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As you know, I am pursuing an alternative party  with my America Speaks Community.  Our Party’s goal seeks to lessen the impact of moneyed influence on Politics. I want my children and grandchildren to grow up in a world that provides opportunity rather then despair.

I have learned the from our Constitution, using a book, “Signing their Rights Away” plus articles written by Campaigns and

  1. Write in Campaigns are a Public Right, along with Referendums and Petitions
  • Write in campaigns are allowed in every State except Hawaii.
  •  If your State has a paper ballot,issued 30 days before voting. then you can write in your Candidate for office. If it is an Electronic ballot a voter must request a special write in form. It’s not easy, but doable. Know who you wish to nominate and write in their name. It worked for Lisa Murkowsky of Alaska,  why not others.
  •  Spelling counts. Spell every name correctly.
  •  We will need attorney’s at the polling venues to assure all votes cast are counted.  (Reference: Campaigns &

The Constitution and the election process . A synopsis of importance to ” we the People”

  •  Any one over the age of 25 yrs and a citizen of the US for 7 yrs may become a representative from their State of residence. One person is elected every 2 yrs . The number elected from each State should be equal to , 1 person for every 30,000. Making census very important for representation.
  •  Any one 30 yrs of age and 9 yrs a citizen may apply to become a Senator. Two from each State are chosen . To be most effective now, the general populace would need to write in support for 20 Senators under the ” America Speaks” moderate independent thinking platform, dedicated to passing laws in support of ” we the people”.

Under Section 6,  no member of Congress may work for a civil entity. Citizens United, legalizes salaries by corporations and other donors,  for individual Congressmen and women. Making it legal for those in Congress to take advantage of outside money and it’s influence. Conversely,  the power of those few decent members of Congress who rely on the Public for their support are penalized by not having access to outside funding.. The net effect, Congress no longer works for we the people.


The Law has been perverted to accommodate outside money influences on our entire political system. Overturn this law, insist on Public financing of elections and we reestablish government by the people for the people .

If we don’t overturn Citizens United we are encouraging the endless quest for more money,  while making it impossible for decent folks like Al Franken or Sherrod Brown to survive in politics. We’ve created a  vicious cycle. The more money in politics the more money is required. Who gets into office now depends on who has more money. Then once in Congress , important committees are bought with even more money.


  • We can’t insist on dedicated legislators when we allow Citizens United to exist without a viable alternative.

Further, according to the Constitution , foreign money may not be conferred upon members of Congress.  Would we know,  if Super PACS take money from foreign entities?  Many of the Super PACS are not transparent.   Pro Publica & the Brennan Law Center have done extensive research on many of these Pacs and have found them to be non compliant with existing law.

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