The voice of Joyce:  is Brexit a wake up call for US? 

IMG_5737The incrementalism of Hillary Clinton nor the inflammatory rhetoric of Donald Trump is the, cure, for our troubles. We suffer from a lack of will acknowledging that our plight is damn awful.
Their constituents have valid concerns, though differing from each other.
We are living under tyranny and we are no longer accepting the new normal.

  • The African American community is suffering from slaughter by guns:  they can be murdered by their own weapons or the weapons of others.
  • The elite groups have reaped the benefits of globalization because the laws have been made to favor their group. They can and they do want it all!
  • Our choice, do we want the new natural to write the Middle Class epithet or do we revolt and state our needs now?

We have choices:

  • Hillary’s incrementalism vs Trumps incitement against the other? 

If you want a third party or propose change of any sort, let me know!
” the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

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