The voice of Joyce: Water, Addiction  issues effected by Inequality

What has bipartisan divide brought us. Hatred. Hatred of Obama, class warfare, hatred of the each other and lack of faith in government. This serves those in both Parties.
It’s all about the money. If we the people are too focused on the side show we forget the gruel that is dished out to us. , let me cite some facts.
It’s been in the news: lead is dripping into 70% of the Nation’s Communities. Yet a bipartisan budget, vetoed by Obama, contained a provision to further defund the Water Resources of the EPA. Why? The cost to fix the water piping infrastructure was too costly. We need a new New Deal and Congress is preventing research into water contaminants. They’ve already defunded EPA by 15%. Do you think your congressman, or the Big Corporations who fund them think about the ill effects of our water? Think again. The lead problem has existed in other cities for years and has  been dismissed due to added business costs.  500,000+ kids are now at risk of decreased mental capacity.
Heroin addiction is a massive concern. Why now? The facts. Physicians give OxyContin to kids as young as age 11? Why? What kid can’t cope with a minor fracture?  Because the   switch to heroin is cheaper,  we have an epidemic. In the 60’s we had laws with Mexico, the US  would not allow the production of poppies in their backyards.   What happened? To my knowledge Poppies were/are the cash crop of the Golden Triangle ; Afghanistan, Pakistan. Where are our legislators on this issue?

The issue is complicated:

  • easy access to opioids
  • no treaties with Countries who supply the drugs
  • no regulation of pharmaceuticals by a panel of their peers.

What have these problems have to do with inequality. Like all of our problems, plenty. Congress makes laws based on their business contacts. If a fix is costly to the Corporation, we the people get poor service and die. It’s a win win for Congress and their Business benefactors. We the people no longer matter. We are inaugurating kings and queens who represent themselves and their benefactors. All law is based on corporate return on investment.


We do have a voice. Are you willing to exercise it and challenge the prevailing system. Some have, going to Crowd PACS to fund campaigns. The entire Country should be looking for a way to get rid of the entrenched “royalty” in Congress and replace them with representatives who care about the well being of we the people. DEM, GOP? Not a whole lot of difference. They all become wealthy on the backs of the people.  It’s our time to make a choice for Democracy, for a fellow Americans and bring new trustworthy faces to Congress at all levels of government.  “Policy is People”.


“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

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