The Voice of Joyce: Central Park Conservancy

Photo on 5-14-15 at 12.01 PMDear followers:

I’ve recently had the privilege to see Central Park through “the eyes and feet” of members and patrons.  On Monday, I took the route laid out in the Park, developed by Boss Tweed in the 1870’s.  The establishment of the Park, our City’s treasure, pre dates Robert Moses and the grand vision that has become Central Park.  It was a pleasure to walk the 3.25 mile loop from the Dairy to the Zoo and back!  Enroute our group caught sight of so many people using the Park’s facilities, a haven of Peace and greenery in an otherwise frenetic world.  Enjoy!

The attached map, details a clever path through the park, accompanied by movies and performances chosen by The Creative Organization.  This will be open to the Public after Friday evening.

:Drifting in Daylight Exhibit Map

<Drifting in Daylight Exhibit Map.pdf>

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