The Voice of Joyce: My Contract with America, redux! 


Dear followers, I was recently asked” how would I be different , if I ran for President”?   The answer is simple. Once you educate “we the people” , insure awareness of our State of Inequality, then everyone can be involved in Solutions for our Country.  It’s not just me, it’s US!!!

Every time I hear or read something egregious , it reminds me that the system is broken. As Kennedy stated so long ago, “Ask not what the Country can do for you, ask what you can do for your Country”?  

Unlike the established candidates, I have few friends in high places. I don’t know the CEO of United Technologies , the owner of Carrier Air Conditioners. But I do remember writing about them committing fraud on a large scale, by hiding the fact , that they sold military helicopters to the Chinese  over 10 yrs ago. They hoped to get a contract which fell through. They neglected to inform the US government and now, I suppose, feeling entitled, they’re hurting American workers, not because they lost money, they haven’t. They are selling out Americans to prop up their stock?
If Donald Trump has the ability to negotiate with them, then by all means , let him negotiate. However, it seems to me The US government should have some clout and prevent the loss of more jobs based upon pending or previous litigation.
I am livid that the American public is portrayed as a vocal minority; “Folks you listen to and ignore, the politicians burden”, indeed!  This analysis was presented in the Financial Times under their op Ed section  3/30/16.    “We the people” have become a vocal minority to be ignored by politicians as they go about their business of governing?   Governing, who, this Congress is slated to be in session 124 days this year!!!  Not bad for $200,000+ perks and all you can plunder on the side!
When  middle class workers in society are required to  sign and countersign their acceptance of their job  responsibility  , I wonder  why isn’t the same expected of our Bankers, our CEO ‘s and our politicians?    Why doesn’t everyone have equal responsibility to perform their job with integrity and accountability?
Sorry to digress, what would I do differently,  if elected President?  I’d pass Laws to create revenue for immediate Infrastructure projects.  I would limit regulation and licensing requirements, encouraging small business creation.  I would develop new industries and manufacturing processes putting people back to work now!  An under employed, unemployed and aging population, demand real solutions to enhance their quality of life and they need them NOW!   By creating a public private partnership, we could deploy           $ Trillions , kick starting a “New New Deal”.   It’s simple:


  • Lower the Corporate Tax  Rate and close all tax loopholes; enforce corporate accountability and transparency.
  • Pass a 6 basis point tax on Millisecond and derivative trading and potentially generate $660 Billion


Then I would form a  diversified cabinet , independent of political leaning, reflecting the diverse ” make up” of America,   a team of thinkers, capable and committed to make and enforce policy. “Policy is personnel”.   If you value results, you will select innovators over patronage.  “We the People”, many homeless and many hungry,  can no longer tolerate ” Broken Systems ” or  well meaning folks  who maintain the status quo”.


If you, dear followers, want a Plan, real solutions, let’s all request that our Politicians stop slinging mud at each other and show us what they’d do for Americans in their first 100 days.  I’ll show you, my plan which reflects our needs , after they’ve declared theirs.!  Meanwhile, to help all of us, I’m launching America Speaks, waiting for your continued input.  Let’s talk and develop the America some of  us knew, the America that gives everyone their fair share and equal opportunity for all!


“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

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