Joyce:America Speaks No Periscope today/Still much to say! Read on!

Dear followers:

I’ve written 3 Posts on my Blog site, making a momentous decision for you and us.

Please read the Posts and comment.  Am I reflecting your views?  Your thoughts are most important.  We want government responsive to our needs and require a larger megaphone and platform.  How can we help each other make our world better for ourselves and our kids and generations to come?  Indeed our system of government is broken.



Equity Firms and Lobbyists create Laws that empower them to collect Usurious Fees!!!

Everyday I read that an equity firm is writing Congressional Law to favor usurious fees  Payday lenders aren’t the only ones making a “killing” on the backs of the Middle Class, Now Fortress Equities has joined the group, charging 300% interest to unqualified lenders.  John Boehner has joined their ranks.  No need to be concerned about foreign countries gaining influence in Politics.  The door revolves between the Statehouse , Federal government and equity.


I am a voice for change.  Who will join with me to bring policy change and new faces into government to stop selling our rights away?  Since we can’t write the Laws, and government is merely rubber stamping equities and lobbyists Laws, why should we comply?  Obviously 360 million can’t all join Equity,  so why should we cower like sheep before Laws that are made to financially cripple us?  It’s a thought, when Politics effects US!


“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

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