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What makes me angry? Inequality.
Student Loan debt in perpetuity at high interest rates
Vs Fed treatment of Banks and Equity

  • Student loans in NJ are at 8% and cannot be cancelled at students death
  • The co signer carries the burden
  •  NJ makes a profit on students, we should ask, Where & how is the money spent ?
  • Outcome: It’s a lose lose for kids and their families. Education is mediocre and no jobs will offer a return on investment.

The Bankers were bailed out by the American public along with equity and hedge funds.


  • Now the Banks are bailed out once again by the Fed allowing them to invest $96 Billion in buybacks and stock.
  • A lose lose for the American people and a win win for Bankers, equity and hedge funds.
  • Worse Paul Krugman a champion of the left says cancelling the TPP and creating more manufacturing jobs would only help 2,000,000 folks and increase the manufacturing segment to 11.5% a far cry from 25% in the 70’s. He doesn’t feel the pain of the 2,000,000 unemployed Or the pain of 57,000 folks who will be displaced by TPP as large Corporations continue to make record profits.
  • There is a huge disconnect between those governing us, making Economic policy and ” we the people who are governed!!


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