The voice of Joyce: what do the People want? 





Dear Followers:


How can I help you decide, “what do we want for ourselves and our Country and the World?”  First, let’s concentrate on putting our own house in order, then I’m convinced, we will benefit our ” World.”


I’ve had time to think during these last months of recuperation from surgery, inactivity hasn’t been easy for me, but my creativity level has soared and I’m open to new approaches to resolving our State of Inequality.  Basically, I’ve synthesized all that I’ve written and read and have determined that uniting on an agenda that defines “we the People’s” needs is the first step towards Democracy.  Let’s  unite to create bills that would change our laws and mandate fair and equal justice for all, not an elite few.  The latest Supreme Court decision makes it quite clear, if the State’s don’t have laws defining government employee corruption, the highest court in our land can’t set those rules.  Therefore, every law must be well defined at the lowest level to the highest level of Government.  Which brings me to my next questions?  Which one of our chosen Party Candidates do we believe will carry out the will of the People?  How do we know this?  What history can be presented that either Hillary or Trump have acted in the best interests of “we the People”

Neither the incrementalism of Hillary Clinton or the inflammatory rhetoric of Donald Trump is the palliative , cure, for our troubles. They suffer from a lack of will acknowledging that “we the People’s” plight is damn awful.  Worse,  by sniping at each other, they have yet to present a carefully thought out plan to overturn, negotiate and recreate law that will re-instate Equality for all!

Both supporters of Trump and Hillary have  valid concerns.

We are living under tyranny and we are accepting our new normal. 
The African American community is suffering from slaughter by guns, they can be murdered by their own weapons or the weapons of others.


  • The elite groups have reaped the benefits of globalization because the laws have been overturned to favor their group. They can and they do want it all! 

Our choice, do we want the “new natural” to write the Middle Class epithet or do we revolt and state our needs now?

Our choices, Hillary’s incrementalism vs Trumps incitement against the other? 
If you want a third party or change of any sort, join with me and let’s unite with other activists to craft the bills at the local, State and Federal government to change our lives.  Acting on our behalf is  our first step toward reclaiming our fair share of America.


When we see the fireworks this 4th of July, think,  how much better and more meaningful they will be when we celebrate our Freedom, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness once again.


Bless you all!  Have a great day!  Joyce

” the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

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