#The Voice of Joyce: our 3 rd Choice forget Hillary v Trump

The two parties have crowned their candidates. For sure the Democratic Party is united behind Hilary Clinton, an accomplished ” blast from the past”. She was outdated in 2008 and she is outdated today. She has no vision for America or Americans. We already know she is one of the elite group, above the Law.
Trump’s appealing quality, to some, not to me, is he’s outside Politics? Which may or may not be true. What do we know about him? He skirts the law to achieve personal wealth. He was given his start by his father and parlayed it cleverly into ” real” money? How many Billions , we don’t know, he hasn’t released his tax returns. And yes, in a time of America’s saddest hours, following the murder of two African Americans, followed by the slaughter of 5 policeman, what does Trump, propose? Not a coming together of Americans to heal all wounds, not a single request for shared acknowledgement of the pain of hate crimes. No, he proclaims he’s for “Law and Order”.   He has no empathy for all hurt parties in these dreadful incidents.
His rhetoric is not what people in America want. I know I’ve asked and received at least 400 comments from 500 folks across America with 1000’s of followers, who tuned in respectfully to discuss Race in America on Periscope @ 11 am on 7/11 & 7/12, this week. We are all frustrated with Society and our lack of mental health availability and the lack of good paying jobs. We are frustrated by pro profit prisons, that make money by jailing young Black and Hispanic kids. And as if, warehousing our youth is not sufficient revenue, we are frustrated and angered, that our government provides Tax Exemptions to these  entities.
We can learn from Germany about incarceration, we can be humane, but our Laws have been skewed to favor profit over people.

When do we as a people say it’s enough! When do we start forming a third party that reflects America and American wishes. So far, I’ve provided a blueprint for a way forward but without you, the newly proposed GOP and we the people to vote existing hacks and do nothing’s out of Congress and local politics, we are destined to suffer four more years or more. You can follow me and support me and or we can prevail upon decent folks in the Republican Party to support us, ” we the People”.
We want a safe, energized, innovative, prosperous America for all Americans. I can no longer be soothing to my listeners and followers, because I want to see a call for action. If a newly configured Republican Party emerges, I’m happy to join, as long we are guaranteed a fiscally responsible government, working all year to pass new laws that overturn our State of Inequality. That means changing Laws to provide Fiscal and Corporate Tax reforms.
We need the revenue from these revenue streams to assure progress is made on Social programs , too! Clean water and air, better medical and mental health programs, education affordable for all, apprenticeships, equal Justice for all through a Reformed Justice program. We are asking for a lot, but not more then a proactive President, Vice President and Congress can give. Personnel is policy and a President’s cabinet is capable of providing change with proper leadership.
Is anyone willing to help me be elected or elect folks who will make our wishes into Law? A new Republican Party, formed by two former Presidents’ Bush and John McCain, I’d join them to craft policy that works for “We the People”. Why not? Otherwise our choice will be the lessor of evils , Trump or Clinton . No choice at all, I for one do not want to gamble with our lives that the next four years will be better. Politics effects Us!
Let’s choose to work with them and give our fledgling Party the solutions required for America’s continued success!
I wish to acknowledge with sincere appreciation for their unwavering support , my son Edward, my closest friends Wray Gunn , Fran and Chad Debordeau and Rita Sklar. I also wish to acknowledge the many decent Republicans I’ve met on my journey: Dr. Steven and Diane Bailey, Henry Schreiber, Ronny Parr, Marion and Mimi Rich, Didi and David Gilbert, and Marc Richards.   Plus my new friends Susie Solomon, Sandy Mellis, Mary Alice Horan, Linda Larigan Cooper,  Leah Smith Morgan and so many others. I do hope none of you wished to remain anonymous? Too late, I am forever grateful and in your debt.


“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

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