TheVoice of Joyce: Live Chat at 11:10 am

June 30, 2015

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Let’s continue our conversation on Democracy, social justice, equality. How can we change our world?
See you later.

the voice of Joyce: Continuing Chat at 11AM Periscope

June 25, 2015

Dear followers:
2cb02eeec022aaa6acf4eaae43f1cd69-1There is much to discuss: UK is discussing “low taxes” on the rich and it’s harm. The TPP, American’s feeling isolated…. So much more
Please join me. Thanks for following, reading and sharing. Joyce

The Voice of Joyce: Neighborhood News. UWS HELPING PEOPLE

June 25, 2015

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My friend told me about this food program and I thought I’d pass it on to you.  If you are cash strapped , please check out this food delivery program.

  • Fresh produce at reasonable pricing.  Enjoy!  Live well and be healthy!

For $8, one receives a bag of produce from local farmers. Depending what is in season, it could be tomatoes, spinach, corn, carrots, apples, squash, peaches and more. The bags are well filled. You need to bring a shopping cart.
You sign up and pay on Monday or Tuesday between 1 and 3 PM and pick up the food the following Wednesday during the same hours. Tomorrow, June 16 is the last sign up day for June 24 pick up. When you pick up the food, you can pay for the next food pick up so one does not have to go more than once every 2 weeks. The next sign up days are June 29th and 30th for pick up on July 8th.

  • Sign up and pick up is at Goddard-Riverside, 88th Street and Columbus Ave.
  • NYC
  • Good luck!  Wishing everyone well.

the Voice of Joyce: Periscope 11AM

June 23, 2015

Photo on 6-23-15 at 9.46 AMDear followers:
Let’s continue our conversation at 11 AM on Periscope. Tune in with your Twitter acct or a phone #. This is an interactive discussion. Please ask Questions and I’ll answer them. Wishing everyone a “Cool “day. Joyce2cb02eeec022aaa6acf4eaae43f1cd69-1

The Voice of Joyce: let’s talk about Taxes 

June 22, 2015

2cb02eeec022aaa6acf4eaae43f1cd69-1The Letter I Ascends, Part 2-01(1)I know it’s Taboo, but let’s talk about taxes.   Why were people  told to hate taxes. It wasn’t for their good, it was for the good of the wealthy, the Uber wealthy.Please continue reading, dear followers.
If no revenue is brought into government, you cannot fund pension plans, you cannot fund infrastructure, small businesses collapse with no customers and only the large corporations survive.  That’s the real reason to keep taxes low, defund everything and only “Large Corporations” survive and thrive and populate the Globe, like dandelion seeds!  Large Corporations pay no taxes, their upper management makes obscene amounts of money, they don’t shop in small businesses, they prefer to mingle with others from large Corporations.  They’ve created a homogenous world where they congregate with the same people at the same schools attending the same conferences, etc.  Get the picture?

So what if the poor get poorer and the middle class ceases to exist, it doesn’t impact their World? Why not hobble the middle and lower classes?  It doesn’t matter that we provide the innovation that drives productivity.  We are left out of the Uber Wealthy society except when we serve their purposes.   We’re barely hanging on,  while the Uber wealthy proclaims, oh my, NO REVENUE,  Cut Entitlements?
They never say, too bad there’s  no money for infrastructure, for small businesses, I’ll use my foundations to guarantee 1000’s of jobs. No they shift the burden of funding our Society on to the backs of the poor and the No longer prosperous Middle Class.   Let us pay the taxes!  Enough smoke and mirrors, enough delusion, we should no longer, as Middle Class Americans look at the poor or ourselves, we should look at the Uber wealthy and say, your turn now. Since you’ve benefited from our once great society , it’s your time to pay back .
If you study their arguments, wealth generators create jobs is ” Simply not true”, since the 1980’s as documented by Thomas Piketty on page 511, innovation has not kept pace with incomes going to the Uber Wealthy. AMERICA is falling behind in productivity and innovation. What about the Reagan tax cuts? Didn’t they have a positive effect on Productivity?  The answer to that question is on page 510. Productivity  has remained as a constant, even decreasing somewhat,  while wealth at the top has increased.

Supply side economics don’t work. America was most productive and innovative when taxes on the wealthy were at 80-90% of their income. Everyone worked harder and people thought smarter. I remember the boxes for innovative ideas and the bonus given if your idea was chosen by the Corporation. Truly we were all in “it together ” then. Not now!
There are many ways to bring equality back.   First , you have to admit the truth, we’ve created monsters of greed  who are incapable of producing anything of lasting importance.  Some of them rail against The Pope, because he cares about humanity!  If we care about our own fate and the fate of our Democracy we can no longer remain silent.
It’s time for the Huber wealthy to pay their fair share.  I don’t believe decent people will object to resetting the scales of Justice and equality.   Whether it’s a Tax on Capital, plus an estate tax, plus a lowering of the Corporate tax to 28% with all loop holes closed or a combination of the above. Start now to demand change. That would be the beginning of the end of the great wealth transfer of 2016.

  • Think about your condition and think, how would taxing incomes of $100,000,000 and up effect me?
  • How much more accountable , verifiable revenue would we accrue?
  • Think about the estates of those with $100,000,000 and Billions in assets( all assets, real estate, art, stock, bonds) a global cooperation to account for massive wealth. To be taxed and distributed judiciously in the Country where their taxes are normally paid.  (Details to be worked out by concerned citizens.)

How would the added revenue effect me? If you can’t visualize trillions returning to government coffers, you’re not concentrating. Trillions returned to governments means, more money for education, infrastructure, IT, shops,  pensions, whatever most of our citizens think are important. But most important of all, the health and well being of our people would improve as the Corporate welfare state dissolves and creates a more just society for all of us.   Allowing innovation to flourish once again.
That’s what I want for AMERICA, a just , compassionate , healthy , caring society. No more catering to the Uber Wealthy.   Let’s agree to change our selves and support the rest of the World as they follow our example. Then maybe, we’ll be able to support the Pope who rightly states that we should preserve our planet from the ravages of Climate Change. Let’s prove we can learn from history and not repeat it. Together, we can change our World.

The Voice of Joyce: Will the People Speak? 

June 22, 2015

2cb02eeec022aaa6acf4eaae43f1cd69-1The Letter I Ascends, Part 2-01(1)This isn’t about ideology, we the people, have been duped into supporting the Corporate welfare state , encouraging stratospheric corporate CEO salaries while the rest of us pick up the crumbs of meager wages to our personal detriment.
There are reasons the middle class has been wiped out. One reason, we’ve let Banks and Bankers run amok, as we gutted Sensible Financial Regulation. The second reason, we’ve been brainwashed to believe that lower taxes leads to job creation. Instead, lower taxes on the wealthy has encouraged a race to the top for them and a race to poverty for the rest of us.
Let me cite some facts. After the World Wars , income inequality was decreased by massive job creation and high individual taxation. There was no incentive to make obscene amounts of money because  high incomes were taxable at 80%-90%.   This remained true until Ronald Reagan became President and gave tax cuts to the wealthy: initiating Supply Side Economics.  The race to the top began.  Now,  the more money you made the more you kept. By 1997, Clinton had gotten us out of the recession of 1992 which followed the market crash of 1987, and he overturned Glass Steagall and created several laws favoring the creation of lobbyists and derivatives and risky banking products.   Income inequality began to spike as everyone piled into banking, brokerage and bank like products, destroying our manufacturing base while creating a plutocratic class that has an appetite for more.

  • And why not more? We keep feeding the beasts we’ve created at the expense of the multitudes and the greater good.
  • Productivity remains unchanged, but innovation has decreased drastically.

There is a way to level the playing field, but  Plutocrats are not going to be happy with the solutions.  We could, according to Thomas Piketty,   create a tax on capital. A progressive tax that brings revenue back into the system, that is totally accountable and allocated for specific programs and jobs. No more opacity in any system.

Transparency is possible in this age of computers and social media. Shining the light on wealth creation, taxing wealth similar to the years when America had real prosperity , will encourage innovation and productivity once again. Ideas and concepts that have been stifled by the few at the expense of the many will once again flourish.
I would not be speaking about Thomas Piketty’s book on “Capital in the 21 st Century” ,  if Piketty hadn’t convinced me that the exponential growth of Plutocrats was unstoppable in the environment we have created. It’s never too late to correct mistakes. We should agree that our state of inequality is unsustainable and create a progressive tax on capital that levels the playing field making job creation possible and saving the future for our kids and grand kids.

Anything is possible if we unite behind a single cause. Saving  Middle Class Americans is right. Then we work on making the world a better place for everyone. As we change all systems to reflect a Global Tax on Wealth. One rule. One monetary standard for everyone to live by. Open trade agreements that assure fair trade with sanctions levied against nation states failing to comply. This is not utopian but living under Plutocratic rule here and everywhere is tantamount to slavery. The status quo is no longer acceptable.
I want nothing less then Democracy that works for all of us and I want it now. Who will join me? We have nothing left to lose and everything to gain! We’re all in this together. Will the people speak?

the Voice of Joyce: Let’s talk about taxes

June 21, 2015

2cb02eeec022aaa6acf4eaae43f1cd69-1Dear followers:
Today on Periscope, besides talking out our Democracy, our third party, naming our Party, I’d like to discuss Taxation. Taxation without representation! Please join us tomorrow at 11 AM as we continue our conversations on Periscope.

  • I look forward to an informative and interactive discussion. All the best. Joyce

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