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Dear followers, what do I see? I see us reduced to ” Hamsters running on the wheel”!

Trapped if we receive a $15.00/hr raise without structural reforms that are needed as well  Increasing teacher salaries and instituting progress reforms at all  levels of Government coupled with aggressive Tax and fiscal reform.

We’re  offered, a $15 min wage increase, that’s it.  If we accept it, without progressive reform, we will have no exit from our “State of Inequality”  We can’t accept one, without demanding more, much more.


  • Read Shinzo Abe’s approach to Japan’s Stimulus, which is attached.
  • I saw this article when using the Financial Times app and thought you might be interested:

Financial Times,
Shinzo Abe’s stimulus is a lesson for the world

Adam Posen

Eurozone nations should use expansionary fiscal policy for structural reform, writes Adam Posen

Read the full article at:



To the desperate , $15.00/hr, a paltry sum , is enough to keep us chained to the Corporate wheel;  especially when you know nothing else exists.  Why would you leave? Where would you go?  There is no way out, when only one incremental solution is presented.  Let’s follow Abe’s example and add an entire stimulus package that works for the many and not the few!  Then we’ve gotten a good deal.  A very good deal, indeed!


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