The Voice of Joyce: America Speaks @11amPeriscope Congress in session 30%, GOP,” what’s going on”? 




The Senate is in session only  124 days this year.   Outrageous!!!  ( I fired someone after decreasing their pay from 8 hrs to 6 ,  because he was on the phone doing his own business!)

1/3 rd of a Congressperson’s time is spent doing the people’s business plus all they can plunder? 

It used to be 50%

  • Now it’s 34%
  • Not bad considering their salary is  $200,000 +/ yr plus perks.
  • Vote them all out or as many as possible and replace them with better more civic minded folks.
  • Remember 1/3  of the House is up for reelection  and at least 24  Senators.
  • Spare no one!


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