#ThevoiceofJoyce: An urgent appeal to Bush #41&43 and John McCain

This is an urgent appeal to Presidents Bush #41 and #43. Don’t let Hilary Clinton win by a landslide without attempting to reconstruct a center right GOP that you can be proud of.
I am non aligned registered Democrat , willing to register Republican  and capable of becoming your “point man” to lead the new Republican Party forward , to the Glory Days of TEDDY ROOSEVELT and ABRAHAM LINCOLN.
Now is not the time for despair. Now is the time for a dedication to hard work. I would be happy and honored to be sponsored by you both, John Mccain,  and other decent Party and Independent folks,  to bring a center right GOP to life.  A Party we can all be proud of: dedicated to Social Progress and dedicated to Fiscal and Corporate tax reform, bringing work to folks at all levels of society.
Give me the opportunity to work with you. Check out my credentials, review my Bio,   and  Social Media sites ( FB (personal & The Voice of Joyce,  TWITTER (@grandmajsilver), PERISCOPE , and LinkedIn , & WORDPRESS(  Blogging since May 2012, which has evolved to the Voice of Joyce/America Speaks.US) ) and  together we may resurrect a fiscally accountable more socially conscious Political Party. The Republican Party does not have to suffer a Pyrrhic victory. No need to burn in defeat. There are three months left to the election, maybe enough to set our new People’s Party on  course for winning. Maybe we won’t win this election, but surely with the best minds gathered around the round table, we have a shot at recapturing the American can do spirit and will win a slice of the new America we all seek, providing Justice , liberty and prosperity for all.
Though I believe Presidents can make a difference I do not believe Presidents can act in a vacuum without the dedicated support of Congress and it’s ability to function under the rule of Law.
Trust me and invite me to join with you and “we the the people ” who desire nothing less then a more perfect union.

  • I look forward to your timely response.
    I may be contacted on my email account or instant message me for my phone #!
  • Jeb Bush has my # from his call center in Tampa or Orlando
  • Use and review my social media sites

I remain very truly yours,

Joyce Silver

A concerned citizen who has seen our future and knows we can do better. Politics does  effect  US!


“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

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