The Voice of Joyce: Trump v Clinton : Our choice? 


Dear followers:

The incrementalism of Hillary Clinton nor the inflammatory rhetoric of Donald Trump is not the palliative ,  for our troubles. Their constituents have valid concerns, though differing from each other.  However, since platforms are guidelines, without the Political will their constituents will continue to suffer!

Many are accepting our “new normal”, though the”gig economy” may be exacerbating  society’s ills.  No one has relief from stress.  Our Nation ranks #19th in Social Progress in the World.  Is it any wonder that the African American community is suffering from slaughter by guns?   They can be murdered by their own weapons or the weapons of others. The Men in Blue have problems, too!  Many of their behavioral problems could have been resolved decades ago according to President Herbert Walker Bush.  Like everything else in America, we have sat in denial that our system of Laws have eroded along with our institutions.  Do we need and respect the Men in Blue, you bet.  Can all of us do better to decrease racial tensions, you bet!  This week we’re crying for all lives taken for hateful reasons.  We are mostly a Nation of decent caring folks,  we need a release from the pressures put upon us.


We need space and a little bit of happiness with ourselves and our society, to let our better “Angels” surface.  God willing , we will work hard to re-establish our family of man and enjoy the Peace of mind and prosperity so many crave.

Yesterday, I read several articles in the NY Times that gave me hope for our future.   (Note:  I’ll attach them separately several days after these Blog Posts.)  Good and decent men, want to recreate the Republican Party in the Image of Teddy Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln.  We’ll join you, if you want us.  I speak for my self and my social media community; “the voice of Joyce & America Speaks.US.”   .


It’s time to re-look at America, broken, but fixable and help us rebuild America for all Americans.  Everyone can benefit, even the Elites!  We the people just want our fair share and equal opportunity!


We have choices.  Politics effects US!

” the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

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