The voice of Joyce: how is Govt rigged? 

Government is rigged:  Examples for my followers!

Haley Barber the Governor of Mississippi was a lobbyist for Southern Cos before becoming Governor.As the elected Governor of Mississippi , he supported Obama’s Clean Coal initiative and awarded the contract to his “old” employer,  Southern Cos. The mine never opened while Southern Cos continues to bill  $2 Billion in cost over runs?

The same scenario was duplicated with health care reform.  Kathleen Sibelius was the  chief lobbyist for the insurance and pharmaceutical industries. She is elected to become the Governor of   Kansas.   She achieves higher office and eventually is the architect of  Obamacare , giving power to insurance cos. and  the pharmaceutical industry, ignoring the consumer and  Physician concerns about monetary remuneration.


Currently, a revolving door exists between lobbyists ,  government and Big business. Our policy makers are beholden to their previous associates.
You bet government is rigged!    Lobbyists and big business are government at the level of Policy for “we the people”. 


Government  can be fixed with changes in policy:

  • Reinstate or codify “new law”  that states,  Lobbyist and big business may not offer monies to Federal employees and  State employees of Government. Set a limit of $100.00; this practice is accepted in Business.   Employees are not allowed to accept lavish gifts from customers or contractors.
  • Strengthen existing Law,  preventing the  revolving door between government, lobbyists and business .  Mandate  a 10 yr hiatus, between  Government and Big Business and the Lobbyists representing them.
  • Break the bonds between government employees and  the businesses they regulate.    .

A similar law was in place Thru 1997. Time to go back to basics!

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