Joyce: America Speaks Periscope to resume 2/1/11

Photo on 9-14-15 at 9.56 AMDear followers:

I’ve missed you.  Between visiting my Grandson’s graduation from Basic Training at Ft Sill Oklahoma and my layover in Dallas due to our Blizzard, I was unable to resume our regular program and my Blog Posts.


On Monday, 2/1/16, Periscope resumes.  Please tune in as our dialog continues.    On Tues, a Young,  Right leaning,  professional man, will talk about his insights on Politics and the Economy.


Read my Blog Posts this weekend.  As always, I welcome your comments.  There is much to say and much for us to do to impact our Society .  Together, we will change our World, I’m confident in you Dear Followers,  we will get that megaphone for the Middle Class.


Wishing you only the best.  See you Monday! Joyce

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The Voice of Joyce: Understand the Past , then Look Forward


Dear followers:

Many feel saddened and angry , stating, ” why didn’t I know what was  in happening  in our government”?   Fret not. The brightest people I know sounded the alarm 7 yrs earlier,  around Y2K.  Others , like me, felt betrayed by those I trusted in Government and Big Business, when the Fiscal Crisis occurred in 2008. My own company experienced the Recession in the Summer of 2007. Though we the people share some of the blame, rest assured,  that you were duped , conned , and skillfully manipulated by experts to prevent us from questioning those in power who had gained our trust.

Our basic beliefs were used against us to benefit a few. Look at some of the recent studies on smoking. The tobacco industry knew for 40 yrs it was addictive and caused cancer , yet they suppressed the information for generations to create profits for their companies. When a Billion Dollars is at stake, not even your own kids matter,  as executives made cigarette smoking  both sexy and desirable, unconcerned about the health and well being of  “we the People”.

Don’t fret. What happened is past, before us is understanding and Activism. It is our time to act, it’s not as difficult as you may imagine.   Through write in campaigns, petitions and ballots,  we the people can take back our Democracy!   It won’t be easy,  it is doable , if we unite with a common purpose.


Equal justice under the Law and the reclamation of our democracy, is our Prize!   Our reason, High Crimes ,  Misdemeanors,  and  Bribery,  have been legalized.   We have customized legislation for the few, while the many starve.  Our system is rotten and requires the passionate support of “we the people, for the benefit of , we the People”.  I’m asking a lot, but noting less then the mobilization of a 100,000,000  educated voters will reverse 40 years of corruption .


Politics effects Us!

“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

Joyce “America Speaks” Periscope @11am: Where’s the Plan?

Dear Followers:

Tune in at 11am.

It’s a shame!  I’ve listened to Candidates rhetoric for Party Primaries and less then a year out from the election, none of them has a plan to work with each other and benefit the American people.


Moderates are leaving government and “we the people” need a voice for activism on our behalf.  Unless, you are willing to wait another 4 more years?


Your choice.  Politics effects us!


“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

The voice of Joyce: How we get by in a ” Gig Economy”

Photo on 9-14-15 at 9.56 AMThe Gig Economy vs An old style Business Model
The First article,  chosen from The New York Times , illustrates how the Gig Economy effects Hospitalists , physicians who are outsourced to a hospital and are told to provide effective medicine expeditiously! It doesn’t work for them or the patients. The Physicians preferred to practice “real” medicine by listening to patients and taking their history. This was unacceptable to the outsourcing firm forcing the Dr’s to unionize.

An Oregon medical center’s plan to increase efficiency by outsourcing doctors drove a group of its hospitalists to fight back by banding together

  • What would you do when confronted by managers who demand unreasonable metrics or profits and value results more then valuing people?

There is an interesting definition of a sociopath that defines today’s Gig economy. We are creating managers who are dissociated from people,  treating  people as ” things”;  clearly the   definition of a sociopath.  Why do we tolerate this treatment?

  • “We have a voice and we have a choice.”

The next article, details the rise of a Floral Start Up, Farmgirl, who’s business model is abhorrent to outside investors. They generated $4.5 million in revenue and can’t expand because no one wants to invest in a business that has full time employees and offers health care. That’s so 80’s !  I know, I’ve had full time employees and I did provide health care and sometimes short term loans to my workers at no interest!

The locavore movement urges buying food produced in one’s immediate region.
 Farmgirl Flowers is trying to do the same for flowers.

If our leaders and those in control of major corporations and banks are insatiable in their quest for money and profits, what happens to US, “we the people”?    We don’t naturally all fit into this new “gig” economy.  Losing our humanity is not a state of being that can persist, feelings will out!


If wages continue to stagnate,  forcing folks with 2 degrees to take low paying jobs to make ends meet, if the Middle Class continues to slide into poverty because they are saddled with student loan debt and credit card debt for necessities, who will be left to consume the “stuff” made  by Major Corporations?    Don’t hold your breath, but eventually, our economy will come to a standstill.


It’s sad many women have to work to support their families, otherwise,  I’d advocate sewing your own clothing,  reviving Singer sewing machines, McCall’s patterns,   or knitting your own sweaters. It’s a thought!


“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

The Voice of Joyce: FYI/Media “get’s it!”

As I was reading my latest “mystery” , it struck me, that so many in the Art’s are talking about our State of Inequality and corruption.  We don’t have to search out “obscure” web publications, the folks in Media, get it.  They understand the plight of the Middle Class and the decent folks who make up our World.  Read, watch and enjoy their latest offerings.  Under an entertaining facade, there’s a message.  Money corrupts.  Getting out of our “State of Inequality” and corruption is our moral obligation.


I’ve listed the most entertaining Films and books I’ve read recently, along with proven websites tackling Finance Reform, Voting Rights issues, etc.  Have a great day!

The Movies:

  • The Company
  • The Great Gatsby
  • The Big Short
  • Network  (1976)

The Books:

  • Michael Lewis ” Flash Boys” , etc.
  • John Grisham,   fiction and non fiction, more then I can count:  a total body of work!
  • The Bully Pulpit by Doris Kearns Goodwin
  • Capital in the 21st Century by Thomas Piketty
  • Team of Teams General Stanley McChrystal (US Army, Retired)
  • The Invention of Wings, Sue Monk Kidd
  • The Heart is a Lonely Hunter, Carson McCullers

The non profits:

  • The Marshal project
  • The Sunlight Foundation
  • Common Cause
  • The Brennan Law Center

The obvious is now obvious to everyone,  except those still dancing to the old music. . When the music stops this time, they’ll be surprised!   This time is different, no bail out of the Banks and Bank like entities,  by the public. Amen, Ah woman!


“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”





Joyce”America Speaks” Periscope @11am Talk with a College Sr.

Dear followers:

Tune in at 11am for more talks with Millennials….  I’m on a quest to speak to many and understand their thoughts .  I will interview young professionals from the Young Republicans,  a presence to be tapped!


Any questions you have for this young Computer scientist, please do ask!  Politics effects us!


“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”




Joyce: “America Speaks”Periscope@11AM Power Ball win! Why not dream and spend

Dear followers:

Tune in at 11am and let’s talk about our new found wealth.

What’s on your wish list….

See you later!

“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”