Joyce America Speaks Periscope @ 11 am “Disruption?”

IMG_5737Dear followers:
Whether you are Democratic, Republican or Independent would Howard Dean’s to do list appeal to you ?  Note:  Please concentrate on his list not on his advice to Bernie Sander’s followers)


Let’s talk politics.   America Speaks.US  we’re back on track!

  • Our system is broken. That’s why I formed America Speaks.US. We the people need a voice and a choice. Who will join me?  For this discussion of “our wants” and so much more!  We need bold, not incremental moves, to propel our Country toward Economic growth and mental and economic stability for all!

See you at 11 am , Wednesday, tomorrow!
Have a great day.

” the heart and pulse of the middle class”

What can be done to make his proposals LAW!
Perhaps Republicans would adapt this platform as well. Remember, you were the party of Lincoln and TR

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