The voice of Joyce: New York is a closed Primary


Photo on 9-14-15 at 9.56 AMNEW YORK STATE LAW: We are a closed Primary State, which means:

The established Party affiliated candidate  has an unfair advantage, making it difficult for independents to vote. The Law states, Independents must register  to vote 6 months before the primary, if they want to vote in the Democratic or Republican Primaries. That’s our law!!!! We make it difficult for outsiders to compete in the Presidential election purposely,  along with 11  other States.
The New York’s ” closed Primary  ” is Tues., April 19 .
When we overturn our restrictive laws , skewed toward the Party favorites, independents will have a fair chance. Otherwise, the next route is an open convention, names in the hopper and balloting for the winner.
The third way is eschewing this lengthy and costly process, backing a Presidential Candidate of your choice, through a massive write in campaign.


We can overcome money in politics, when we are united and prepared to work hard to overthrow our rigged and corrupt system.

  • Make no mistake our system is indeed rigged!
  • Large Corporations soliciting Congressmen for favors, grants and contracts get a return on investment of $ 27.00 for every dollar spent.
  • Corporate return on investment increases to $130.00 per $1.00 when Lobbyists are employed .

Meanwhile, as the Middle Class continues to slide into poverty, Corporations are making the most profits ever: 40% after taxes. Aren’t you pleased to be funding Corporate Welfare? If not, let’s unite to defeat these monopolies and insist on changing the tax code.

We the people can reverse our plight, by becoming involved in Politics and choosing folks who represent us!

( Note: my data comes from The Economist and The Financial Times).

Wishing everyone a great day!

” the heart and pulse of the Middle Class ”











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