The first days in Kathmandu 

Worth following: From heartbreak to rebuilding! A wondrous place!

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I’ve heard the stories, I’ve read about it, I’ve seen it on TV, but as a first time Asia-visitor you cannot be fully prepared what it’s like to participate in the utter chaos the traffic is. That is really the first thing you encounter when you get out of the airport, after the standing in every wrong line to get through the visa process.

I think they officially drive on the left hand side, but I can’t tell for sure… The taxis don’t have seat belts and consider a mere centimetre enough to pass any other vehicle or person. They also think it’s a good idea to drive their cars through a 5m wide street which has people selling stuff on the side, pedestrians, scooters and motor cycles and then honk at random. It was so tight I was afraid of burning my leg to a scooter exhaust.

Anyway, enough…

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