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85 days till the election, their economic plans have been laid out.  Are you satisfied? If not, what can we do?  We have choices, especially when we’re at this pivotal junction….

  • Violence continues to erupt around our Country!
  • the extreme heat in the Northeast is a first and extends through Massachusetts and the Berkshires, fires flare in California, Flooding occurs in Baton Rouge, La.
  • more refugees predicted world wide escaping from war, drought and famine
  • government and industry have blurred their boundaries
  • private enterprise continues to lay off expertise in their quest for more profits.
  • Institutions are less productive as they “prune”  dedicated personnel and favor outsourcing.
  • The Voting Rights Laws have been undermined in many States.  Our fear, minorities will be prevented from having their votes counted.
  • Homelessness is unaddressed as social services for single Mothers continues to erode.
  • Those in their 40’s and 50″, prime working years,  are unemployed or underemployed.

There’s more.  Let’s chat at 11am and tackle solutions!

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