Joyce AmericaSpeaks: Periscope @11am Where’s help for MiddleClass? 

Dear Followers:

  • Can you live on $2/day?  

When I calculated #TAXRISKSTOPINEQUALITY, the calculations were based on 6cents per $100.00 taxed yielding  the Country  $660 Billion in one year.  Then, I noted for each Billion received  22,000  could work and earn $50,000 each.


  Therefore, using the same formula as a safety net for the Middle Class,  $1 Billion can provide 110,000 with  $10,000 each. 
  This  might be the safety net the Middle Class and the poor need to climb out of poverty?

  • No one can live on $2/day or on Medicaid alone. We are not providing for the health and well being of our most vulnerable people: the recently poor Middle Class.
    If we hadn’t paid $5 billion to elect a President that money could have helped more then 500,000 escape stagnation and poverty and total distress!  . Upward mobility would have been a possibility, not a dream.
  • It doesn’t take much to help people become upwardly mobile but it does take some acknowledgment and  compassion  of their plight!   The  cash infusion would keep the Middle Class  in their homes, maintain their sanity and give them the courage to apply for jobs!


“it’s a thought and a choice when Politics effects US!

“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”


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