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I have been wrong.  I knew the system was rigged, I just didn’t understand “HOW”?  Now I do and I’m happy to share my knowledge with you.  Since the 1970’s we have embarked on systematic defunding and outsourcing of Government agency responsibilities.  The same has happened in Big Business:   No middle management,  no accountability, we have become specific doers while we “hope”, that those fulfilling jobs are responsible?


This new concept of plugging  in labor where  & when needed, without the wisdom to lead, has led us to “the gig economy”.  Nobody is accountable except at the lowest level of the labor pool.  That’s not good enough.

Why doesn’t government work?  It’s simple, our representatives are mostly bought and paid for by major corporations and lobbyists.  We the people have no clout unless we unite and raise our voices collectively.    That’s why government has ceased to function, our representatives are not beholden to us.  We only pay a portion of their salary.


Worse, because corporations and their lobbyists control our Country’s purse strings, government by the people for the people has failed, “we the people”.  Government doesn’t create or  enforce laws of this land that benefit “we the people”.   The Corporations control government and they’re are not accountable to  sovereign nations.  They are above the laws and they assure that they are well insulated from prosecution.


It’s the function of  big business to make money and profits for  themselves and their shareholders.  They don’t see the added benefit of investing in their people or new research development!  They have lost sight of self preservation and the golden rule of business, if you don’t grow your business,  it will die.  If you don’t pay your employees enough money, they can’t afford to purchase your product.  100 yrs ago, Henry Ford, knew he had to pay his workers a fair wage, if he wanted them to purchase the cars they built.  This new breed of Billionaires, eclipses in greed the Robber Barons who gave back to society.


Not convinced?  Let me cite some examples of Corporate egregious behavior.


  • For profit jails have a quota for Politicians to meet.  They are classified as REIT’s (real estate investment trusts), pay no taxes and collect dollars for every body incarcerated.  That’s why the homeless, our minorities and our socially unstable people are incarcerated.  It pays big money to those running our for profit jails.


  • Our Foreign Policy  is a money game too!  As our foreign policy is delegated  to Financial Corporations, like Goldman Sachs who extend money to Despots enriching their own sovereign Funds.   Who needs a State Dept when NGO’s and for profit Hedge Funds negotiate their own deals with despotic governments.


  • What else if for sale, education?   For profit colleges, hawk degrees, like snake oil salesman, ensnaring those wanting a better way of life.  These fraudulent institutions, obtain government funding, they are self accrediting, and push student loans to the naive.  These  ballooning student loans should be 100% forgiven, if you’ve attended a for profit university that went bust for fraud!    Just like Mortgaged Backed Securities, these loans are rigged, too!


Our system is more broken then I thought.    Big Business has more power then the US Government.  We have legislated our rights away.  We have outsourced our rights to corrupt organizations who grab money for themselves while they impoverish the rest of us.   We are no longer a Democracy!


What do I propose?


  • No one should  campaign for more then 4-6 mos.
  • TV and cable time to be provided freely to all.
  • What do we want?  A candidate who will work for the country. Someone who demonstrates leadership qualities.
  • If 65 new faces in the House of Representatives can’t break grid lock, we nee to write in many more new faces.  It’s not about Party or perpetuating the existing system, it’s about change, radical change.  The Blueprint is there, we just have to change back our laws to reflect accountability, responsibility and the separation of Corporate needs from Public “the public good”.
  • Bring back the Statesmen and women. People who are intelligent  and willing to make laws that help “we the people” live well, too!    The blueprint exists, especially if the old timers in government, who can help recreate the “old” basics.
  • We need infrastructure.  Not only in our daily lives but in government and business too! “Our boots on the ground” should be a new group of employees willing to work on  all projects that make a better America.
  • We can restore America when we restructure government and industry.  It can be done one building block at a time.  It will take work and enforcement of new laws by the appropriate agencies.


It will take time but we can turn the country around with good policy .  When Kristof, the NY Times Columnist,  realizes America is the place to study poverty. We are unfortunately on every ones radar for aid.

  • No need to fear Donald Trump, he won’t bring on Recession.  We are rapidly approaching recession now.  Look around you.  Who has a secure well paying job?  Who is happy at work?  If it’s no one you know, it’s time for radical change.
  • Perhaps it’s time to strike on Labor Day and don’t come back till we’ve created responsible management in place at all industries.
  • Let’s start planning for the day after elections and start demanding the change we want now!  Are you ready to work for change?  Are you ready to write in new candidates for the Senate and House of Representatives at all levels of government?


Those who have made billions can afford to give back thru taxation. No more massive tax evasion. There are trillions sequestered world wide. Enough to fund schools , health networks,  infrastructure. We spend too little on necessities as we reward only the few. Now it’s time for equal opportunity for all. Capitalism that isn’t based on fraud and responds to the social , educational and health needs of all!  It can be done.  We have monitored our problems long enough, now it’s time to work hard to resolve our problems.  Those who don’t help with solutions, should get out of our way as we work to restore America!  We need a New New Deal.


“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

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