The voice of Joyce: Together we can overcome that” helpless feeling”

Photo on 4-29-15 at 11.55 AM #2I’ve put off asking for money, hoping that a ” white knight”, will come to my rescue.  I forgot that God helps those who help themselves.   

So hear me out, please.    I want to establish a newspaper, to be published every two weeks, containing the information gathered by reporters on activist movements in this country.  It has come to my attention that there are many diverse organizations pursuing social justice,  transparency in Banking,  clinical trial results in pharmaceuticals,  what it takes to get a good education, etc. I want to link and combine with these groups, giving people a ” go to source” for information.  Create a data base of activists and  activism in our Nation and shine a light on our institutions, our politicians and our Society.

 We may find that several experts are analyzing the same data.  Let’s print their conclusions and send this paper to ” People” to reduce their sense of hopelessness. Many are working on behalf of the People, but unless we know what’s happening around the Country, the data is too disperse and becomes ineffective.
Let’s work together and together we can change our world.  On Sunday, I listened to a live broadcast from Ben Gurion Airport as Lt Col Peter Lerner prepared to depart from Israel, to help victims of the Nepal Earthquake.  He used Periscope to broadcast his trip and was amazed that 53 people had logged on to his live broadcast.  I was one of them, using my Twitter account @grandmajsilver.  He thought this technology was awesome and he’s an expert in Social Media for the State of Israel.  Me, I’m a novice and believe the technology is magic, but extremely useful for “crowd sourcing”.    I believe, working together,  utilizing our collective wisdom, talking about our concerns ,  discussing  our Society,  here at home and abroad, we can find a way to overcome our limited choices and change our World to reflect the “values ” we cherish.
  •  Democracy: as defined by a dictionary, is a government by the people, in which the supreme power is vested in the People and exercised directly by them or by their elected agents under a free electoral system.
 I require $5 million to fund this venture, hire staff and  start a  newspaper  that records social action as it happens. (This figure was most cited by every activist start-up requiring seed money!)  It too, can be verified via crowd funding and crowdsoucing  Together we will develop a data base and “go to source “for information that creates change”.
Please consider my request,  give me the money to educate and broadcast ideas that will  Resurrect the Middle Class. This can definitely be a Global effort. Let’s learn  from each other and move forward on global prosperity, trade and education.  A community dialog is missing from the Media. Let me fill the vacuum by using various social media sites.   This field is so new, that even the experts, don’t understand the potential of “Crowd sourcing” or Periscope.
I think regular dialogs with folks who want to participate in our “activism experiment , will prove meaningful.  Let’s think together  and determine  the best way to communicate the changes already occurring.  Once we see and report instances of progress, we’ll feel less helpless and more in control of our lives.
Thank you for reading and listening.  I look forward to continuing our dialog on Periscope as we discuss and determine how best to establish our data base and then to make the leap from activism to Societal solutions.   Have a great day wherever you are!  I’ll be speaking to you when I return from Omaha.  All the best.

The voice of Joyce:  LOL/ speaking out on Corporate Tax Reform

Photo on 4-29-15 at 11.55 AM #2According to the latest news, some folks are waking up to short term planning and they’re starting to talk sense and demand change. 

Laurence Fink the CEO  of BlackRock says, ” we should stop Corporate Buybacks”.  He’s right.   Of course it’s easy for him to say.  He cares more about  the consequences of Financial Reforms.  However, we’ll take every champion of good Corporate governance and ask them to please persuade their Corporate friends to invest in their businesses for the long term!  Returning money to shareholders only increases short term gains.  I remember listening to Charlie Munger and Warren Buffett ( the founders of Berkshire Hathaway), insisting they would only give a dividend to stockholders when BRK ceased giving investors a better return on their investment.  Even now, Buffett, won’t buy back his stock, unless the price is too low!  He’s still “fishing” for a bargain!
  • I also read that 37% of the GOP believe Corporations contribute to inequality!  I thought based on the previous statistics , this was hopeful and ” Hope springs eternal”.
We’re beginning to under stand the Societal picture.  Corporate Laws skew inequality.  By giving tax breaks to large Corporations, we siphon money from the Middle Class. By allowing large corporations to under employ workers, The Middle Class pays for corporate employee subsidies.  If the folks working for large corporations earned above the poverty level, food stamps and Medicaid would be reduced.
If buy backs ceased, Corporations would be investing in new product development and creating jobs.  Now they are giving money to share holders and themselves, while producing nothing new. The money circulates with the haves and does nothing for those who have lost the most during the continued recession of 2008.
Bank profits for the quarter are at all time highs.  I don’t think we should be breaking out the Champagne yet,  they’re profitable because they’ve cut back on onsite employees, their bonuses, increased customer fees.  What happens in the next quarters?   What happens when there are no more productivity gains and real Regulatory actions ” kick in”.  LOL If they’re really profitable, they can finally be held accountable without fear of ” breaking the bank”.
  • I’m so happy, I could direct you to ” the voice of Joyce” archives and Posts. I’ve been speaking about income inequality and it’s reversal for 3 years in the Public Arena.
 Finally, we’re all getting to the same page.  Continue reading, sharing and commenting, dear reader.  I have never lost hope, though I have been disheartened at times.  Let’s move forward together.  Once you know some of the answers, don’t stop, push for solutions and resolution of the problems.  Corporate Tax reform is one segment of the problem, GO FOR IT!  The bigger one is Financial Reform. One step at a time.
Have a great day!

The voice of Joyce : Kvetching but hopeful

Photo on 4-29-15 at 11.55 AM #2I’ve never taken the time to study the TPP agreement.  I believe an inclusive trade deal with as many countries is desirable.  It’s not us against them, it’s us bringing the entire world together as one large marketplace.  

It’s not Globalization , or NAFTA or any trade agreement that’s hurting the American worker, it’s corporate America that’s holding AMERICA back.  It’s short sightedness on the part of our leaders that have destroyed the American Dream.
First we deregulate Finance , then, we decide Corporate Welfare supersedes people rights.  Next we fail to fund infrastructure, when rates are low and people are out of work.  What do we need , we need weather satellites, we need major infrastructure in all cities built over 100 yrs ago. , military satellites (judging from the PBS special they look like they need modernization too), the Internet, the electric grid, alternative energy, trains.  A livable AMERICA for Americans designed and built by Americans.
Welcome to the 22 nd Century.  Let’s stop wasting talent and start spending in the first quarter of the 21 st Century. So much to do, so little will to move forward. It’s no wonder we see apathy or rage . We have been humbled by the lack of caring for US, the American worker and the American people in general.  However, if our leaders won’t help us, I have a plan to bring news of Activism on all levels of Society to you dear reader, whether we develop a newspaper together or use the Twitter Periscope or both, we will be connected to the news around our Country and the World.  It is my wish to develop an interactive platform to shine a light on reforms that are proposed in every area of our Society and enable you, my reader to feel you’re becoming part of the conversation.  One way or another we will all learn about each others accomplishments and be able to adapt those accomplishments in all of our communities.
Finally, through Social Media, we have a way to connect with each other and learn from each other.  We will feel less isolated.  With knowledge comes solutions.  We’re all in this together and we the People will prevail.
Sometimes, holding back and thinking about solutions, leads to a “new path”.    It is my wish to have an interactive dialog with my followers and anyone else wishing to join the conversation.  I’m going to Omaha, Nebraska for a few days, visiting friends and attending the 50th Anniversary of Berkshire Hathaway.  When I return,  I’ll be  ready to use Periscope and “crowdsourcing” , our collective wisdom,  to understand our Society and identify “the real players”.   That’s only the beginning!   I’ll announce my broadcasts on Facebook ,  Twitter and linked-in. in advance.   I welcome everyone’s participation.    It’s time to start a data base linking everyone’s thoughts, accomplishments and levels of activism.  We are ONE!

The voice of Joyce: Transparency and values count

Photo on 4-29-15 at 11.55 AM #2How did we lose every value we ever had?  On 4/25/15, I listened to NPR and there’s another Action group, I’ve never heard about,  shining a light on the Pharmaceutical industry.  Why? There are no records for human trials going back 5 or 10 years for many drugs on the market?  How is this possible?  Drug trials should be part of the record of every drug released or re formulated .  Where are the records detailing the positive as well  the negative effects of every drug.  This is not 1956 when steroids were released as the ” modern miracle drug”, listing it’s life saving benefits, while the side effects and contra indications were not discovered and released for years.  By 1976-79, when I worked for PFIZER, I was pretty sure, that PFIZER research on their drugs was thorough and documented.   Fast forward to 2015,  is the Pharmaceutical industry, like every other industry in America , concerned with making money and not concerned with the basic science behind Drug efficacy?  

 As a news junkie I daily read or listen to the “news”,  grazing as many entities as possible.     I  tuned into Peter Schweizer on Fox News Sunday morning,  defending his allegations in his new book “Clinton Cash”.   The Clinton Foundation received over $2 Billion in contributions from various corporations and foreign entities while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State. When questioned over their neglecting to report a $2.35 Million contribution from a key player in Uranium One, Lanny Davis ” stated, it’s a small sum, not even a rounding error”.  Today, 4/29/15, it was reported on Bloomberg,  that 1100 foreign donors were not accounted for either?
I don’t understand why this behavior is shrugged off”    When The CEO of General Re , a BRK subsidiary , was caught in a $5Million scandal with AIG,  he was fired.   Year’s later, when the head of Mid America was deemed to have traded for his own account prior to BRK taking over Lubrizol, he, too, was dismissed   The appearance of impropriety was enough to cause their termination.
Now we find out from Lanny Davis, Collin Powell had his own server too!  Apparently, we bend the rules, and the new normal becomes, they did it, so can I.  Deja vu!  When  Walter Wriston  was CEO of  Citibank, he would break the law and then ask the FED to change the Law? Is everyone in Power above the law?  Why do we bend the Law rather then making our leaders accountable?  Why do we continue to worship ruthless bad behavior to the detriment of ourselves and our Country?
In Peter Schweizer’s defense, his book on Insider Trading in Congress (“Throw them all out”) was non partisan and an excellent example of Congress men and women, working for themselves. It also contained an interesting note on the distribution of stimulus money after the Fiscal Collapse of 2008.  There is a reason money remains in politics and  that’s the reason we’re trained to believe in the ” good ” of the Corporation over the ” good” of the people.
Give me the opportunity to link  all the diverse investigative reporting, on every institution, into one data base. I believe the totality of this activist movement will be staggering. Many people are finally shining the light on our institutions and their efforts will reveal that , as we suspected, too much of our Society has been for sale.  By knowing how many diverse groups are involved in Social Activism, we will feel part of a greater movement of reform and with that feeling comes “hope” and empowerment.
  • Transparency, brings good Laws.  Man , after all, is not self governing.

The Voice of Joyce: Bring in the Clowns

Dear followers of a “certain age”, thought you’d like to hear Frank Sinatra sing “Where are the Clowns”, recorded on U tube with photos of Clowns from “yesteryear”.  Plus commentary!

LOL!!!  Enjoy, Please on this glorious day in NYC.

The voice of Joyce : Money in Politics, Say No to Hillary Clinton

photo 3/24/15
photo 3/24/15

AN OPEN LETTER TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, DO WE WANT A DICTATORSHIP, A FIEFDOM? There’s always been money in Politics.  Perhaps not as much as today, thanks to Citizens United, but money and Power go together. I remember the good ” old days” during President Eisenhower’s administration, when the very thought of impropriety was enough to make an aide to the President resign over a gift.  Sherman Adams,   Eisenhower’s chief of Staff , was forced to resign when he accepted the gift of a Vicuna Coat? Surely, his resignation was not about the money the coat represented. It was the act of taking a gift from someone he considered a friend  and perhaps had inadvertently lobbied on his friend’s behalf?

Fast forward to the 2016 elections, Hilary Clinton has consistently used her office as a personal Fiefdom, to wield power and influence for the benefit of herself and her family Foundation.    It appears that she , The Clinton Foundation,  has overstepped the boundaries between good government and private business. In fact, based on the way she conducted State Dept business, the lines between her Foundation and contributions by foreign nationals and big business have been blurred. No wonder she kept private servers and intermingled her personal life with her life at the State Dept.  It made her Foundation grow by the Billions and in essence those millions of miles logged should have been considered business expenses. We have no idea what she did for our Country, nor how much the family business benefited.
Though the book, “Clinton Cash”,  is authored by Peter Schweizer ,  knowingly employed by a conservative Think Tank,  the NEW YORK TIMES, has vetted the book and contributed their own investigative reporting , creating a fascinating story of money in Politics and  Foreign National actual and  potential influence?    The first excerpt, which appeared today, details the transactions between, the Clinton’s , Hilary and Bill, Their Foundation, Russia and our US mining of “Yellowcake”.      The interesting piece of this puzzle is Russia’s ownership of  US mined  Uranium.

As the Russian atomic energy agency gradually took charge of a company that controls one-fifth of all uranium production capacity in the United States, a stream of cash made its way to the former president’s charitable organization.

I’ve presented the New York Times article for your review, along with The Financial Times article on the scrutiny of Hillary Clinton’s financial dealings.
  • Financial Times,
    Fresh scrutiny over Hillary Clinton’s financial dealings

    Megan Murphy in Washington

    New book makes allegations over donations to her family’s charitable organisationRead the full article at:
I guess we don’t strive hard enough to safe guard our vital metals, our electric grid, our infrastructure from foreign entities, every thing in America is for sale. It’s time to stop this flow of money and influence.  Time to keep AMERICA for Americans and time to shine a light on all government, Congressional oversight and business dealings. If not,  we will have a dictatorship that is more powerful and more corrupt that any Middle Eastern Despot’s.  Time to get money out of Politics.  Like Power, money corrupts absolutely.  There should be a hew and cry to Repeal Citizens United!  There should be a hew and cry, to keep Hilary Clinton from the Presidency!   Instead, I’ve listened to NPR commentators and they’re not too concerned, at this time,  about the Clinton’s involvement in the Uranium One affair? In fact, they’re pretty dismissive, stating that former White House staffers, have always known “the Clinton’s follow the money”.  No Big Deal?!  Also, NPR, intends to discuss both the Book and the NY Times investigative reporting in depth, on Monday.  Guess we’ll have to wait for the “formal” NPR response.
Should we care?  It seems, that under Hilary Clinton, The State Dept was her private fiefdom.  Were transactions made for the Good of  the Country or for the good of the Clinton Foundation?  .  What did we the people receive when she was minding her own store, as Head of State?  The Death of one one of our most respected diplomats occurred on her watch .  When Ambassador Stevens asked for money and security ,  it fell on deaf ears. Why?
When you are totally revolted by this  new turn of events,  don’t think only of Hillary Clinton, think of all the people involved in her schemes, think of the Congressmen and women who supported her deals and then ask, why have we allowed too much money to flow into Politics?  Quid Quo pro exists.  Influence and power go hand and hand and they don’t benefit us or the Country.  Repeal Citizens United and the Super PACS , get dark money out of Politics and stop Hilliary Clinton from becoming President.  The Country deserves better.
Not convinced:  Have you ever wondered why the Clinton’s remain mute on crony capitalism?  On Bill Clinton’s watch, the following laws were overturned or created leading ultimately to the fiscal collapse of 2008.
  • Glass Steagall was repealed.
  • The Commodities Future’s Act, legalizing over the counter sale of Derivatives was created.
  • The door between government and lobbyists of all kinds was opened wide, when the 5 year waiting period between government, industry and lobbyists was overturned.
  • Under the Clinton administration, Fannie and Freddie became a fraudulent industry with mortgage brokers, banks and developers colluding to sell homes to the disadvantaged at a price.  These homes and their mortgages would eventually sink our economy in 2008 as Bankers used “new money instruments and pools of worthless loans” to destroy the fabric of Middle Class existence.  Now we’re left with keeping the market afloat at the expense of Main Street.

Being aware of these facts,  I ask Hillary, why haven’t you campaigned for new laws to stabilize our monetary system?  Why have you chosen to stay mute on TBTF?  The answer is clear my friends,” It’s written on the Winds”, why speak out while the good times roll?

How simplistic my world view.  I just wanted to help “real” Americans achieve the American Dream by obtaining a good paying job and a good public education.   I was prepared to bring my concept of the American Dream to other Countries.  Let other’s experience a higher level of prosperity.  Let other’s rise up from poverty, too!  Dream big, demand more and together we can stop searching for the bottom and start earning a decent wage Globally.  We can do it!  If individuals are attaining great wealth on our backs, why can’t we say enough!  We’re needy, too!  If you feel the same, say NO!

  • Just say NO to the Clinton’s
  • Say No to a substandard wage
  • Say No to leaders without vision for our Country and the World
  • Say No to Moneyed Influence

Just say NO, until we the people have resurrected The Middle Class and Middle Class values.  We want a better tomorrow for us, our children and our Community.  We are all connected by 4 degrees of separation.  We are family, one large Global family.  Thank you, dear followers for reading.  As always, I welcome your comments.  Have a great day!

PS.  It is with a heavy heart that I expose Hillary Clinton and her family’s foundation to scrutiny.  But all those who use their position of power to benefit themselves at the expense of our Country should be exposed.  As 2016 approaches, we should be reaching for “old time values” with untainted visions of success for our Country.

Where is the flip side to Money in Politics?  Who’s writing the exposes on the other Presidential candidates?   I wish to be fair and balanced.    Whatever was done in Congress was known by all.  Who were the player’s, what did they know, what was purchased and who benefited?  Crony capitalism has a cost; it has destroyed The Middle Class