The Voice of Joyce: The Wealthy aren’t “all knowing”!

Dear followers, I’ve done a lot of thinking and reading during this month and will share some of my conclusions with you.


Just because they’re rich, we all think they know better. The evidence is in, the rich are not so smart . They didn’t anticipate the consequences of ” Globalization”.
It’s not just trade, it’s the goods and services we purchase, when we have no manufacturing base of our own. Millions of workers have been left stranded without resources to purchase anything but necessary items for survival. Did anyone think, what will happen to the livelihoods of those people, their mental health? No! Short term gains clouded the Corporate CEO vision as they accumulated personal wealth while they stripped our Country bare.
The problem isn’t immigration, it isn’t the other, it’s our unfair policies of supporting the wealthy at the expense of everyone else. If we the people understood, we wouldn’t have populist political movements that cause further division between the left and the right, we’d support candidates for public office with a genuine love of the people and a passion for using the rule of law to create equality in Society.  The institutional infrastructure exists, it has to be rebuilt!
This is not a dream! It can be our reality if we all work together to support fair enforceable laws that reverse the Corporate welfare state and inequality.

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