the voice of Joyce: Decent people don’t rebel

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Dear Followers:

After watching the Presidential campaigns progress and noting that Hillary is leaning toward Donald Trump rather then Bernie Sanders or a moderate, I’ve decided that, you like me, decent people don’t revolt.  We stay silent and hope for the best.  It hasn’t worked for 40 years and it’s not going to work now!


I am one of you, a hard working, hard driving decent person and I’ve sucked in all my feelings and acquiesced to the status quo.  No more!  I’ve remained silent long enough waiting for a savior, a few good and decent men and women, to come to  my aid and yours.


Barry Goldwater said it best, “extremism in the defense of Liberty is no Crime”.  I now believe that with all my heart and soul.  In America we’re suffering, not because we trade with other countries, others like us are not to blame.  The blame lays squarely on the shoulders of an elite group, 62 folks, who control the purse strings of 3.6 Billion people.


We need a rebellion.  We, meaning our World is being held hostage and enslaved by a few powerful elites controlling the Biggest Corporations unfettered by laws that control the rest of us. 


There is only one way to regain our rights, rebel, raise your voices high and demand to have the same rights as them.  I too would like to make $250,000+ for working 124 days.  That’s just the entrance level to the Senate in America.  Our list of grievances is long.  We have dirty water, we pay for our roads and transportation, our education is poor , our children starve and we are forced to accept less then a living wage.  I’m concerned about our State of Inequality in America.  However, since we are the most unequal of all the Westernized countries, and since what we accomplish in America ripples through the rest of our Globe, I am concerned about the plight and human rights of others.


I can’t ask everyone to join me in rebellion, but if you have nothing more to lose, then Please do join me and raise your voices high.  The 4th of July is rapidly approaching , the founding Father’s knew that we should ring in the 4th to celebrate our Freedom and our Liberty.  I say we have no reason to celebrate, unless and until we say, “enough is enough”!  We are all entitled to our fair share: ”  Everyone one of us!”


See you on Tuesday , July 5th, on Periscope and tell me how you will join the fight for our freedom.  Will you start voting “old faces” out of office?  Will you persuade others to listen and seek out the truth about our State of Inequality?  Will you then work hard with me to overturn the laws that have brought us to this Unequal State?  Siting on your hands is not an option.  Come November, unless we elect a true change agent to govern us, there is no hope that our State of Inequality will be reversed.


This is your choice!  Politics dos effect us!  Our laws have enslaved us.  Change the laws and we can set ourselves free from tyranny and free to pursue life’s pleasures too!


“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”



3 thoughts on “the voice of Joyce: Decent people don’t rebel

  1. Where is the candidate who will help Us and affect the beneficial changes needed…After a rugged primary season, the results are predictable at best…

    1. I have always thought ” the people ” would choose a candidate. I have volunteered to no avail. I do not think the results are predictable. Like Brexit, our primaries have left people divided. Trump may well be the next candidate. More importantly, we need a bridge between “we the people” and government and industry. We can revolt or we can demand Thru bills and negotiations what is required to give everyone a fair share and equal opportunity.

      This is probably whistling in the wind. The Feds just gave the Banks permission to buyback their stock, reward shareholders with no plans for Banks to lend to the community or create and float infrastructure bonds.

      It’s taken Columbia 50 yrs to negotiate a lasting peace with the FARCS, they’re building a solid foundation for governing their people. What are we doing to reverse our State of Inequality using our Rules of Law? Who’s talking to the people besides me? I’m listening and I need support and helping hands for the hard work of negotiating, crafting , reversing, and passing laws that give ” we the people” a better assured way of life. The referendums come last!

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