Thevoiceofjoyce:Periscope@11am Countdown with AmericeSpeaks:Where are the Independendents?



Dear Followers, with so many disenfranchised, where are your voices, your support, why throw away your vote?

1. Now is the perfect opportunity to change our system. So many voted for Bernie or just stayed home,  you have the knowledge to run independent campaigns, ads and all!

2. Let me represent all independents and support my  run for President ! I am center right. Read my blog; #thevoiceofjoyce. and more recently, my media Community, has established #America Speaks.US , which is available for registering in all 50 States.

  • Send me and a “crew” on an all American trip!

3. If you want to break the Lobbyists hold on elections, we can do it.

4. You can successfully challenge all restrictive voting rights laws. The Supreme Court is with you.

5. Neither Party represents more then 9% of the voting public. What’s holding 73 million back from voting Independent, #AmericaSpeaks.US?

6. Our countdown to the election began last Thurs. at 102 days to go. It’s now 96 days to the election, how will you vote?

7. Where are both Parties on Increases on Personal Taxes on the wealthy, those earning Millions per year? Where are they on Corporate tax reform? If we wish to jump start the Economy, why aren’t we preparing now? Why aren’t we prodding Congress to vote on Corporate Tax Reform  and  the Personal Tax reform of Millionaires?

8. Lower Corp Taxes in America to 14- 15% and collect 15% on all profits of their foreign subsidiaries. Close all corporate tax loopholes; Americans will reap Trillions in revenue.  Note:  GE currently pays 5% in Taxes to the US Government,  much less then the average  Middle Class contributor!!!

9. Next extend the payroll tax to include all monies earned, fees to be treated as income , too!   Then,  we’ll never have to worry about Medicare or Social Security insolvency.    The wealthy will pay their fair share too!  Note: Their argument may be , why contribute?  They don’t use either system?   Answer:  We don’t benefit from their incomes, either!

10. Anyone one interested? Republicans not supporting Trump, or Bernie supporters left out ? Support me ?

11. See you on Periscope at 11 am and let’s chat!
” the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”.

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