The Voice of Joyce: ” Beleagured Billionaires”

Beleaguered Billionaires
Beleaguered Billionaires

Dear Followers:

  • Are these folks, really under siege?
  • Or,
  • Have they eaten our LUNCH?

What do you think?  Columnist David Brooks, sighs in relief when Hillary Clinton, refuses to cite Piketty and goes after “Carried Interest” instead.  That will yield something at $1 Million and up, maybe?   We  need accountability first!

Wouldn’t it be simpler, to levy a 3 cent tax  on every $100.00 bundled , on Fast Trades and Derivatives?

  •   Yielding Trillions?
  •   No more punitive actions!

We, the American People, get to split the profits and create JOBS, now!

  • #Fight for the Biggest Bang for our $.
  • It’s our choice, when Politics Effects US!

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