The voice of Joyce: Corporate Taxation: ” How low can you go?”

Why not  reform Corporate taxation policy?   Stop the race to the bottom by paying low wages and encouraging State’s  to compete with each other, by luring business away from another State,  by  offering a better (lower) tax deal for 10 yrs?

If you are serious about lowering the Federal Debt, increase revenue by taxing large corporations and lift the burden of taxation off the Middle Class.  ” Debt” is a function of revenue .    Once revenue increases, the debt load decreases.  To encourage economic growth, “we the People”,  need to benefit from the additional revenue generated by Corporate taxation.  Contrary to the Supreme Court decision, Corporations are not “People”.   If  “we the People” were treated like Corporations, we’d have more money, too!     I’d like to have their perks.  Along with Corporate  purchasing power, lobbying, and negotiating clout.  All the benefits a Large Corporation receives, “we the People” should be entitled to!  Where’s  our equal justice and taxation under the law?
Debt today, is $1.5 trillion and growing faster every year. To stay ahead of debt or balance the budget,  revenue must be added back into the system. The low taxation rates for Hedge Funds, Corporate Managers and other select groups increases the tax  burden on the Middle Class.   Since new projects are not created, America and Americans stagnate,  leaving an  impoverished and debt ridden Middle Class.    At these low interest rates, now is the time for Corporations, to build their companies and develop new products and services for “we the People”.   It’s time for a new “New Deal”.


  • How can we increase revenue to fund major projects and jobs in America?
  •  Pass my tax on derivatives and millisecond trades. 6 basis points on these trades adds $660- 750 billion in revenue to the economy, in one year, not 10 years. This revenue would provide enough stimulus to create millions of jobs at all levels of income.    An added bonus, this stimulus would give the Country and the legislators time to restructure Corporate and personal taxes,  cut waste and take money out of Politics.
  • Re balance the Foreign Aid budget to reflect positive outcomes for the People.  Stop rewarding corrupt regimes that pocket the aid and impoverish their people.  We need oversight and enforcement of “better policy”.
  • Increase the wages of Statesmen, not politicians!  Make it illegal for legislators and government employees  to take money from any entity doing business with government for 10 years.    That doesn’t mean we allow shell companies to circumvent the law either.   Create a transparent system of government and enforce laws on “bribery”.
  • Corruption has a cost.  Money in Politics has a cost.  If Corporations, Banks, Wall Street and other Lobbying groups, corporate or personal , are spending money to buy political favors, that money is diverted from Job creation  and  the resurrection of  the Middle Class .
  • It is our choice and our voice!  Politics effects us.   Let’s reverse bad policy and make life easier for “we the people” .


Do you want to go back to basics, back to “old time values”, where integrity matters to all of us?

  • Amend the constitution to over ride Citizens United.
  • Elect legislators who are dedicated to the needs of the people not their benefactors.
  • Vote “old time” politicians, who polarize and demonize every one who thinks differently , out of office.
  • One third of the Legislators are rotated for re-election.  Take back our Democracy by voting and  using write in ballots for change.
  • Support  compromise for the benefit of the people.


Not convinced that our tax laws are destroying the AMERICAN way of life? Want another example? GE is leaving Fairfield,  Connecticut for Boston. Why? For beneficial Corporate tax breaks. Did anyone ask “What happens to all their employees?”  Will the same skill sets be available in Boston or will GE claim there are no trained employees in there? Who else loses out by this move? Non profits? The butcher, the baker, etc?


  • Stop playing three card monte with  Corporate relocations.
  • Stop the States from offering “competitive” taxation  to  lure Corporations elsewhere.
  •   Change Corporate tax law to encourage Corporate investment in their People , products and projects.
  • Create Corporate taxation that incentivizes Corporations to treat employees fairly and encourages R & D.
  •   We can reverse years of low taxation, by saying NO to a tax policy that cripples the Middle Class and prevents the funding of education, infrastructure, clean air and more jobs at better pay .  We’re not asking for much .  We , the Middle Class, are asking for equal taxation and representation under the Law.


We are literally killing the Middle Class by allowing Corporate tax flexibility at the people’s expense.  Our “State of Inequality”, is contributing to a gap in life expectancy between the upper and lower classes.  When do we acknowledge, America has a problem valuing Middle Class folks and correct this problem of inequality?
In the 70’s when Ford Motor Co. closed their  Mahwah Plant , the government changed the laws to forbid laying off 5000 people without job placement, relocation packages, prior notice and counseling. We’ve gone from a caring value driven society to a society based on Corporate profit only! You have to ask why do we,  as a people , allow our own destruction and pay for it willingly by supporting bad policy?


Ask yourself, why are the laws configured for Corporations to evade taxes? We have institutionalize our own demise.   Demand  responsible Corporate Taxation now.   The system is  rigged to prevent us from achieving upward mobility, but you dear followers, understand this fact.  Tell your friends and convince them as well.  Together we can change our Society.


We the people need the lost revenue to fund state  and Federal projects. I don’t feel sorry for a Big Business but I do feel sorry for the Middle Class that supports them. Don’t you want better pay and services too? If Not , why not?  Politics effects us!



2 thoughts on “The voice of Joyce: Corporate Taxation: ” How low can you go?”

  1. Great article, Joyce. Here in St. Louis we are fighting amongst the city, county and just across the river in Illinois to be the new location of the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency. It is presently just south of downtown St. Louis. All three are courting the agency. It would be a huge blow to St. Louis if it relocated in Illinois. And this is a government agency.

    Your comments on the Supreme Court were also good. We need an honest person who cares about American citizens. I will add, and cares about the constitution.

    Thanks, Linda

    1. Thanks so much for your comment of support. I agree with you.about the Court. I am confused about ” the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency”. What do they do? Why are they moving? Any info you provide is appreciated. All the best. Joyce

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