The Voice of Joyce: Running in Place 

Dear followers:


I keep wondering, as I read and listen to the news, why is there no planning for our future? As I walk in NYC , I see people  I know, tethered to their earphones , pass me by at a brisk pace, no longer responding to their environment or anyone else,  they’re immersed in their own world, ”  everyone is running so fast , we’re  all running in place” !!!  Has anyone else noticed, while we remain immersed in our own World our society is literally crumbling around us?

  • 50 yr old government computer systems?  Yet,  we’ve wasted billions on some systems and received little benefits?
  • Bike lanes in NYC , emergency and on going construction, effects our   traffic patterns , why don’t we have a ” smart city grid”?  Where is traffic predictability to avoid congestion?
  • Closing transportation tunnels, waiting for bridges to ” fall apart”, waiting for the next hurricane disaster,  without back up plans is also unacceptable.
  • We need parallel systems now!
  • We need a “new new Deal”.

I keep thinking, dear followers, why are we letting the Country stagnate and in fact encouraging short term thinking? Why are we treating our citizens poorly? Why not build for the present and assure an equal opportunity future for all.


  • Considering the magnitude of the Country’s infrastructure needs , we have a ready solution to spur development of our natural resources, our citizens.
  • Considering the aging of our very large “baby boomer” population, we have many industries to develop to ensure a gentle aging and a continuing mentoring process!
  • We can be creating jobs and opportunities for  the many as we solve our societal problems.
  • I think we’ve forgotten the maxim:  “A prosperous middle class consumes.”
  • Let’s reinstate another maxim, too! :  “Everyone gets a fair share”!  Equal opportunity for all!


“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”


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