The Voice of Joyce: My Butterfly 

FullSizeRenderWhy I’ve chosen my ” Butterfly” to represent me and my work. It is made by fire by a talented Glass Artist, Marlene Rose.
Like AMERICA it is not perfect.

It’s yellow glow shines brightly in the light.

It’s smooth as glass on one side, sleek and sophisticated

the other side, rough cast, irregular , splotched with gold and red , luminescent wings , different from side to side

Three fossils cast on one wing, living in harmony and eternity, with 7 dissimilar circles on the other. Rough hewn , ever changing

A whole creature with wings and a spine

Not regal, flawed even

Yet from a distance it’s composition absorbs and reflects back the light.

If it weren’t so heavy it could fly
This butterfly is not fragile, nor delicate, it casts a long amber shadow depending on the light.

In it’s roughness and man made imperfections, it is unity.

Am I speaking about my Butterfly or AMERICA ?

Does it matter, we are both rough cast, changeable , and not fragile

unity in our imperfections ? If we’re talking about Glass, for sure

Man requires more work!

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