PUBLIC ADVOCACY: Paris Stories and my 2 Cents


IMG_3083While I was in Paris last week, the murder of the Editorial Staff at  Charlie Hebdo  occurred.  My Blog Post will be an insight into the Parisian mind set as events unfolded.  This was my journey, I asked questions, hoping to understand how “ordinary” Parisians felt.

  • The Story of the Mali Muslim Technician

A nice young man, was  sent  by technical support to help me use the Plaza Athenee TV.  I admit  I am technically challenged at times.  We spoke about the murders at Charlie Hebdo and he feared that life and jobs would be scarce for the Muslim Community as the polarization of society continued unabated. I said I understood , that it was hard times for decent people. I told him I was Jewish and “suffered” when people were anti semitic.  We wished each other good evening and better days. I gave him the Saint Honore cake in…

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