The Voice of Joyce: Activism&elections! America Speaks.US

Is there an alternative to Hilliary, Bernie and Trump? There is,  if we form an activist movement dedicated to progressive taxation both personally and Corporate Tax reform.
2 nd we might require more union clout rather then less as labor organizes to strengthen the rights of employees
Third we can’t do it alone. Ordinary folks need the helping hand of the wealthy who value America and Americans and “see” the consequences of Inequality.


“We the people”  have aided our demise by being silent. If you , dear followers, don’t want the wealthy to continue amassing wealth at the expense of our vanishing middle class and the poor, we should embrace every  billionaire that will help us. Everyone,  independent of previous Political Party affiliation.

If the Koch’s wish to help, I welcome their assistance. I have no experience in creating a movement .  I’m trying, but we require a larger louder microphone.  I’ve written a letter to President Obama and now I’m encouraging The Koch Brothers and anyone civic minded,  to talk to me and listen to our plight and requests for real change through the rule of Law!

Anyone can join our advocacy group America Speaks. US. WE ARE AUDACIOUSLY INCLUSIVE!


(the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

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