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You asked for it,  I’m doing it. See you later at the Carnegie Deli. You can place your orders too! We’ll schmooze( shoot the breeze, relax) and what will be, will be.  Your choice!

See you at 11 am. 

I didn’t wish to ignore our two viewers from the Ukraine and Nigeria.   I read and felt sad for both of you and your Countrymen!

  • For our Ukrainian friend. Much luck. I read about the military exercises on your border. An expensive game of chicken?   And thought, like Woody Allen before me, we should order 100,000 Danish pastries to go from the Carnegie Deli?  Air drop them to the soldiers and maybe we could decrease the tension in a few seconds, assuming they don’t shoot our sweet offering out of the sky?! Good luck. When situations are tense, I hope you didn’t mind a little humor?


  • And to our Nigerian friend, I’m hoping bombing Boko Haram is successful and you can rid them from your Nation. Peace to you and yours! You’ll need all your wits to overcome your jobs downturn and rising inflation. So sorry!
  • I remain, waiting for everyone to rejoin us, at the Carnegie Deli, get the tour and ask your questions.  See you later!

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Joyce:AmericaSpeaks:Periscope@11am Infrastructure for the 21 st Century! People are the “backbone”of our Nation!





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Let’s chat at 11 am.  Infrastructure is more then brick and mortar ! Let’s discuss!

Infrastructure is the backbone of our nation; we all know it’s the solution to our economic woes, but have we considered what it means to have a strong enduring infrastructure?
Infrastructure supports our outside World ; however, lest we forget, our core infrastructure enables “us” to survive in any environment , too!

We deny building and maintaining  infrastructure at our peril! 

In our Cities, we overbuild without infrastructure which leads to Communities lacking services, transportation , supermarkets , schools, support services. The list is long as we work thru a glut of housing without infrastructure.

Our old cities need diverse infrastructure: work on the electric grid, improved transportation above and below ground , smart city monitoring of services to ease the burden on the ever growing population congestion. In NY we have too few supermarkets. High rents are driving out Mom and Pop, the see thru buildings of the last recession will return. Construction , endless construction, with no plan for the needs of the people, is creating a harried distracted population.

Many  now lack the  personal infrastructure to survive these stressful times. We’ve become emotionally fragile   trying to fit into the gig economy while, giving up our dreams and passions for a better life.  So many fragile people lack the basic infrastructure to survive.  They need a reason to live,  a reason to feel passion for another or a cause. When none exists, we are left with fragile people unable to cope with this new harsh reality. They lack the inner strength to survive, their core infrastructure is never molded or nurtured properly.  Just like our Brick and Mortar world, our body can’t survive without a renewal of our core either!

See you at 11am

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Joyce:AmericaSpeaksPeriscope@11am Do No Harm! 

Joyce: AmericaSpeaks.US:  group think! We can have an  intelligent revolution, even though, many “other’s” believe there will be no change without a major War or a “French style” Revolution?   The predictions are dire, more stagnation, more Inequality, less equal opportunity,  unless and until, “we the people’, become involved and vote locally to get rid of “mean spirited” lawmakers
So I must ask, With so many bright people  on the side lines can’t we come up with a proactive way to resurrect our economy?   Why can’t we find a way to  give every one a fair share and equal opportunity?
A long list of grievances exist with an equal # of solutions.   All we need, and there’s the rub, is the will to actually work together to create an inclusive not exclusive society. 
We also need a new law:   a new law that requires law makers to be legally bound by Fiduciary Responsibility. Then they can do no harm!

See you at 11am

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Joyce:AmericaSpeaks:Periscope@11am Military Industrial Complex

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Tune in at 11am and join the conversation on our growing Military Industrial Complex.

  • No bid grants increase the continued hiring of the same “players”
  • Every Military project I bid had 25% waste built in due to “proprietary product” designations.  In carpeting and tile, nothing is proprietary!
  • Military contracts are revolving budgetary items that may or may not be used within 2 years.  What happens to the overage?  It gets resold to the public after 2 years.  The waste totals Millions or Billions , as we are forced to absorb their excess.
  • If you’re  wondering why our Police Departments  are Militarized?  No need to wonder, it’s the surplus!


If parents can voice their displeasure at  the  rising costs of Epi-Pens, why can’t we the people ask for oversight over Military Budgets?


Cutting  Waste should be a priority to fund other programs that benefit society.


It’s not the American worker that under produces,  rather Manufacturers produce excess goods,  most are first quality and those deemed seconds, go oversees.  Our levels of contractual output outpaces our demand.


Let’s be realistic when forming budgets and start reallocating funds for our society; there can be money available for education, social welfare, infrastructure, parks, FDA,EPA , NIH,NASA and so many more institutions that require growth.  If we budget judicially, we’ll have money for equal opportunity for all.


See you at 11am.

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Joyce: Periscope @11am Personal Credit Rating experience v Government Debt

Dear Followers:


Today and Friday on Periscope, I’d like to share two choices that effect my World and yours.  Let’s learn from our experiences.  I encourage you , my dear followers, to  share your stories with us @11am , as well.
Choice #1/ Finances at the Micro Level

I confess, while I’ve been happily studying and reporting on the American Economy , I put my personal finances on hold until I realized my spending was depleting my assets.  I quickly thought of  lowering my monthly costs, by refinancing my mortgage.  Two brokers, told me that would be impossible with my recent credit rating score?  I was perplexed.  I had very little debt, what had gone wrong?   I sought a 3rd  professional licensed financial planner for help and  finally, received step by step information and advice!


Last night,   I invested in myself , checked out my credit score and reports and have pledged to clean up inaccuracies ASAP.    I’m happy to share what I’ve found.


Tune in today at 11 am for a discussion on ” restoring our credit”.   Credit ratings effect our personal financial choices.  They may limit our ability to own a home, finance a  car,  a mortgage or obtain favorable credit card rates.  What should we do?


Looking forward to swapping stories at 1am.
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Periscope at 11am.  Our topic for today!!!

If people are important you’ll find the right policies and personnel. People are our treasure. Life is too short and precarious not to cultivate our people.

Look around you. We have the devastation of Southern La. The devastation of California. Pockets of continued segregation and misery . We must search our hearts and minds to find solutions,  not in 8 more yrs, now!

Defending past bad policies is inexcusable. We have to move forward, no matter how uncomfortable the change. Change we must. People are not objects, we are more precious then Rubies.

See you at 11 am on Periscope. Think change.
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Joyce:AmericaSpeaks Periscope @11am Stimulus/Civil Discourse

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Tune in at 1am and let’s continue talking politics & Solutions to our demise!

Campaigns, supporters, stimulus, taxes?

With so much at stake, should any candidate expect 2 terms?

See you at 11am.

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