Congress to do the People’s business ,if they work 3 days and lobby for funds the rest of the time?

By tackling the big issues that effect us, we are moving forward on solid financial ground recreating workable of laws , developing projects which create Millions of good paying jobs now. There is no reason to stay with the status quo. We want change and let’s be willing to work for it now.

I plead with you, dear readers,  to join me.   Support ” the voice of Joyce” and together , all 300,000,000 of us can move forward together. Secure that we are in fact, resurrecting the Middle Class, that’s the goal and ” we the People” benefit .

PUBLIC ADVOCACY: It’s morning in America

January 22, 2015
President Obama

President Obama

It’s morning in America. Turning a new page. Organizing for our future , developing a newspaper to reflect progress on the community & state level as well as progress on the legislative front.

The Money will come from, crowd funding, political war chests, democrats,  republicans,  independents , The President and  “we the People”.   If you care about Obama’s legacy you will organize for change. If you care about the Republican Party, you will organize for change and help them “look good”.   Whether we are Democrats, Republicans or Independents,  all are welcome to participate under one tent.  All of our ideas and concerns matter,  as we unite to find common cause:  The Resurrection of the Middle Class!

Ronald Reagan said it first and his message was clear:  “The Best social program, is a  productive job!”  Read Nicholas Kristof’s comments:

If President Obama would send an expert  to train me and a core group , we  can help train everyone. This is a work in progress from the ground up. Everyone welcome.  I’m convinced, organizing for Resurrection of the Middle Class, is our #1 Job.

We need the best help to organize our selves into networks as soon as possible. We are doing this for America but the whole world will be watching our progress . As I traveled thru Britain and France they said they were looking toward AMERICA to lead the way out of recession and their deflationary spiral;   they are scared. They are in worse economic shape then we are. Migrations of  Europe’s youth are landing in London and Paris to find work. There are no jobs in Italy, Spain, Poland to name a few of the Nation’s with migrating youth. The competition for jobs is fierce as the hospitality, retail and service sectors continue to absorb them.   The European youth is looking at us, America , hoping we will show them the way out of Recession.   We can do it , but we have to work to together.

Time is of the Essence!   In two years I want us to see the sunshine again and know that we’ve gotten to 10:00 am. I have several proposals for change , which will be presented in my next Post.   Wishing everyone the best.  Looking forward to working with “new ” people in an exciting adventure.  All the best.  Joyce

Contact me at:
Thank you.

PUBLIC ADVOCACY: Grass Roots activism and “our” Newspaper: TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE

January 22, 2015
Selfie taken 10:05 AM 11/7/14

Selfie taken 10:05 AM 11/7/14

I listened to the Presidents speech last night along with the major Historians on Channel thirteen. one thing was clear, The country needs a grass roots movement to reflect the wishes of the middle class. This movement should welcome all people from the entire nation; include Republicans, Democrats and  Independents. We need to join hands from sea to shining sea and discuss the issues that effect us. Develop a strategy to send new activists to Congress, beginning on the local Community activist level and working towards recreating a State hierarchy of candidates.   One thing is clear,  congress is not going to change laws if they don’t have to. The power must come from the people to restore government ” by the people , for the people”.

I ask all activists groups to join together under one banner, to elect local officials and then to elect representatives based on American values the Middle Class wants restored.

As a part of this new movement we need a newspaper.  . This newspaper would employ a minimum of 10 investigative journalists and would report on the true state of our nation. Our journalists would contact or be the  experts in many fields;  such as:  tax and financial reform, educational reform, voting rights, infrastructure, the list continues…. The object is to propose several legislative bills to start moving our state of inequality toward the center and balance. TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE.

Will you join with me? Contact me at : . We are AMERICANS working for American progress , dedicated to resurrecting the Middle Class. It is indeed morning in America, we have a year in a half to show results.

I urge everyone with marketing skills to contact me. We need an effective team to create and help fund these two entities: a newspaper and a political network based on issues that will shift the balance of power back to the Middle Class.

I will simultaneously present these ideas to Crowd funding, but all politicians may contribute to our efforts along with corporations,  President Obama, and you dear readers and the general public.  No amount will be too small. We will develop a new system of political networks and contacts independent of the polarized left and right, a system that addresses the needs of all Americans., ” jump starting”, the process necessary to correct the imbalance created by overturning 40 years of Laws favoring Corporate America rather then “we the People”.

Together , we can create a “power base” throughout our Country, united by a common cause and  one goal: The Resurrection of the Middle Class and jobs. As I stated, Time is of the Essence, we have less then two years to implement change. The longer we wait, the less likely significant changes in our work force, our wages or climate mitigation will occur.

I personally will need $5,000,000, to start,  to develop a newspaper to be read by everyone , detailing our progress on issues confronting our citizens and our progress in all our states.  Our mutual  concerns will determine the legislation to be passed to overturn our state of inequality.

The second phase of this project joins all diverse activists groups in every state, joins them together to unite and plan political action from the community level to statewide action. We will change our selves to change our world. ” I call it the dance”. Our old ways of interacting are not working, we have to change the way we interact with each other. There is no yesterday, there is only tomorrow.. If we want a resurrection of the Middle Class we have to interact with each other.   Contact me personally if you are interested in becoming an active participant.   This second phase , our networking together to designate “new”   Community Leaders and State representatives, will take the place of existing Congressional Representatives .  I estimate a minimum cost of  $10,090,000.

As we develop organizations,  it is responsible pay people for their involvement and travel. I, too, will travel around the state’s to listen to your needs and convert those needs into legislation and report back to our newspaper!

    A Newspaper : “the Voice of Joyce”
    A Political network that identifies and elects grass roots activists at the Community and State Level.
    Presentation of  legislative bills to congress for passage with the full backing of the people. Representation in government once again, ” of the People, for the People”. All the people!

If we don’t try, we will never reverse our state of inequality.   A united country can do anything.
I’m happy to be the ” go to ” person, call me and I’ll be in your state helping to develop your platform. In another Post, I will detail my proposed ” wish list and goals”. There is money available for change, it’s  sequestered to perpetuate our State of Inequality.  When “we the People ” change laws,  Trillions of Dollars  will be available for the benefit of the Middle Class.   We can raise our GDP and prevent the deflationary spiral Europe is battling.

Since we are in dire straits and everyone needs additional income , money that comes in to support our nationwide network will be disbursed to those people working toward organizing this network. Get involved , spend time creating local and state networks and get paid for that effort. It is right and fair to pay folks for their Extraordinary commitment to their country. Certainly nothing less then $15/ hr. to start and depending on the job. Since we will be grooming future leaders and writing legislation, payment in kind is fair. That’s the plan. I’d like to have every state delegate write me with their needs , a date for an initial meeting by March 15 th and a group meeting with those looking to work with me on the newspaper.

This is a large project !  Our lives depend upon our success! You have a choice, you have my voice and politics does effect us!

All the best . Joyce.

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