#TheVoiceofJoyce: Why I’ve been Silent! 

#TheVoiceofJoyce: Why I’ve been Silent! 


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Dear followers
Some of you may be wondering why I’ve been silent lately. Some of my reasons are personal , as I sort out how to be an effective change agent.   One way I’ve decided, my dear followers, is to continue educating you by discussing the issues that confront us.  This is a first for me,  I’ve never been an educator,  I am a problem solver!  A scientist, A businesswoman!    In that capacity, I have seen and lived through many generations and have, unlike many of you,  stopped running from myself and reality.
By following my passion to be an agent for change in America,  I’m constantly striving to do the next right thing.  I don’t always succeed, I admit.  I make mistakes and I’m sorry when I hurt others.


I’ve never been a ” yes man”, euphemistically speaking. I’ve done my job and have gotten my comeuppance when I took my job seriously, especially at Bankers Trust.   I was hired to find a $250,000 loss on their books.  With the help of 8 assistants, we found their losses and in the process found 5 separate instances of fraud.   One “problem” ,  the movement of $20 Million in “dead accounts”, was also found by Mary Jo White 15 yrs later. My reward for “cleaning up Banker’s system, after receiving bonuses, a mention in  Who’s Who of American Bankers and the Marquise publication of  Who’s Who of American Women, 1983-84, I was fired!
Therefore, when the  Recession started, I was “mad as hell”.  I knew about Bank Malfeasance!   I decided I must bear witness and speak out when I know that corruption has corroded our institutions.  The Banks , Bankers and Corporations have influenced our Politicians with huge sums of money, creating Custom Laws  that siphon money away from the Middle Class and job availability.


I understand why 26% of Hispanics do not like Mexicans , my friends have said it best, “illegal aliens are taking away their jobs”.   American labor is forced out of the job market, not by the illegal aliens, but by the Corporations who hire them.  If the government can crack down on the Food Industry, why can’t they levy fines on Corporations who hire illegal aliens?  Surely anyone doing business with  Government can be fined for granting jobs to them?  Effective policy can be enforced.


Coming from the contracting industry, I know my former mechanics are desperate for work.   We should not be blaming the immigrants for stealing American jobs, we should be blaming and fining employers who hire illegal aliens. 
We don’t need to build a wall, rather we need immigration policy that makes it an offense to hire illegal aliens.     Instead, we have purposely created   laws  that aid Big Business , rather then support the dwindling debt burdened Middle Class.


  • First Society  took away our homes
  • Then Society took away our jobs
  • Next Society made higher education too expensive for Middle Class families to afford
  • Society saddled the Middle Class with unconscionable debt by creating usurious credit card fees and student loans. 

American Corporations and their enablers; Government , Lobbyists and the Banks have crippled  the Middle Class  by ” creating custom laws and policy“.    The Middle Class cannot compete .


Though the Middle Class  has diminished  voting power,  I  believe the system can be changed,  if we want to re establish our Democracy. We can continue to deny 360 Million their fair share and equal opportunity to compete.  However, when we do so, we have created a failed state.  We can no longer call ourselves a Democracy!
That’s why  Donald Trump resonates with some people.   Many Republicans and Independents  feel disenfranchised, too.  The GOP convention left no room for dissenters who refused to nominate Donald Trump..  However, the Democratic Convention meets next week, my friends, some of them Independents and some of them Republicans, support anyone but Hilary.  Why not counter her nomination with an unknown or a centrist like Joe Biden?

  • As Americans , aren’t we entitled to question our policies , our Election policies, too, without fear of punishment?
  • It  is our responsibility to be informed and understand the Laws of our land.
  •   An educated populace is able to choose and select better candidates for Political office, even if it means writing in officials you support at all levels of Government.
  •   Politics effects us all!

I have remained silent on occasion, because I am one person.    I cannot stand on street corners and offer advice. I can’t even tell you what to do or who to vote for. If you are interested in understanding our Society, then  join me and together we can define what’s causing our pain and together we can state which solutions to our problems we would implement first.
Our first rule should be to remember , ” that people are policy and policy is made by people”. We  the people are hurt, we are not an Island , we are connected to people all over the Globe who are also suffering because of their Country’s policies.  Let’s share our pain and arrive at Common solutions that save all Americans and lead the rest of our small world out of inequality as well!
I’ll write and speak again soon. I welcome your comments and shall start answering them this weekend. All the best!
” the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

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