The Voice of Joyce: Corporate worship is idle worship! 




Why do we choose to enable Corporations? 


  • It’s a fact we give tax breaks to corporations and that enables them to become “Bank like” They make profits and disperse that money to their shareholders and upper Management.

Since 2000 , large corporations have created a total of 51 permanent jobs according to investigative reporters on NPR this morning, 6/17/16. 


  • Still advocating for corporate tax breaks , tax loopholes creating off shore wealth and tax inversions creating non taxable foreign entities to create more off shore wealth?

Politics has a direct effect on our way of life. Less revenue and job creation by large corporations keeps the Middle Class Poor. Is this what you want? 

If not, where’s the outrage? Don’t ” we the people” deserve  equal representation for our needs? A good paying job, universal affordable health care, educational opportunities for our kids, a safe place to live with clean water and clean air and there’s so much more!!!

We can have it all, if we change our Policies and Politicians. Vote in new people through America Speaks!  


“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

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