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Dear followers I’ve been mistaken about a lot. I’m not proud of my errors in judgement, but I’ve made several huge mistakes that I must apologize for, because I was in fact misleading many of you.
Though, it’s true, I’ve been quite flexible these last few years,, my own history has led me to trust the wrong people on occasion. I can only say, in my defense , to err is human!
I’m no better then any of you when it comes to change. Too much disruption is in fact disturbing. I haven’t enjoyed going from a secure place in the upper middle class to the middle class. No sir! My eyes still glaze over when I see fine art , jewelry , or good design of any sort. I feel an intense feeling of joy when I am overwhelmed by  beauty. Would I love to possess these objects, yes!  Would I enjoy living with these objects of art, yes!  But in the end, I would have to be like Frick  (# Frick Museum, NYC)  and share my treasures with everyone. Great art deserves to be seen !!!! My opinion anyway.
Thanks for tolerating my slight diversion and let’s talk People and Politics  #PoliticsEffectsUS!

Remember Assad of Syria? Many said he sounded so  sincere  and cultured when he spoke. Yet, as a learned physician, he cared little about his people when he slaughtered them.  Being a public speaker requires skill and can be learned.


Let’s consider Mike Pence?  Before becoming the Governor of Indiana, he was in the house of representatives and before that he was considered “the decaffeinated Rush Limbaugh”.   Look him up on #Google, wikepedia, I did.   David Brooks said, ” he’s a sweet guy” on PBS, last night.  Read his record in #Google Search. He is a denier of climate change, he votes against social programs, he supported the war in Iraq and wanted a stronger Patriot Act! He is no friend of labor. In fact, everyone who thinks it’s refreshing to see Donald Trump speak his mind, should review his record as well. Don’t take my word for it, look up his history and say NO to Donald Trump, too!
Why do I say this?   Listen to his speech carefully!  He wants to lower taxes on everyone, including corporations and the Upper Classes.  While it is a good idea to lower Corporate taxes to 28-21% and cut out all the loopholes, that would actually raise Corporate taxation.  He’s replaying our recent  history on steroids. According to the #NEW YORK TIMES , this morning, the Lobbyists “are dancing in the streets” and Newt Gingrich is actively seeking money for their Super PAC.


He’s going to reopen our mines , creating more CO2 emissions, no new technology to be created, no new industries.   He’s supported by the NRA and scaring  folks  by claiming they’ll lose their  #2ndAmendmentRights , if they don’t vote for him?   He will stack the Supreme Court with more justices like  the late Antonin Scalia.   Remember, if Trump dies in office and Pence becomes President,  the American worker and those seeking social programs and minorities will be screaming and marching for their rights, with good reason!
Which leads me to my next question? How do we become informed citizens and make the right choices for President, Congress and any state and local governments, when we are flawed too! No one is perfect No one has the right to be self righteous or holier then thou. All we can do is look at someone’s record of accomplishments and make our best informed judgement. Sometimes that takes, based on our own learning curve, years.
I’ve come to the conclusion, that decency is defined by our unique backgrounds. What may be decent characteristics to me,  may not be decent for all. So what do I think is important, I can tell you that. Keep in mind all my opinions are based upon my belief system. If you agree, then like my Rabbi said, “we are agreeable”. If we don’t agree, I may be open to your opinion and change my mind. But “I’m from Missouri, I need the facts,  show me “!
Two people who I know have said they are desperate, one I know for 25 yrs and he has always been honorable.  He always gives back ! The other I barely know? She’s been caught in two lies, I can’t believe her!   When stories get tangled,  that’s a clue that someone is dishonest.
Next, let’s discuss my political evolution, in 2008 I wanted Hilary Clinton to be President.  I did  something, I rarely do, I contributed to her campaign.  I cried when Barack Obama, took the Presidency away from her. Then I was happy he was our President and proud , too!


After the fiscal crisis of 2008 , I became disillusioned with government and stopped voting in 2012 . That was like shooting myself in the foot. Because as I advocated for change, I wanted it to occur faster.   I wasn’t prepared to wait.   Personally, I’ve evolved to handle some changes  I’ve lived with ” broken things”, ignoring them, because I don’t have the money to fix them. Given the choice, I’d fix what is broken.   Rather then throw them out!   Which brings me and you, my dear followers,  to a discussion of our system of LAW.


Our system of Law has a good foundation and can be rebuilt, but, and this is the hard part, it will take all of us involved in our destiny to turn our country around.

Think large tanker , turning in the Hudson with a heavy cargo, it doesn’t turn on a moments notice. Neither do we.  
Many times I will accept “something” as truth. I will agree and it’s not until 4 days later that I truly understand what was said and what I’ve agreed to.  That’s why we have truth in lending and we can take 10 days or a month to change our minds.
Now what?  We’re stuck with a dilemma, history has repeated itself as predicted.  It’s a fact. If we’re not proactive and aware, we have to rely on those we trust to remember our past and speak the truth or our plight can and will become worse. 


I remember the ” stock market crash of 1987, it took 5 yrs for it’s effect to ripple thru the economy and by 1992 , we were in recession. It took until 1996 for us to exit that recession. We did so without skipping an economic beat. We had another 5 good years, in some parts of the country, but danger signs were occurring in the South, where manufacturing was being sent oversees. It didn’t effect us in the North, so no one I knew talked about Globalization while it was happening .  By 2001, America was safely on the mend till one of the worst tragedies in our history occurred. Middle East terrorism came to NYC  with murderous intent and consequences.   This singular event changed our Democracy “forever”.   Monetarily,  we thought we had recovered by 2003 .  The ” go go” years continued till 2007.  By mid 2007, my contracting business felt the onset of recession.   2008 , we knew we were experiencing  total Fiscal collapse . Were warning signs posted ? Probably, but I was too busy, in my own world to notice.   As predicted, we repeated history, and almost recreated ” the Great Depression”! 
I have only myself to blame for taking Democracy for granted. I was comfortable and happy , spending money,  and supporting families. I saw the world through my eyes. I didn’t see the world from anyone else’s vantage point. I think I’m smarter now, though   I’ve made mistakes and suffered for them too! Maybe that’s why I’m so passionate about accountability and responsibility.


I would like you, my dear followers, to learn from my mistakes and my successes and open your eyes sooner then I did. Because at this juncture in history, there is no one left to sound the alarm for all of us. 360 million are all suffering . We closed our eyes as every cornerstone of our Democracy was chipped away. We didn’t care when some one we knew lost their jobs. We didn’t scream loud enough, we were self absorbed. If we  continue to remain self absorbed , we will repeat “the Great Depression “, bread lines and reforms. Why I ask myself,  can’t we be proactive now ?   Start the reforms before more suffering occurs?  Start working on massive infrastructure projects at every level of income, adding accountability and responsibility for money disbursements.  
This is a pivotal moment in our Country’s history.  Silence is a luxury we can’t afford.  Every American needs to be involved in our Country’s destiny.  Every American needs to understand our rights , the issues that concern us most and the Laws that must be changed to grant us the Democracy we deserve.    I will help as much as I’m able.


I know we can turn our Country around without hate and without destroying ourselves in the process. Will you listen? How many will join me?   How many will carry the truth, like the Olympic torch, and pass the truth  from one person to the next, from “sea to shining sea”? Thank you for reading, dear followers, I look forward to reading your comments and responding.


“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

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